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Mysterious Cities: Tashkent

Mysterious Cities: Tashkent
I'm here on the Silk Road route, here is the smell ...

The old Silk Road route, which smells here by two wide streets, colorful public markets, crafts and souvenirs to be seen in Tashkent city.
On certain days of the local people are prepared to hand dry foods, breads, Melba toast, various spices, fruits and many more that have well established market.

The samples should be taken of the people of Uzbekistan misafi rperverliği. Houses open to everyone, friendly, loves to talk about historical wonders, misafi Thank you for meals to be served tea, biscuits, sugar and nuts are missing, people who do not ... Old houses, stone courtyards, small gardens, even in some courtyard in the middle of fountains with ponds containing wood carved doors, fine elişçiliği ornaments where, history gives life in this city vacation plans to your absolutely must include.

Would you like to walk on the sea?

Would you like to walk on the sea?

"How so?" Do not say ... Something that is possible ...

Kızkumu beach in the village of Marmaris Orhaniye the thousands who visit each year, according to legend by walking on the sea, three thousand years ago is believed to been killed Baybassos city is the beautiful princess moment.

Marmaris 25 km away, the green and blue embrace the rare beauty with places which is one of Orhaniye dark, mythical Kızkumu Beach due for a holiday in Marmaris and its environs who prefer domestic and foreign tourists flocked to.

Set consisting of sand that is found in the sea about 600 meters long, 2 meters wide road, walk over to the visitors, is the feeling of walking on the sea. A few meters away from the yachts and boats anchored in the tourists walking by, these exciting moments with cameras or cameras with recording makes immortal.


Arif Ulupınar Orhaniye Village Headman, Village of Kızkumu thus began to be recognized in both domestic and abroad have been told.

Kızkumu'nda walking on the sea each year to enjoy the privilege of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists visit the village stating that Ulupınar abroad fair held in Marmaris presentation was also included in the Kızkumu'na said.

A lot of people see their brochure that explains Kızkumu'nu join tours to visit the Ulupınar,''Visitors will be amazed at Orhaniye village and Kızkumu Beach. The most beautiful way we serve our guests to leave satisfied with the offer. Kızkumu'nun widespread fame in the number of visitors would be too much to believe. With such a rare natural beauty and legendary Orhaniye sheep, must evaluate the best way of tourism,''he said.

Jeep safaris are organized by officials of the agency's Kızkumu Beach, the tour has built one of the indispensable stopover point noted.

Starting each day safari tourists from Marmaris, Hisaronu village through the forest roads and tourist Kızkumu Orhaniye reaches the sea walk on the beach after a period at the waterfall in Turgut village visited was learned.

The legend is described in-

Orhaniye village residents, the past two years, up to date with Kızkumu said it was told of the legend.

The first is described according to legend, the king of three thousand years ago Baybassos city, with the introduction enemy loses his long years of war. The enemy seized the city, the king and kill people. Known for its beauty, the princess of the kingdom, tries to escape from pirates. Non-swimmers from shore and carried the princess filled with sand sprinkled on the miracle of the foot as a result of a road over the sea begins to occur. From the darkness of the air because of stray princess skirt died by drowning when the sand is gone.

Described in another story about Kızkumu, about the impossible love of a beautiful princess. The king's daughter falls in love with a poor fisherman and his father is opposed to marriage. Two young people who love each other, often hidden from the king meet. Youth fishing boat from the sea, I always see the princess's fire comes to the location of the beloved. Suspected cases of the soldiers followed the king's daughter, will be informed of the secret meeting. One night the girl who caught the king, tells troops to signal to the ignition. The fishermen saw the light starts to go toward the soldiers. Fugitive princess from the hands of soldiers, crossing the bay to the sea to save the beloved horses. During this step a miracle occurs, and the princess will turn to dust every where. The soldiers chasing the girl is plunged into the water. However, one of the archers launched arrows, she is stuck. Blood flowing from the princess, sea, red dye. Young fishing boat with the girls taking them away and not see anyone again. Since then, the place is called Kızkumu

French people have a lot of time for holidays

Most will leave the French
A survey, let go of those most enthusiastic about the French, let's at least the ones that showed the Japanese.

Most will leave the French

Overwhelmed by excessive heat from the dream of many people's holidays, a survey done in the following days, let go of those most enthusiastic about the French, let's at least the ones that showed the Japanese.

Ipsos'un for Reuters news agency in 24 countries with the participation of 12 thousand 500 people, according to a survey done, a complete set of annual leave is 89 per cent of those in France, at the beginning of the holiday is the most enthusiastic country.

Allowed until the last day of 80 per cent of those who prefer to use Argentina as the second, this ratio was 78 percent in Hungary is the third time.

According to the survey, 33 percent allow employees to use all of the preferred at the end of the list is Japan.

Are not very enthusiastic about permission to use the list of countries with 47 percent in Japan, South Africa, with 57 percent of South Korea and the United States 53'le percent is followed.

