Friday, July 9, 2010

islamic holiday

Le Figaro, wrote to Turkey's Islamic hotels Tailciler

Women sunbathing in bikinis, left the room and praised the Koran to the ideas of the customers told the newspaper.
Aysegul a young woman by the name "Haşema water is bottled. A very crowded pool. We went with my husband and bays have to swim in peace. We will leave aside the religious. As a result, my body needs the D vitamınine said.

Nihal Khan journalists Bengisu the turban while on vacation in the veiled women "in concert with a soloist playing the wrong note" was likened

Sah Inn Paradise hotel with women in swimsuits lying around the pool and sunbathing. But the women around here are aware of the pool was closed to keep out of sight to be masculine. Eve, when separated from the edge of the pool instead of bikini pants, long-sleeved blouse and a young girl who wore pants ... "I'm more comfortable here," he says. Alcohol at this hotel, no male-female mixed pool and disco. Ahmed, 63 year old factory manager, "a wonderful place. Fits my lifestyle and my religious values. Koran and Mecca in the rooms are marked, "he says.

Islamic hotels in Turkey is still a new concept, but it is spreading fast. Since the first hotel opened in 1995 to 26 units. Addressing the first hotel opened in Turkish families living abroad are now attracted to the local population. According to sociologist Nilüfer Pomegranate "as a secular bourgeois and upper-class seaside holidays in the Muslim too exhausted to do. This is a symbol of modernity, "he says. AKP opponents of the country, this hotel is seen as a symbol of Islamic convergence. But the hotel's manager, Yusuf Yucel "We sell holiday, not religion. Since we are used to meet demand, "he says.

Veiled women in Turkey show, because their bodies are forced to find places where they can take a vacation from. Immunity, 33 years old, a gynecologist who lives in Germany. With pink-turquoise tunic "Before we were trapped in Istanbul during the summer holidays. We can no longer swim, "he says. Haşemadan disturb others. Aysegul "I tried, but it is swollen in water. Very uncomfortable. A very crowded pool. That is why we got into the car with my husband and bays are in the swim in peace. Religions are set aside. My body also needs vitamin D to. In the evening we'll go out to dinner, "he says.
Women in this type of hotel pools smaller than those of men. Nihal Khan bengisu turban also appeal to journalists. "In theory, a reference to women in these enterprises. But they actually respond to the needs of men, "he says. Then, "a holiday concert at the veiled woman who pressed false note as a soloist," he says.

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