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Oger tours sold

Listen to the sound of my mind and I've sold
From Germany to Turkey, the largest tour operator has Vural Oger Oger Tours, the company has sold some time ago the tourism giant Thomas Cook.

From Germany to Turkey, the largest tour operator Oger Tours Vural Oger owns, the company has sold some time before tourism giant Thomas Cook. Vural Oger, "Heart of my voice 'Selling was saying' but commercially rational thought selling I've been more wise decision that I've seen and sold, I decided. The right to make a decision believing that I'm quiet. In addition, tourism withdrawal not. Thomas Cook 's supervisory board member and in Germany My other company ÖGER TURKISH TOUR, and hotel companies in Turkey do I continue with my presence in the tourism sector, "he said.

July 20 1969, 20 thousand Mark German Air from the leased BAC-11-type 114-seater arranged by his first Hamburg-City campaign with the ÖGER group of companies laid the foundation of the Vural Oger 41 years later that your company from Turkey holiday tours that ÖGER Tours Thomas Cook has sold. This is not so easy to take decisions in Germany had a great impact. Balance the sale of billions of euros in the tourism sector probably will lead to significant change. Vural Oger, this decision is the path to freedom and to live for the first time they told us. Vural Oger Oger Tours in Hamburg in the center of an ongoing conversation with the hours I have. With all the sincerity of my questions answered. They lived prior to the decision, decided that moment, politics, formed the Fenerbahce told about, and much more.

- 40 year effort to sell the company why did you?

- First I would like to make a correction that I have set up 40 years ago, all the airports in Germany to Turkey TUR TURKISH ÖGER charter flights arranged to continue operating as a company. I just ÖGER companies in the group founded in 1983, I've sold ÖGER Tours. Still, the decision was not easy. I think so too. I reviewed my decision in two ways. The sound of my heart 'Selling was saying' but I've been sold commercially rational thought than I saw a wise decision. Tourism industry is changing because of the shell. Medium-sized tour operators have come under the umbrella of giant kurulluşların tourism. A concentration in the sector is experiencing. I could also happen in the future. No room for sentimentality in trade.

- Again, taken a job like that on? Or what about those who want to be thrown out?

- Nowadays, it is not easy to set up a company like Oger Tours. I can say even impossible. Let me give you the right answer if you ask me why. If you want to set up such a company today, the need for months to 300 million euros in cash. The job does not end with money. You'll know the job. And put the money out today, so I do not see an individual entrepreneur. Giant tour operators is growing more so. Medium-sized tour operators like us, are disappearing one by one.

- Why are not they? Every year, millions of German tourists going to Turkey. Receive a share of this cake though small, will not you?

- It's me, every year from November until May, in front of my hotel reservation and guarantee agreements for payments of 40-50 million euros is needed. Agreements with these hotels, holiday villages and is a pre-paid. Giant tour operators in an increasingly large payments to hotels and using their extensive credit facilities and they're taking advantage of significant discounts are creating. Medium-sized tourism companies are so awkward. If a high amount of this payment discounts will increase your bargaining power. For example if you receive a discount of 5 euros per day for 15 days will be 75 euros. 750 euros in the summer of this discount is 10 percent. Advantage over the competition is starting to giant operators. To receive this credit, but as we increasingly difficult for mid-sized firms. The company has reduced chance of survival. Basel II criteria for bank loans because the tap was now firmly trapped. 1-3 percent profit margin in our industry already has changed in even the smallest discounts affect sales.

- This is how you solve problems?

- I have escalated this issue to Ankara. Mr. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan also told himself. Bring tourists to Turkey that the Turkish government has set certain criteria for operators like us, this six-month winter period required for the pre-paid credit in which we can support. I do not want money from anyone, we are a wealthy organization. Companies can compete against giant rivals equal terms I'm looking for. The topic for this winter period of six months prepayments sağlıyacak support to banks for loans to be turkey. Ankara, but unfortunately this type of tourism do not have a mechanism to track problems. Turkey tourism so far has not been a state policy. Who leads and who brings tourists they were never treated as a serious issue. Hans Hasan brings tourists do not bring, significant increase in the number of tourists and income were considered. All coastal cities in coastal areas and their fields turned into concrete. Still necessary for the development of tourism zones MEGAPLAN is not available. But Ankara does not indicate the interest necessary to think about it. Does not see tourism as a strategic sector. Just looking to increase the number of tourists and foreign exchange. Whereas long-term planning required for this job. Otherwise, the giant tour operators in Europe and soon dominate the market price may also be dictated. In Europe today, what what in the UK for Germany to Spain or Greece for a one George Fernandez Reisen Reisen no more. Reisen Reisen and George Fernandez as all these institutions are not within the last 10-20 years. Oger for Turkey's strategic value has been confirmed by all the Ministers of Tourism.