According to the survey, annual leave, those who tend to use their entire 74 per cent as Turkey, Belgium 7th on the list along with is in order.

French people have a lot of time for holidays

Most will leave the French
A survey, let go of those most enthusiastic about the French, let's at least the ones that showed the Japanese.

Most will leave the French

Overwhelmed by excessive heat from the dream of many people's holidays, a survey done in the following days, let go of those most enthusiastic about the French, let's at least the ones that showed the Japanese.

Ipsos'un for Reuters news agency in 24 countries with the participation of 12 thousand 500 people, according to a survey done, a complete set of annual leave is 89 per cent of those in France, at the beginning of the holiday is the most enthusiastic country.

Allowed until the last day of 80 per cent of those who prefer to use Argentina as the second, this ratio was 78 percent in Hungary is the third time.

According to the survey, 33 percent allow employees to use all of the preferred at the end of the list is Japan.

Are not very enthusiastic about permission to use the list of countries with 47 percent in Japan, South Africa, with 57 percent of South Korea and the United States 53'le percent is followed.

According to the survey, annual leave, those who tend to use their entire 74 per cent as Turkey, Belgium 7th on the list along with is in order.

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Next year will rise regardless of rates

"Next year will rise regardless of rates"
Prices start from £ 320 at the moment ...

In 2010, a record number of tourists coming to the running of the Turkish tourism sector investors 'low country' is trying to escape from the image. Prices start from 320 pounds at the Adam & Eve Hotel Group's Chairman Talha Gorgulu Kayi investor in terms of incoming tourists, saying the service is not cheap, "What if next year we will raise whatever price," he said.


In Turkey this year and expected growth in tourism experienced a 15 percent growth in incoming tourists in 2008 equaled the record of the environment will be a lot of space left at the hotel. In this environment, the future of hotel accommodation in Turkey is expected to increase prices. In 2011 the first signs may increase in hotel prices in Antalya, with prices starting at pounds 320 per night for tourists who operates the Adam & Eve Hotel Group's Chairman Talha Gorgulu Kayi said. Manners, very good occupancy rate reached 110 mm per cent last year stated that the tourists coming in this environment remains very cheap in terms of service, he said. Manners, they will raise rates next year, always said no matter what though. Manners, "Prices are down by pulling out of our clients come to us boşaltla not meet expectations. Quality falls. Quality of service has a price. An ordinary five-star hotels do not want to become, "he said.


Perform the group's overseas airline, Sky Airlines charter flights this year, reaching a total of 18 aircraft Gorgulu pointed out that, after receipt of the necessary permits said they would begin flights within Turkey. Manners, "we are not in competition purposes. We aim to cross in domestic flights. Our center will be in Ankara and Antalya. We do not have a date set yet, but we started to work on tariffs. We are aiming to end before the end of this year, "he said.

60 days honeymoon couple is coming

More by the Turks 'honeymoon hotel' Adam & Eve Hotel is regarded as the 60-day holiday for honeymoon couples coming. If arriving from outside the hotel for $ 30 are being visited. The 25-square-meter room in a hotel of the world's largest deposits of seven thousand dollars per day. Talha Gorgulu, "This will not work at the hotel, I said I'm doing my own fantasies. I love this hotel, but everyone to come to work today, with full occupancy, "he said. Manners, they do host the winter meeting of the company said.

The corn market is watching

Turnover of 1.2 billion dollars last year, they had closed the Talha Gorgulu tell, the end of 2010 reached $ 1.5 billion plan to target said. Manners, within Kayi Group employs three thousand people have expressed, only 600 people work says Adam & Eve. Manners, opening hotels in Egypt on how to enter here the preparation of the said period.

Oger's upset sale

Talha Gorgulu, Oger Tours of the UK travel giant Thomas Cook said it was upset by the purchase. Vural Oger's their horizons, indicating that a person opens the road Gorgulu, "Oger my most serious rival in Germany, although I was so great that a company is very easy to sell to foreigners. Would remain in the hands of the Turks. We as a means to bring tourists here, we're moving them with our own company. We are hosting our own hotel. Value that we will stay. This system should support the protection of operators, "he said. The state's largest tourism companies in Germany and Britain have also pointed out that maintaining their Gorgulu, "In Turkey, it should be. In the year 500 thousand tourists from Scandinavia brought before the tour company, sank in 1996 to 5-6 million dollars could not find. Since that year, the number of tourists from Scandinavia did not reach 100 thousand, "he said.

Bodrum and Turkbuku

Bodrum and Turkbuku

Hope that the developers can not find the magazine from Bodrum this summer ...

Bodrum years of summer photos adorn the pages of magazines. Greatest love bombs, the bomb pictures come from Bodrum. Devran but returned this year, waiting for news magazines from Bodrum aggrieved developers. Since the beginning of summer sun Türkbükü a few familiar names in the business does not come out. Why? Bodrum, Cesme, Gocek and prominence of such an alternative position with the magnet has seized you? "Bodrum is over," he who justified? That opinion ...

