Saturday, July 17, 2010

German Tourists again is number one

First German tourists again
The Russians left behind in the summer vacation in Antalya, the number of German tourists, was again the Russians. Antalya Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism according to information obtained,

In Antalya, the 11-month period, from nearly 100 countries via air and sea, a total of 8 million 551 thousand tourists visited 11.

Among the tourists visiting Antalya in Antalya turları'ya Russians had taken place in the first place.


Economic crisis in the country's European tour, although effective, was the British tourists prefer Turkey for holiday. Of world-class hotel is located in the best quality and service, where the number of British tourists prefer Antalya, according to the same period last year grew at a rate of 15.64 percent. The number of tourists increased by 240 per cent of Austrians 6:48 836'ya output bin. The number of tourists has increased by 4.60 percent in Norway. The number of tourists increased by 142 per cent Danish thousand 534'e reached 4:57.

Swiss tourists last year's same period, compared to 10:26, the Czech tourists per cent 3.65, Kazakh tourists percentage of 7.67, Finnish tourists, the percentage of 19:09, Slovenia and the percentage of 5.86, the Armenian tourists percent and 46.14, a Portuguese tourist percentage of 94.15 , 10.64 percent of the Greeks and the number of Japanese tourists has increased the percentage of 13:48.

The number of tourists from Germany to Antalya turları'dan global crisis to the same period last year, 0.95 percent, the number of Russian tourists vacation cent 3:30, 4:30 per cent of Dutch tourists, the number of Swedish tourists decreased 7.76 percent. The number of Israeli tourists in the year's 11-month period fell at a rate of 44.64 percent. The number of Serbian tourists, 65.92 percent, 31.90 percent of the number of Spanish tourists, the number of Latvian tourists declined at a rate of 38.67 percent.

Of relations with Armenia FIX

Antalya Culture and Tourism Provincial Director Ibrahim Acar, to the improvement of relations between Turkey and Armenia, with the start of the Armenians also began to increase the number of tourists, he said.

Acar, 2006, 11-month period, Antalya, three thousand in 1998, in 2007 four thousand 132 in 2008 to 8 thousand 258 Armenian tourists had come this year in the same period in Antalya, 12 thousand 68 Armenian tourists had visited reported.

"All the world is coming to Antalya," said Acar, he continued his words:

"Only Armenians do not come that ... between the two countries a number of problems disappear as you and trust create an environment as Armenia and other countries Armenians living Antalya explored. Various countries rich Armenians Antalya invite you to discover and holidays to look forward to. Israeli tourists in the number of A decline is seen, though more recently in Israel to Antalya, the number of tourists again began to increase. Israeli tourists in Antalya prefer continues. 2009, other countries who go to Israel and the Armenian tourists in Antalya and the quality of services as it sees the future in Antalya 't will prefer. "

Bafa Lake-Turkey

The subject of legend, a space holiday: Bafa Lake
Moon goddess of the love nest of a bird paradise, Bafra Lake

You're done in one trip to the Aegean coast, Lake Bafa, exit and stop by the road. Bodrum is 80 km away from the lake, one of the world's most important bird sanctuary. According to legend, a shepherd and a great love of goddess has lived in this land.

MOON GODDESS of the love nest
Bafa Lake is located around the residential area since the early ages because, over time there was a different civilizations. Bafa, on today show an interest in tourist resorts and nature. The lake is also host to many bird species, this feature list of places to see in Turkey in the upper row.

Legend of Bafa coast is increasing interest in this area. According to legend, the shepherd Endymion, the Five Finger Mountains grazing herds and had no presence other than a pipe. Blowing the pipe is stopped during the day miserable. Endymion deserted during the day in the mountains when the blow pipe, was asleep at night to sprinkle SERE. I was so deeply asleep, the moon goddess, Selene came every night the young man is bent over, kissed him and then returning with the light wind. Selene fell in love with handsome shepherd Endymion'a but was very unhappy, because with a mortal human being was impossible under the laws of Zeus. They meet in secret.

According to legend, two lovers at night Bafa still rising from the shores of the Five Finger Mountains meet. Bafa Lake and the surrounding mountain, where the legend is told in the most beautiful shine. Because the moon goddess Selene, I love to see the shepherds of the most beautiful light, the brightest here in the form of "shedding miserable." Just to feel that myth and philosophy in ancient times among the olive trees to commemorate the wise know who is going to Lake Bafa ...

Milas district of Muğla is located within the borders of Lake Bafa, was 2000 years ago the sea. Of the Aegean Sea in ancient times as a dark sea and the connection of the Bafa Lake Meander River due to silt stone is cut and put the lake had become. Maximum depth of approximately 25 meters large and small islands in the lake there. The most important interior, twin islands of Men and Ghosts Ada Ada process. To visit the island monasteries of fun, because here, there are historical remains, such as churches. Seven Monastery especially worth seeing.

Around the lake surrounded by pine and olive trees. Immediately puts you into this aspect of sea air. The restaurant sits on the edge of the lake so when the salad comes to mind immediately, and b holiday simpleton.

Will be much activity around here. If you want to watch the birds, a boat across the lake opened in the morning and slowly pull the road and get lots of photos. In the list of internationally important bird areas in and around the lake area in the first place, that endangered species such as Pygmy cormorant and sea eagle is produced. In the lake chub, eel and sea bass boats can be rented again to go hunting. Also lake suitable for swimming due to the recent cleaning work was made.

When you walk out after the lake shore in the village Kapıkırı Herakliea can visit the ancient city, you can see the monastery and the caves. Five Fingers Mountains on the shores of the lake, this village was founded, to relax and to enjoy nature's ideal vacation venue for the city weary. Here you can purify your soul out to the long nature walks.
Kapıkırı Village, convenient to stay. Izmir-Bodrum road it does not appear on the main road carefully when looking at a small sign pointing to the village. To reach the village within the town of Paphos, approximately 10 kilometers of asphalt road, turn left and you have to follow.

Go through BODRUM
Bodrum turları'daki Bafa'ya nearest airport. Bodrum-Milas between takes approximately 45 minutes. Bafa Lake minibuses departing from Milas can go to the garage. Soke and Bodrum from Istanbul to Izmir via the bus goes from the shores of Lake Bafa. Paphos, Dalaman, Izmir 2.5 to 3 hours away. Approximately eight hours by car from istanbul Bafa'ya can.

Modest hostels
Hostel accommodation options there are modest. Here are some addresses: Pelikan Hostel (0252 543 51 58), Heraklia Rock Hostel (0252 543 53 80), Heraklia Selene's Hostel (0252 543 52 21).

LAKE FISH CAM to their
Selenes'te or lake shore where the other popular fish can eat in restaurants, eel, perch, mullet ... Fish in the sea comes from Bodrum. Keep in mind also, local olive oil, wonderful!

Bafa Lake at the edge of the road along the dry spices in the machine, thyme, juice, seasonal fruits, olive oil, honey and olive oil soaps made and sold. If you are interested in natural products, the opportunity to evaluate.

The cheapest holidays in Turkey

To $ 18 all inclusive resorts
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The hottest summer of the last hundred years, experts warn is going to live. Applicable in this case, we all come to mind first is the sea. At least once a year for health care must be entered into the sea conditions.

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