I just want to mentioned that our current Minister of Tourism has a great chance for Turkey. Wider culture, knowledge and personality in the last 40 years, the tourism minister is one of the best I have seen. Ministry of Tourism to get the authority and competence in a positive performance is very high. I have explained above address issues of engagement and directives of the Prime Minister will be formed under the Ministry of Finance and of a tourism strategy is a plan to engage in this plan is required.

- Sales of sleep fled before you decide?

- I did not run away diyeyem sleep. Between feelings, my mind was gone. So easy to start from scratch and you wish you worked so hard to sell your tourism company. I thought many times. I reconsider. Do not listen to my heart and my mind I made up my decision.

- How do you feel about yourself now?

- That's your daughter or son get married if the parents how they feel and I feel it. Who married a girl or a boy goes out and where they go is a logical subject. It's got to go and you go where they went, but if you are a space in the house. Here's a feeling like that. 41 years ago, I arrived with a suitcase and a quantity of cash and raised in Hamburg, I had found this company. I believe the correct decision, but I'm quiet.

- Family benefits şirketlerinlerinin say. But now I have to sell your company. Your opinion changed?

- The family business has the advantage. You can take independent decisions and quick decisions. Holiday products, but the problem is not in our case, we can also sell it. Our tour of our holiday markets in Germany are over 13 000 travel agencies. That travel agents are increasingly acquired by large tour operators. 300-400 of travel agency chains, for example, hundreds of agents who are buying euros as payment. Billion credit facility with a giant tourism organizations forward payments from the airline companies can get cheaper seats, they can close the front payments and Reisebüro hotel chains are buying. All hotels in Turkey before we certainly have a wide reputation. Calıştığım years ago along with my hotel business to his sons and daughters slowly began to leave. This second generation mostly in America and Europe, read and trade sentiment made out of people''who pays the piper calls the tune''philosophy, including they, with his father 20-30 years plays yielded, now a giant tour operators, 5 million euros to the press and in closing and us in growing the same conditions are demanding. In my own relationship with my balance, but where I would go up. Now I have to guarantee the future of Oger Tours.

- Oger Tour brand is always going to live?

- Oger Tours, Europe's second-largest tour operator, came under the umbrella. There are now hundreds of thousands of partners. Receive strong support from the financial angle. This brand will live on always. Even after many years' Vural Oger had founded the company "will say. This will never be forgotten.

- Only Oger Tours Do you sell?

- I just sold my company called Oger Tours. Popularly referred to as the working time, which only made transport plane with my company called Oger Tours in Turkey Turkey belongs to me, three of seven hotels, holiday villages operating, incoming Holiday Plan to which my company did not sell. Continue their activities as before. Oger Tour of Germany from Turkey in the various cities of Turkey are carrying at least 700-thousand passengers. Holiday Plan, the three thousand people in my company is trying to.

- Did your company sell how much?

- If the public has been sold to Euro 30 million as the dense atmosphere has been created. Many people in the media on the first page, written in Thomas Cook's press release of the 30 million left to see and read the second page of the paper. But this is about 90 million euros for a holiday tour. 2.3 to 30 million as mentioned by maddesıne ÖGER Tours because they have assets of 49.5 million euros is being expressed, in the Palm Beach in Side Turkey with 34.5 million euro in holiday village there. According to this article about all this is taken out of the assets and ÖGER Tours Vural Oger, this amounts to is being transferred. In addition to mandatory travel insurance and some other places on my back I'll take 10-15 million euro bond. Oger Tours will provide all claims with Thomas Cook, and gets some credit agreements. So that around 90 million euros to build a holiday tour.

- How did the idea Sales?