HT STEEL fired Manager Magazin News

Bodrum's popularity over

36-year magazine, in Bodrum I have never seen such a vicious. The photo is always the same people
BODRUM, infertility in recent years, a great living. The primary reason that celebrities want to take a vacation to a secluded villa, on, off fashionable Beach, boats sailing into place, I am connecting them to go to the Greek Islands. Basement is also a big factor in the astronomical prices. 36 years of my career, I have sent a reporter to Bodrum photos my friends would hail. Photographs of the same people coming this year. When we do not expect any move by holding the boat bays, Bodrum has even come to see that celebrities are not news. Name you want to talk about walking around in the mess, kiss and make love without reserve to the beach pier. Bikini show in doing some scaffolding. Bodrum's popularity in recent years, I would say grab of Cesme. Fountain made in a few years if the price boom, quickly loses its popularity.

Ayse Sabah newspaper writer ÖZYILMAZEL

To go to the Greek islands popular
Finished basement was not finished, but Turkbuku. Bodrum'm in a month, I see everyone here, but the destination with something different. People have visited either by boat or rent will not come from their personal space. I never give a name, but all my friends here, have fun and view the. If they do not find anything on the beach at Türkbükü'ndeki. Deliberately not gone there, do not want to withdraw now. Nobody wants to go and give billions of accounts. Anyone know a few people outside do not want to give the picture. To go by boat to the Greek islands at a very trendy. View is now very simple, magazines seekers should budget, should the boat. Go here for very little money given. Turkbuku are browsing around the usual places so I never travel at night and do. He is not doing anything new. Bodrum in fact not done, changed destinations. We're all here are so full of streets that are not passed

Ivana SERT - Old Fashion / fashion designers

No place to walk in the basement of the density. Remains very large and old energy. Still preferred for entertainment in Bodrum
I've been working hard this year so I've just arrived in Bodrum. However, recently talked with my friends the same thing. Everyone Bodrum over the years, "he says, but last week Ship A Hoy'da had at least four thousand people. Can not pass up the streets full of people, so intense that many places. No such thing as a finished basement, and a former energy remains very crowded, so we're here. Ship A Hoy was sentenced to 15 days due to the noise prohibition, has been shut down beginning next week, but anyway. People here still for fun, prefer organized tours.

Sortie'nin Owner, Operator boiling Varol
Sound ban was a blow but still indispensable
Spoken the same thing for years but until now such a thing happened.
The best thing people in general prices. But this year, because I think this sounds ban was a serious blow. I just did not go to Bodrum this year, but a serious blow to recognize observance.
Prices are more reasonable in fountains, Türkbükü exaggerate the prices are always on the agenda. Very nice place, but said that is what should I still give up to be, I do not think I can give myself.
But the season is short, the sound is prohibited, with the arrival of Ramadan, perhaps a few years ahead of the fall, but then regains its original energy.

Stars of the loan with the holiday of love lies

Stars of the loan with the holiday of love lies
World-famous celebrities spend their holiday in bed. Friends of the yacht to grow on non-emergency

More than $ 280 million fortune is estimated to be the David-Victoria Beckham's pair, friends for a holiday this summer, the Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli impressive 32 million dollars worth of 40.5-meter yacht was borrowed. Cavalli purple, green and gold in the bed before Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, and Sharon had a loan Stone'a. Cavalli for guests only have one rule: in bed can only wear clothes designed by Cavalli.

Heir of the Hilton hotel Paris Hilton (29), is out this summer on vacation with her sister's co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen's 127.5 million dollars to stay in bed. Allen, Twitter says they are often amazed to lie did not seek money from his sister. 91-foot yacht in the normal weekly rent of $ 640 thousand. The 30-person staff yacht, spa, movie theater, basketball court, recording studio, and a few helicopters have a swimming pool area.

Eva Longoria Parker
His wife, actress Eva Longoria and basketball player Tony Parker this summer, the weekly rent of $ 16 million 112 thousand dollars "Ladyship" said his yacht vacation. There were six bedrooms in the 41-foot yacht.

BRITISH clothing company owner Sir Phillip Green Top Shop'ın company for the design and model Kate Moss, who this summer to 79 meters, 50 million dollars worth yacht "Lionheart" i lent. 30 people, with Kate Moss boyfriend Jamie Hince'e served.

DOUBLE, actor Johnny Depp this summer, "taken from Turkey," 47.5-meter yacht that will take a vacation. Doubling Depp, Angelina Jolie appeared with "The Tourist" became close friends during filming. Depp, double, six children will spend their time in bed and said he will take much pleasure. Johnny Depp yacht, but normally do not charge a fee for their friends in the "Vajoliroja" yacht named the weekly rent of $ 132 thousand.

