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Eindhoven, the Netherlands and the fifth largest city of approximately 209 179 inhabitants and around 2006. Noord Brabant region is located in the city and the TU / e (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven), one of Europe's leading universities in engineering field. There is no problem of transportation in the city, regularly cycling's numerous bike paths can be used safely. Galerie de heuvel Center Piazza in the city center and two large shopping centers are named. Although not a tourist city with a population density around the city in terms of the Netherlands 5 is a great city. Located in the southern city of the Netherlands is an important industrial center. Philips has set up factories in the city and the world yayılmıstır here. PSV Eindhoven soccer team in europe wide celebrity in this town was founded in 1911. PSV abbreviation "Philips Sports Club" carries the meaning. Evoluon building in this town are famous.

Night life in Amsterdam

Amsterdam in the Women, Drugs and Gambling indispensable üçlüdür.Zira them by law, the free bırakılmıştır.Red Light (Red Light) by the general house almost in Europe who do not know yoktur.Bir many college girls these places are running and the public by abest are not covered.


Rotterdam is located southwest of the Netherlands. As the population from Amsterdam 2 big city, but the area is larger than Rotterdam. Rotterdam, Europe's largest port is incorporated. Of cargo from around the world were brought to the continent from the north is the entry point. The name comes from the river Rott. Population (1 January 2007: 584 046 persons) was approximately half that of the Dutch origin of this city, at a rate of 7.8% (45 457 persons) living in the Turkish population is remarkable. ROTTERDAM national motto: Sterker Strijd door, that is: as we fight, to be stronger

Hotels in Amsterdam that

After the bridge has Venedikten şehirdir.Yürüyerek most lovely places can be visited every year by many tourists to the beauty of sahiptir.Tarihi çekmektedir.Şehirde uygundur.Her price hotel accommodation and easy bulabilirsiniz.Şehirdeki some importance may be listed in the following way,

- NL Hotel
- Aadam Wilhelmina
- Hotel King
- Alexander
- Golden Tulip Loosdrecht
- City Hotel Amsterdam
- Chic & Basic
- Amigo Hotel
- Apollo Hotel Almere City Centre

Amsterdam Dining Culture

Restaurant bulunmaktadır.Siyah approximately 775 in Amsterdam near beer, the taste of cheese and herring enfestir.Eğer Amsterdama really sure if you go to their taste and quality bakmalısınız.Çok mümkündür.Tabik Varas to find restaurants where the prices vary accordingly.

Netherlands as a wide variety of traditional dishes that restaurants almost every region değildir.Ancak Amsterdamda çıkmaktadır.Amsterdam the first month of the food left to eat if you eat every day is different.

Gösteriyor.Yazları traditional Dutch dishes vary by season, more mild, while winters are much more common dishes değildir.Daha yenmektedir.Et square meal and fish products are consumed much milk.

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