- As in every sector bids were coming to me for years. This is very natural. Oger Tours Condor with 10 percent in the past, companies that share in common, I later bought back. Contact us in the past, huge variety of British and other German companies came to offer. Condor-Year in September 2000 the then CEO of the company Neckermann by Mr. Pichler 110 million to buy all of Oger Tours, Mark did not accept the proposal came to me then. Bluewings a Russian aircraft company bought last year by businessman came to an attractive offer, a notary public in the deal, as a result of subsequent economic crisis, he did not perform timely payment provisions. Oger Tours Thomas Cook, last year had indicated that the purchase request could not agree on certain principles I have mentioned, I give up negotiations. Thomas Cook's desire to speak with up to a month to start again and we have signed a mutual agreement.

- Where did you make a call?

- The authorities have made in Hamburg and Frankfurt. It did not take too much. We agreed on a middle ground. Turkey also wanted to enlarge their market. Oger Tours, with the brand they saw that it was possible, my taleblerimle middle ground between their interests were understood. We signed the agreement on Sunday July 11. The Federal Cartel Office's approval of the agreement will enter into force. Remove the obstacles, but I do not think the cartel office. These laws need to be a confirmation.

- Thomas Cook have said that the company will make the task ...

- Europe's second-largest tour operator, Thomas Cook, but I sold my company in the same company will make an important task. German tour company Thomas Cook AG Supervisory Board members will be named. This is a prestigious honor and duty. This company will take control of all strategic decisions will be a member of a committee.

- He will be retiring when you?

- Will be thinking of retirement does not even have time. I always set myself new goals. My Turkish companies in Turkey, Oger Tours in Germany consisting of seven hotel chains, and we will continue to operate our company Holidayplan incoming tourism. GROW with this company will develop my daughter Nina. As a member of the Supervisory Board of Thomas Cook will attend the meeting. Probably will not have any time to retire.

- You've written a book. Now you'll have a little more time. More will come of this book?

- In 2002, I wrote 'I'm German, I like my Turkey' in my book, I told my life after his arrival in Germany. Now I have two book projects. The first round of the European Parliament between 2004-2009 Social Democratic Party and the parliamentary seats as I live in what I will tell you in all aspects. After leaving Milletvekililğinden "European seats five years, from Hamburg, Brussels, Strasbourg and back on tour" with the name I have prepared a booklet. Front of the booklet will be a detailed version of this book. Name of the "I Brükseldeydim five years," probably will. The second book project, I will tell my family. The German writer Thomas Mann's novel Buddenbrooks I was always interested me. In the novel Buddenbrooks family of three generations is described in a full taste of the literary novel. I want to tell my family. In this book on the lives of three generations, social and cultural background will be in front of the subject. Turkey-Europe relations that deal with different aspects of this project, a book in my head but I think it is not yet fully established. This book is also the name of the "European reality" want to have.

- I have seen the country. You're still wondering, where you want to see there? What holiday would you prefer?

- And how. Chile, Peru, America tours tours "> South America tour some countries have not seen. Alaska turları'yı never seen. Prefer my came from outside Turkey, Cuba turları'yı love. Thailand turları'ı very like. The Indian Ocean Seychelles Islands love. Believe in beauty be, here are places like heaven on earth. climate, beautiful nature. the whole of Europe, all the Arab countries, the Far East, I saw all I can say turları'yu.

Valley of the roof waiting to be discovered

Valley of the roof waiting to be discovered
Nevşehir'deeşsiz beauty waiting to be discovered in the valleys. One of the important centers in Cappadocia tours

Nevşehir'deeşsiz beauty waiting to be discovered in the valleys.
Cappadocia region of the major tours of the centers, although in recent years an effective presentation made because regional tourism at any point can not come roof town, deep historical value as well as a beautiful fairy chimneys with friends who stunned does.

The roof and furnace in the Hanging Valley resort in the rock pigeon with oyulu the roof in this area take an active mission towns of the region creates significant potential for diversified tourism activities.

Mayor Kamil Duru said roof, the roof of Cappadocia, a mysterious beauty, the town hosts the presentation due to financial difficulties yaşadığnı difficulties in domestic and foreign tourists have said he can not see the interest. Rock churches and chapels of different civilizations to host the roof resort holidays which, 11.5 kilometers long with roof and furnace Hanging Valley of the visitors is quite different beauties exhibit stating that the clear, almost a resamın hand out of one table, which resembles the valleys of an effective presentation to the region of interest will improve believe said. Clear, "Cappadocia region is quite a different tour areas as appraised roof towns these days to financial circumstances, depending on the presentation could not be done. Council opportunities rather inadequate because we on this side effective steps could not. Unique natural beauty of the valley, with our landscape tourism enthusiasts among all values In addition to having the first batch of pigeons living in the era of the town at one of our local and foreign tourists in central location ideal for a trip. The subject waiting for support from, "he said.