Seal and Heidi Klum
Singer Seal and supermodel wife Heidi Klum, Indian billionaire Vijay Mallya'nın yacht is 680 thousand dollars per week this summer hired. 120 million dollars, "Indian Empress" of 32 rooms, has 42 employees.

Singer, 183 million dollars worth of Russian businessman Roman Abramoviç'in the "Luna" did borrow the boat. 160-foot boat, Luz and Jesus lover of Madonna on holiday with children, lies not pay for the Abramovic.

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Turkey is number one

According to the Wall Stret Journal's news grappling with crisis, Greece lost to Turkey has also tourists.

According to television news reflected the views of the crisis from Greece in May led to 30 thousand cancellations.

The crisis in neighboring, tourists kidnapped in Turkey
In Greece this year due to the economic crisis reflected in television and newspaper images of the reaction, was deter holidaymakers going to Greece. With the withdrawal of flight and hotel reservations in May, the number of cancellations totaled over 30. Wall Street Journal issued a story that "the tourists stopped going to Greece, Turkey, has chosen for a holiday," he said.
According to the news of the Greek economy by 15 per cent of tourism has created this year if, at a level economists fear. Tourism in the country, the share of the economy

experienced a decrease of 9 per cent over last year was 4 percent. Turkey's neighbors in the Aegean Sea to Greece as a place frequented by tourists who stopped to express that in the news, "the Turkish tourism industry, compared with last year's second quarter grew 7.4 percent, said. According to the news, falling prices in Greece, upon the demand of tourists to Turkey is expected to rise. 20-30 per cent drop in hotel prices in Greece, which has led to the emergence.

Turkey claims rivals to Portugal
27 million tourists come to Turkey in 2009, the Wall Street Journal Remember that "5-6 percent economic growth this year, the demand for hotels in Turkey, Spain, Portugal, the higher the demand for hotels," he says. Andreas Andreadis Federation'un Hotellers president, in an interview with the newspaper "Our revenue decline of 12 percent in last year's rate was. This year, with total tourism revenue in our second year is a loss of around 20 percent of the total, "he said.

The most expensive hotel in world

Here is the world's most expensive hotel

The Martinez Hotel's' Penthouse Apartment 37 thousand to stay a night at the U.S. $ has to be sacrificed.

The world tourism industry shaken by economic downturn is hurting the world's largest luxury hotel room rates in nearly uçukla continues to lip. The Times prepared by Forbes magazine list of the world's most expensive hotel rooms in Cannes, France in the first place is the Hotel Martinez. The hotel's famous' Penthouse Apartment price of 37 thousand dollars a night. The hotel's top floor apartment living room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms as well as a bath, spa, library, dressing room, sauna and a large terrace offers spectacular views.

Yoga Camps

Sea and sand holiday alternatives: Yoga camps
Oxygen-rich pine forests, the birds chirping in the light of the participants held yoga camp, physical and spiritual sense of relief is brought into a different holiday possibilities.

On holiday with yoga to purify''fashion''said Prof. Yoga Academy founder. Dr. Akif Manaf, in certain periods during the summer in the mountains, to break, by going to the slopes and doing yoga in nature, the city's people throwing debris on the negative "he said.

Yoga camp in the open air of the trees cool in the shade, ear of birds chirping and wind your body, stroking yoga to do to enjoy stating that they Manaf,''Here's such a natural environment are going to do the physical and internal cleansing therapies, meditation, yoga activities, sightseeing tours, canyons, plateaus tours and various artistic activities fill our days, will have fun while learning, while the rest will be free,''he said.

Eating and drinking and all-inclusive holiday should not be merely to lay the Manaf said,''but people need yoga for stress-free holiday''might argue with his success.

Known at the çaltı accumulated stress and fatigue''with the''sea-sand holidays Manaf not be disposed of Defense, said:
''Yoga movements, breathing exercises, physical exercises and deep relaxation techniques, meditation, stress and tension accumulated in the nervous system is eliminated. Intensive work environment and stress of everyday life, just the body, muscle and bone structure and not your mind and your nervous system is much more energy and tired çakralarınızı. Negative energy flow, because of pent-up anger, damage occurs in the field of mental energy. This damage not only lying, it is not possible to go sunbathing. The Academy's original yoga system of yoga techniques and yoga, both physically and mentally by the relaxation and renewal of the body is completely zero.''

Thus yoga camp participants' minds and the energy field chakras to refresh and positive energy filled with a stronger and healthier period step would indicate Manaf, the situation at work efficiency and success, the private life of happiness and peace brought said.

Gradually the people who do yoga yoga is a process that strengthens and calming about the idea, indicating that both Manaf, yoga classes, and to recognize the body allows the body to explore the depths, he said.

Manaf,''If your yoga vacation in a beautiful place if combined with luxurious spa treatments and great food, this experience does not relax you, but also gives you the feeling you've been reborn''he said.

Yoga camp opened the door of the spiritual and physical purification that Manaf said, the camp has plenty of oxygen in areas covered with pine forests said they would prefer to do.

Pine forests, healing, health, indicating that the transmitter power Manaf, the second day of camp can be held for 12 months between the start and lasted 4-7 days, he said.

Accommodation, eating and drinking, and yoga training two-day average cost of 300 EURO is expressed Manaf, so far Kaz Mountains, Bolu, Saros Gulf, Abant, Antalya, Fethiye, Kemer, Bodrum-Akyaka camping event held said.

Yoga resorts

Some yoga resorts in the world and features the following:

The Tides Zihuatanejo, Mexico: The yoga holiday is a combination of luxury and magnificent spas and massages done by specialists on the Pacific coast, as well as healthy meals and beach party can be summed up as a holiday.

Parrot Island, Bahamas: The yoga holiday on the island, along with yoga or meditation is done intensively.

Wildflower Hall, India: Himalayas yoga holiday at the foot of the property held within a seven-day program, yoga, fitness and life coaches to have.

Haramara, Mexico: electric, but if you want a holiday intertwined with nature, you have to go turları'ya Mexico. Will make a şahmanla yoga will be one of the memorable moments.

Big Sky Yoga Retreats, Montana: The ascent of the vacation property of yoga, skiing and even horseback riding is to merge with. Another special feature here is that your comfort is not impaired in any way. Although far from the center is a place for holiday meals special services as a luxury private helicopter will be available to you even been forgotten.

SwaSwara, India: India turları'daki yoga vacation option that more people find themselves in the feature takes concentration. Courses ranging from cooking pots to large-scale activities to choose what is best for yourself. Accommodations are usually decorated with local motifs, such as air conditioning, but also include elements to facilitate life.

Chiva Som Hua Hin, Thailand: Yoga as a treatment method is being used here. Therefore, the vacation goes better with a very healthy activity. Among these, daily massage, exercise and healthy meals can be ordered.

Bangalore, India: The natural life of luxury as well as those who want to live together should not miss a yoga holiday. After each yoga session, people in the surrounding farms and other businesses can work as a volunteer. If work is finished yet luxurious, garden, sauna, pool and views can be returned to the hotel.

Santa Lucia: This small town on the Caribbean island to go round the sun-seekers can be described as a stopover place. Detox yoga classes as well as you can get exactly the purpose of activities will also help you stay healthy.

Mayatulum, Mexico: made of wire mesh ceiling and decoration of ancient yoga sessions will accompany you to ensure your special treatment.''

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Napoli Pompei holidays

Napoli Pompei holidays
Super Fly, but little crazy (No.12, 347 127 2178, Mon & search closed June-September), the crowded streets of the city via social relevance prove dell'Olio'da Cisterna. Piazza Bellini'deki including bar-Intra Moenia (No.70, 081 290 720, www.intramo

Herculaneum in Naples and a short taxi ride away. Capri Island Tours (see "Pleasure Island"), with only 40 minutes away from the ski boots. Ischia'da spas and thermal pools are an hour away, and Naples. For the month of October a good time to visit the Amalfi coast (away from the crowds to enjoy a beach), the city has been the abundance of spring flowers in the same way an ideal holiday l. Sentier degli Dei ('The path of the Gods') is an impressive walking routes, paths, fields and mountains that separates the Gulf of Naples to Amalfi coast is followed. SITA (199 730749 for tickets and timetables, 081 752 7337, Positano'ya bus is removed. In the same way, and then go up Sorrento'ya Circumvesuviana train can continue by bus to Positano and Amalfi'ye ..

Arco Natural Capri holidays and Pizzolungo

Arco Natural Capri holidays and Pizzolungo
This bold Arch is what remains of a large cave penetraded mountains. The waves of the sea extended its aperture and its debris wasched away.

Aperture of the sea by waves and debris away from the extended wasched. During the Paleolithic era after the uplifting of the island, the grotto was Freed from the erosive action of the waves and the wind and the rain trasformed its surface. Paleolithic period, after the uplifting of the island, caves, waves and wind and rain have been left on the surface trasformed erosive action. On returning from the Natural Arch, a flight of steps descending to the valley below Matermania leads to the Grotto, an impressive natural Cavern into a luxurious Nymphaeum trasformed During Roman times. Natural Arch, steps Matermania Grotto, an impressive natural cave in the Roman era in luxury nymphaeum trasformed way down to the valley below On a return flight. Remains of the wall to-day few, which were lined with Originally mosaic "tesserae" made of glass paste and decorated with multi-colored plaster, shells and marine valves, has survived. A few days for which the original mosaic "tesserae" made of glass paste was lined and very fancy colored plaster walls, shells and marine valves, has reached.
These elements, now lost, were also found in the Arsenal Grotto holiday, Beneath the Gardens of Augustus. These items, now lost, Arsenal Grotto also found in gardens, under Augustus.
Beyond the Grotto, an easy path winding along the cliff bordering the sea to Villa Malaparte lads, (or "Casa come me"), built at Punta Massullo architct on a projet by Adalberto Libera. Grotto, Villa Malaparte divide an easy way for women at the beach along the winding Beyond (or "Casa" Come to me), Punta Massullo architct on a projet built by Adalberto Libera. It continues up to Tragara Belvedere, from where it can reach the center of a few minutes walking along the eponymous road (1 hour 30 mins.). For it Tragara Belvedere, where the central eponymous road a few minutes (1 hour and 30 minutes until you can walk to.).