Istanbul holiday region

Istanbul holiday region
Even more heated in recent times from day to day and the weather will warm up, go on vacation if you cannot be a short holiday does it plan to do.

Even more heated in recent times from day to day and the weather will warm up, cannot go on holiday if the holiday schedule to make short pushes. Tight budget who want to take a vacation, but to rescue the citizens in the coastal district of Istanbul early next train is the cheapest resort.

Made the long journey and the opportunity to vacation in the country's traditional holiday region, this year due to physical impossibility or when they do not find problems of the citizens of the new holiday location near the seaside town of Istanbul is. Istanbul is close to unity for the day on accommodation, places to vacation in the town of alternatives with different rates eliminates the need for national holidays.

Between one and three hours to istanbul in the distance of this resort district, offers accommodation for every budget. What is included in the prices or just have breakfast, breakfast, dinner, or what is found in various social activities. Weekday and weekend rates vary in this location, budget problems have limited time or those who are attracted to.

£ 15 to four-day stay in the room!

Different features of these rooms daily rates 30 TL starting from the location and characteristics according to the 150 up to TL exits, four-person rooms $ 60 as low a fee and priced some pensions per person account when the number 15 up to TL is falling. Istanbul daily because it is close to or even longer can accommodate the needs of the citizens so that the holiday has come from very long distances in short is if you have pushed.

Here is a short-term vacation close to Istanbul, Cheap holiday places you can do ...

- Agva Tours -

To istanbul by car, 1.5 hours by bus and 2.5 hours away, one by Yesilcay other side also the Göksu der where the green of a thousand and one ton is hosting the Black Sea overlooking the golden sandy beach is a nice town.

Ağva'da accommodation and prices are as follows:

Side trips agva Hostel: weekdays, including breakfast accommodation was £ 45 per person, including breakfast accommodation for weekend $ 60.

Port Hotel: Harbour Hotel accommodation with breakfast in the morning in a single person was £ 60, £ 85 with this number are billed at the weekend. Port 2 days 3 night hotel package, with the price of £ 140 per person including breakfast.

Marina Motel: £ 100 per person in the Marina Motel rooms and two persons, breakfast included in price.

Kurfal Hotel: Weekdays only person of accommodation, including breakfast and dinner, £ 85, while the hotel Kurfal 2 days 3 night weekend package is £ 195 for a single person with the ücretlendriliyor. The hotel also to its swimming pool, games room and live music events such as free offers.

River Fairy: Fairy of the river every day of the week in the hotel accommodation for two people including breakfast and dinner and priced £ 160.

Sea Star Motel: Sea Star Motel every weekday accommodation including breakfast per person $ 60.

Yesilcay Holiday Village: £ 100 per person each day of the week and breakfast and dinner are included in the price. 3 day 2 night weekend package that included breakfast and dinner priced at £ 250. Moreover, swimming pool, live music and facilities such as boat tours are offered for free as a.

Pedalisa hotel club: every day of the week including breakfast £ 65 per person.

Forest House: Forest at home on weekdays, including breakfast and dinner konaklama75 TL, while the weekend, including breakfast and evening meal £ 100 including accommodation. Charges are also included in the pool.

Village House in coincidence: every day of the week including breakfast £ 50 per person per stay

Callas Hotel: 2 persons including breakfast and dinner, accommodation £ 150.

Riverside Hotel Riverside Hotel accommodation with breakfast at £ 100.

- Sile Tours -

To istanbul car half an hour and 40 minutes by bus, 1.5 hours away, the City's lungs called Sile, natural beauty and unique beach and sea with Istanbul's pupil managed to become a holiday resort.

In Sile accommodation and prices are as follows:

Northern Star Hotel: weekdays, including breakfast and dinner, £ 80, while the weekend, including breakfast and dinner, priced from € 110. Possible establishment of a swimming pool is also available free of charge.