From Piazza Umberto I, on foot via Longano passing along, from the Piazza Umberto I always Sopramonte and Matermania or passing via Le Botteghe, Croce and Matermania. Piazza Umberto I, Longano feet, and Matermania Sopramonte or always on Piazza Umberto I and Le Botteghe, during the last from July through Croce and Matermania.

Jetski and caravan holiday tips

Jetski and caravan holiday tips
Once the car also made for some holiday trip an ordeal in itself. For some, even a return of about four thousand kilometers enjoy a holiday.

Once the car also made for some holiday trip an ordeal in itself. For some, even a return of about four thousand kilometers enjoy a holiday.

Cram-packed with things in a crowded car, as well as those who prefer to go on vacation, the large number of people who go on holiday caravans not less. Germany Müllheim'dan tours, two in double bed, separate shower and separate toilet in the caravan set out on the road Akkurt family enjoy the holiday even if those interests. Plans and projects in the field of self-employed civil engineer who, Kenan Kurt, moreover, get a new marine engine jet that was put together with the holidays on their way.

Part of the road vacation
As they travel every time to rest in Canaan Akkurt Karamanli, "When we arrived in Turkey for the holidays mean just will not start. We leave our home in Germany from the time We could enjoy the holiday. We have come to Germany before the first night. In Slovenia and then we stopped overnight at a service station have freedom. A part of our journey to the resort Sellin. Otherwise, this ordeal is unbearable, "he said. Approximately 14 thousand euros worth of 300-pound jet 215 PS Çanakkele Tours, indicating they would stay turları'ta Kenan Akkurt Asos and Ayvalik, then they will go to Izmir and tatiliburada said they would complete and return to Germany.

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I had a great holiday in Fethiye

I had a great holiday in Fethiye
600-thousand-circulation magazine published in England, OK, from the country's most famous TV stars Sally Whittaker'in holiday in Turkey, his wife and children were separated into six pages.

600-thousand-circulation magazine published in England, OK, from the country's most famous TV stars Sally Whittaker'in holiday in Turkey, his wife and children were separated into six pages.

Which is one of Britain's most watched series Coronation Street's star is still being treated for cancer Whittaker, "I remain in Fethiye Hillside Beach Club tatilgeçirdim perfect," he said. Coronation Street's character can be affected by breast cancer to control captured the 47-year-old stars in this way to ensure early detection of disease, he told her.

I'm fighting for my family.
OK Magazine interview with the old, "I must live for my children, so I'm struggling with cancer," said Sally Whittaker, "Last year we went on vacation the whole family after chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We had a great time in Turkey. A great place for kids. We have two weeks without bothering anyone much good has come together, "he said. OK Magazine's important for Turkish holiday tour with a presentation of the Hillside Beach Club is doing in the interview said.

Most curative Lakes

Most curative Lakes
White everywhere ... Sludge beneficial to the skin ... Her favorite place for tourists ... Tour of the popular ...

White everywhere ... Sludge beneficial to the skin ... Her favorite place for tourists ... Tour is a favorite holiday of ...

Cappadocia tours excursion program in Salt Lake, hundreds of local and foreign tourists every day welcomes you to the holiday. Caused by salt crystals that offer a different experience with the white surface of the salt lake, tourists will enter with bare feet. Turkey's second major goal of 1500 square kilometers in water depths not exceeding 20-30 cm in the domestic and foreign tourists who walk for hours, to Salt Lake in facilities close to Şereflikoçhisar also can purchase the product. In certain areas of the lake with a positive effect on the skin resulting sludge is attracting interest.

Number of Journal Resort output CNBC-e

Number of Journal Resort output CNBC-e
CNBC-e Magazine Holiday gifts with a number of dealers.

CSI: NY Killer Who, The Tudors Palace Games, Chuck Visual Perception Test, and Merlin SuDocWho magic password, Universe Guide to Beauty Contest Watch ... CNBC-e Magazine Holiday gifts with a number of dealers.

Choose the most beautiful woman in the universe is. CNBC-e on August 23 will be broadcast live in the Universe 2010 Beauty Contest Tracking Guide, CNBC-e August issue of Journal of gifts for everyone.

CNBC-e Vacation Zone, CSI: NY Killer Who, The Tudors Palace Games, Chuck Visual Perception Test, and Merlin SuDocWho magic code. With riddles, puzzles, and writing the award-winning entertainment at CNBC-e Magazine Holiday Issue. Number of special holiday promotional gift mix.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand with new publications of the period, with the new Doctor adventure, myth series ER'da final curtain, backstage Cold Case'te assessment file and the 2009-2010 season ... And more all at CNBC-e Magazine Holiday Issue.

Also the best selection of TV's Emmy Awards when, in August, and CNBC-e in the HD-most of his films, as well as everything you wonder about the e2 program in the August issue.

Christopher Nolan's latest film, Home, Back to the '80s, the vision and the movie DVDs on the shelves ... Film Review with the cinema again this month will follow. Film Journal, CNBC-e Magazine with gifts for everyone.

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Peru is a country in western South America. Ecuador and Colombia in the north, east Brazil, southeastern Bolivia, southern Chile, and is restricted to the Pacific Ocean in the west.

Chile Tours Peru: Peru vacation tours, to have a completely different climate zone is a region idal.

Costa (Coast) - Approximately 11% of the country

Sierra (Andes, high sections) - Approximately 15%

Selva (rain forest) and Montana (Fog Forest) - around 64%

COSTA: in Peru, Costa IcaCosta under the influence of the Humboldt Current, and agriculture along the rivers from the Andes and the only oasis in the river as possible, is largely a coastal desert.

In southern Peru, Chile, the world's most arid desert on the border of the Atacama Desert begins. Costa Lima's south side up in the capital in the sector, ie, approximately half of the coastal strip throughout the year in which rainfall is rare, unusual extent.
North of Lima in the soil quality and rainfall slightly increases the possibility that the river oasis outside agriculture, so it is possible. 12 ° C in winter and summer temperatures between 35 ° C to play.
Lima in the largest cities near the coast (from north to south), Tumbes, Sullana, Piura, Chiclayo, Trujillo, Chimbote, Huaral, Pisco, Ica, Nazca'dır.

SIERRA: Sierra starts behind the thin coastal region. This place, which is interrupted by a long valley (isp. Callejón or valle) Andes mountain range is composed of many. In all typical of the Andes, deep-cut valleys (Canyons) and the mountain chains formed by large rivers are Kordil range east and west sides (isp: Pongo).
Andlar'daki typical cross-section itself indicates that the central region Ancash'da. From west to east, "Kelly Kordil" 'ini (Cordillera Negra, about 5000 m) Callejón de Huaylas (around 3000 m) will follow. During the next mountain, "White Kordil" is (Cordillera Blanca). Huascaran, Peru's highest mountain is here (6768 m) is located. By continuing east direction extends Callejón de Conchucos (Amazons, the Marañón River, with a source). Then continues with the other mountain chains.
The highest mountain, Nevado Huascaran (6768 m), Yerupajá (6634 m), Coropuna (6425 m), Ampato (6310 m), Chachani (6075 m) and Misti'dir volcano (5822 m).
Snow in the Andes north of the country does not reach the limit when the vegetation is very rich (Páramo climate zone), very steep itself in the middle area, partially covered with broad valleys and permanent snow and glaciers in high mountains shows. Peru's central south (latitude from the capital Lima), 3000 and 4000 meters in the range of nature itself as the hills. 5000 m from the high number of less conspicuous snow-covered mountain massif.
This latitude to south, partly active cone volcano Ubinas scene when, together with less steep the mountain ranges, and among them the hilly high plateau to the image of the Andes chain, strong extent spill shows. In the south of the country (Arequipa, Puno, Moquegua and Tacna Zones), especially in the flat part of the high plateau itself indicates a certain degree. Burafa, the typical image of the area around Lake Titicaca, called the Altiplano plateau occurs.
The average annual temperature of 11 ° C at 3300 m altitude. Sometimes, the rain from April until October in poor areas can expect heavy rainfall. Large cities in this region (from north to south), Cajamarca, Huaraz, Cerro de Pasco, Huancayo, Ayacucho, Cusco, Puno and Arequipa'dur.
Legendary Inca ruins of Machu Picchu near Cusco city is located.

Selva: Andes to the east of the rain forest region "Selva" starts. The tropical mountain forests of temperate climate prevails because there is where the transition is smooth.
Temperature differences in the region at approximately 26 ° C and mean annual temperature, annual rainfall reaches 3800 mm. Here, towards the Amazon Basin of Brazil turları'ya other sources of flowing rivers of the Amazon rises.
Frequently, and almost no virgin rain forest in Peru. Amazon reports with large fold out and Mountains flowing rivers, deep forests of the transport vessels are the last one.

And tourism are important to this region's largest cities, Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado'dur. Iquitos'a not be reached by road from Lima, is by ferry or air transportation. Puerto Maldonado'ya aircraft (1 ½ hours in Lima, Cuzco ½ hours), can be reached via boat or land. Other major cities in the region (from north to south), Tarapoto, Tingo María and Pucallpa'dir.