Sile Resort Hotel: weekdays, including breakfast and evening meal £ 100 per person when accommodation is at the weekend, including breakfast and evening meal £ 140. 3 day 2 night package, including the breakfast and dinner and priced £ 440. Its own private beach, pool and games room are also included in the fee.

Mill Hotel: Weekdays, two persons including breakfast and dinner, with £ 200, while the two people on weekends, including breakfast and dinner and priced £ 320.

Sile Klas Hotel: weekdays, including breakfast in the price when the weekend is £ 75 per person including breakfast £ 100 per person with accommodation priced. The hotel has its own private beach.

Nature Resort: Weekdays accommodation including breakfast £ 70 per person, while the weekend, including breakfast, priced at £ 85.

Lighthouse Motel: weekdays, including breakfast and dinner on weekends, while accommodation is £ 70 including breakfast and dinner, with £ 100 to be priced accommodation.


From istanbul car half an hour, the bus is an hour away in space, time to time, the Poles established by the town, the city's noise to escape a comfortable breathing and self-nature's hand and left for those who want the right address.

Polenezköy'de accommodation and prices are as follows:

Hera Pension: 2 persons breakfast and dinner every day of the week is £ 160 including accommodation.

Berik Pension: accommodation, including breakfast on weekdays £ 80, while the weekend, including breakfast accommodation and priced £ 100 holiday.

Alinda Hotel: Weekdays accommodation for 2 persons to be given three meals a £ 200, while the weekend two people to be given three meals and accommodation £ 240 price.

Village House Pension: accommodation with breakfast every day and priced £ 100 per person.

- Karpathos -

Karpathos town located in Kocaeli's Kandira only 1.5 hours by car from Istanbul and is located at a distance of 2.5 hours on the bus. Karpathos not lose the naturalness of forests, long and wide sandy beaches and calm, a good choice for those who want to do with the holiday.

Kerpe'de accommodation and prices are as follows:

Prestigious hotel: breakfast and dinner every day of the week including accommodation £ 100 per person.

Hotels in Karpathos: Weekdays accommodation including breakfast £ 70 per person, while the weekend, including breakfast £ 80 per person per stay.

New Moon Hostel: Hostel in New Moon, £ 60 four-person rooms, breakfast and dinner in this fee does not exist. Giving $ 60 can accommodate four people.

- İğneada -

From istanbul private car with a 2.5-hour bus ride is 3.5 hours away in İğneada, wide sandy beach, protected the seven lakes, rich in nature, oxygen tent, different from the air and within the hidden surprises for the holiday very, very attractive ...

İğneada'da accommodation and prices are as follows:

Motel day: Breakfast accommodation, including two people £ 75.

Nur Hotel: Weekdays, including breakfast accommodation for two persons £ 80, while the weekend, including breakfast accommodation for two persons £ 100.

Phosphorescence Pension: Yakamoz Hostel accommodation at the 4-person room 4 person £ 70.

Khan Hostel: Khan Hostel $ 40 in two other simple accommodation. As has room for 4 people.

Kesimoğlu Pension: Kesimoğlu in hostel accommodation for 4 people £ 75. As has room for 4 people.

Ugur Pension: £ 50 for Ugur Hostel accommodation in the third person. Rooms are available as three persons.

Accommodation rose: Roses in hostel accommodation for 4 people only $ 60. As has room for 4 people.

- Kilyos -

Traffic chaos in the remote and quiet sea and nature in the week-end vacation and recreational experience if you want to Istanbul's Sariyer district, this beautiful resort Kilyos visit to the summer months the beach and the sea can enjoy.

Kilyos'da accommodation and prices are as follows:

Kilyos Castle Hotel: Breakfast price is £ 120 including accommodation for two people. Etc. In addition swimming pool. events included in the price.

Erzurum Hotel: Breakfast is included in the price was £ 130 including accommodation for two persons, breakfast and dinner as well when the price is £ 190 for 2 people. Pools, etc.. hotel facilities also included.

With Hotel: Weekdays only two people including breakfast in the price of accommodation was £ 110, weekends only, including breakfast accommodation for two people £ 160.

Yali Hotel: Only two people including breakfast accommodation £ 120.

Slot Hotel: Only two people including breakfast accommodation £ 100.

Moonlight Hotel: Accommodation including breakfast only £ 90.

Mystic Hotel: Accommodation only $ 60 including breakfast.

- Avşa -

Four sides with the sea surrounding this island with sandy beaches and unique landscape and comes to the fore. Watching the sunset from the top of a delicious, especially the greedy hawks can make a holiday.

Avşa'da accommodation and prices are as follows:

Avşa Park Hotel: Breakfast and dinner per person, including accommodation for £ 80. System is also used in the food buffet. In addition, room air-conditioning and mini bar.

Ayata Hotel: weekdays, including breakfast and dinner £ 75 per person when accommodation, breakfast and dinner in the weekend, including the £ 90 per person per stay. Rooms have air conditioning and mini bar.

Aquarium Motel: including breakfast and dinner £ 70 per person per stay.

Alemdar Motel: Weekdays, excluding breakfast and evening meal accommodation for 2 people only $ 40, while the weekend is £ 50 for two people just stay.

Manyas Motel: Breakfast is included in the price to £ 75 for double accommodation.

Apart memories: two people including breakfast accommodation for £ 75.

Canary: 2 people including breakfast accommodation £ 50.


Blue meets the green failed to discover a unique structure where the territorial waters are calling you. Calm and quiet for those who want to spend a vacation.

In territorial waters and the price of accommodation is as follows:

Karasu Hotel: weekdays, including breakfast and dinner £ 60 single person accommodation, while the weekend, including breakfast and dinner £ 65 single person accommodation.

Aqua Park Hotel: every day of the week, including breakfast and evening meal £ 65 single person accommodation.

Hotel marquee: marquee in the hotel for breakfast and dinner £ 30 excluding accommodation for single people, while two people accommodation is priced at £ 50.

Builder Board: Dülger Hostel accommodation in four persons in room 4 people £ 50.


Turkey is the world's longest and the longest 12 Şarköy'ün sea beach with the blue flag with the rare sea. Sea, fish, wine and shrimp on top of the center that draws attention to the nature Sarkoy.

Şarköy'de accommodation and prices are as follows:

Frenzied Hotel: Çoşkun including breakfast in hotel accommodation for two people £ 100.

Erkan Motel: Motel Erkan two people including breakfast accommodation was £ 80, including breakfast and evening meal accommodation for two people is £ 110.


A massive sea and the beach next to the natural beauty that adding a piece of paradise offers riva pieces, creating holiday.

Riva accommodation and prices are as follows:

Captain Hotel: accommodations, including breakfast on weekdays while £ 50, weekend £ 100 for accommodation, including breakfast.

Diamond Hotel: Each day stay including breakfast for £ 75

What to do before they go on holiday ?

What to do before they go on holiday
To work at work, there are still people dream vacation. Cosmopolitan magazine, offers suggestions for those who want to go on vacation to

News, working at work, and there are still people dream vacation. Cosmopolitan magazine, offers suggestions for those who want to go on vacation to

Have you tried hard enough, Tired and win. Now is time to have fun and relax! Will affect your whole year to take proper care to your holiday program, one of the most prestigious award you can give yourself ... When making your holiday event before the three main items to consider ...

In anticipation of a holiday you how to understand your body and your soul before you must heed. If you do not need to rest a lot of fun, do you think you have a choice.

In life the importance of being in the right place at the right time not know! To find the right hotel for you, to identify places to go, you go over what the weather is going to need time to investigate.

By speaking your organizational skills can make your holiday perfect. Where are your friends they're going to, advice, complaints must learn

Do not forget, your luggage with your vacation from the moment you leave home is deemed to have officially started. Do not be caught up in the way of stress.
We know the damage sun protection products, but you enjoy the sun.
Be open to new acquaintances; holiday with friends in the gloom of the city of bees.
No matter where you are on holiday, Buena Vista Social Club, sipping cocktails, music and guided tours to exotic.
Do not even bring to mind the word 'diet during the holiday, but the measure never miss.
Take lots of photos to look at throughout the year.

BOOK of the fineness
Go where you want to, after determining the date and number of people, and perhaps most important step of no return tickets and hotel reservations ...
In this process, your eyes, your ears open as possible and hold. Campaigns during the holiday season many benefits to your business within one likely to find very high.
Holiday for the summer program before making com or check out their website as
Drive down the price of the hotel the place to go if they could not take the problem must