CULTURE: Cultural life is concentrated in large cities bihassa few of them come from Lima the capital at the beginning. Today in the wider cultural context, as the Spanish invaders brought their culture and their religion traces are represented.

In northern Peru, northeastern Argentina and eastern Bolivia tours are tours. Santiago is the capital city in the country according to 2005 figures are approximately 16 million people live. Name in Aymara language "of the end of the world" comes from the word meaning chilli.
Chile administratively fifteen region is divided, of which fourteen of them, early in the Roman figures expressed, from north to south respectively, Tarapacá, Antofagasta, Atacama, Coquimbo, Valparaíso, O'Higgins, Maule, Bío-Bío, Araucanía, Los Lagos, Aysen, Magallanes y la Antartica Chilena region of Los Ríos, and with the later addition are Arica and Parinacota region. With them is a region Region Metropolitana de Santiago.

MOUNTAINS: Mountains of Chile, the world's highest mountain chain forms. There are many peaks of over 6000 meters. One of them, Chile's highest mountain (6880 m), Ojos del Salado is also the world's highest volcano. Below is a list of the most famous.
Nevado Ojos del Salado, 6880 m, III. Regions (Atacama Region)

Cerro Tupungato, 6800 m, (Metropolitan Area)

Volcán Llullaillaco, 6739 m, II. Region (Antofagasta Region)

Volcán Parinacota, 6342 m, I. Regions (Tarapacá Region)

Volcán Licancabur, 5916 m, II. Region (Antofagasta Region)

Descabezado Grande, 3830 m, VII. Region (Maule Region)

Torres del Paine, 2800 m, XII. Region (Magallanes y de la Antartica Chilena Region)

Volcán Villarrica, 2840 m, VIII. Region (Araucanía Region)

Volcán Osorno, 2652 m, X. Region (Los Lagos Region)

Volcán Cerro Hudson, 1905 m, XI. Region (Region of ARI)

RIVER AND LAKE: Countries due to its special geographical structure, are no longer rivers. The longest river is the Rio Loa'nın length of 443 km. Atacama Desert in the extreme drought in the north of the country, will prevent the formation of large water savings. Few rivers in the northern Andes are fed from the snow. Increasing rainfall in the south, along the rivers in this region to bring more water volume. Rivers, the Chilean economy, in particular, play an important role in providing energy. However, salmon fishing and adventure tourism like rafting trips offer opportunities within. Important rivers from north to south, are listed below.
Lauca Río, 160 km, I. Regions (Tarapacá)

Lluta Río, 167 km, I. Regions (Tarapacá)

Río Loa, 443 km, II. Region (Antofagasta)

Copiapó Río, 162 km, III. Regions (Atacama)

Elquí Río, 170 km, IV. Region (Coquimbo)

Choapa Río, 160 km, IV. Region (Coquimbo)

Río Aconcagua, 142 km, V. Regions (Valparaíso)

Río Maipo, 250 km, the Metropolitan / V. Region (Metropolitan / Valparaíso)

Mapocho Río, 120 km, Metropolitan (Metropolitana)

Cachapoal Río, 172 km, VI. Region (O'Higgins)

Río Maule, 240 km, VII. Region (Maule)

Biobío Río, 380 km, VIII. Region (Biobío)

Río Imperial, 52 miles, IX. Region (Araucanía)

Lakes and salt lakes in the north can be counted among the most famous of which is to say the Salar de Atacama'yı. However, in the north, the highest position of the earth as one of the lakes in the lake is Lago Chungará. Lake area is 21.5 square kilometers, is located at an altitude of 4500 meters.

David Lago Chungará ParinacotaBir groups and large and beautiful lakes of the southern city of Temuco and Puerto Montt'a extends from the start. These are as follows.
Colico Lago, 56 km ², IX. Region (Araucanía)

Caburga Lago, 51 km ², IX. Region (Araucanía)

Lago Villarrica, 176 km ², IX. Region (Araucanía)

Lago Calafquén, 120 km ², IX. Region (Araucanía) und X. Region (Los Lagos)

Lago Panguipulli, 116 km ², X. Region (Los Lagos)

Riñihue Lago, 77 km ², X. Region (Los Lagos)

Lago Ranco, 401 km ², X. Region (Los Lagos)

Lago Puyehue, 156 km ², X. Region (Los Lagos)

Lago Rupanco, 223 km ², X. Region (Los Lagos)

Lago Llanquihue, 860 km ², X. Region (Los Lagos)

970 sq km area also in the south of Chile's largest lake and is located in Lago General Carrera Lago Buenos Aires in Argentina that the lake creates a lake, the west wing.

ETHNIC STRUCTURE: Chile, 95% of the population and European descendants oluşturur.Genellikle Basques. Countries, particularly the 19th century European tours from the British, Irish, German immigrants came in later Croatia, Palestine, Italy, has turları'dan immigrants.
Indigenous population of only 3.2% CPC represents.