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Greek Islands-Naxos

Greek Islands - Naxos

Naxos Mykonos, Santorini and Paros in very close and this side is not as popular with the residents and respond to the needs of people looking for a relaxing holiday.

Naxos'a of the ship (the airport on the island are a) when approaching the harbor past the first thing your eyes 'doors' will Portara meaning. The big door sixth century before Christ, in mythology, the sun god Apollo, who saw the future the only remains of the temple is reached today.

Naxos, Ariadne and Thesusus with the story takes place in mythology. The daughter of the King of Crete, the hero Thesus'a Ariadne fell in love, promises of marriage Thesus'un maze of blood saves him being imprisoned. Thesus fled to Athens, but while leaving the leaves on a per Ariadne Naxos'ta.

Places to see / Activity:

Naxos Town: The capital of the island of Naxos Town Bourgos a coastal settlement called the Kastro (castle) is called a top placement. Beach shop, post office, internet etc. As you can see the need, cafes, bars, beaches in a satisfactory position, is called Kastro tarihseverleri.

Apollonas Sculpture: The 10 meter tall statue of the 2600 annual giant naked men, beaches and tavernas in the resort at the same time as you can see in the town of Apollonas.

Beaches: Naxos, Cyclades' most beautiful and longest beaches of the island is one of the owners. Located near the town of Agios Georgios Beach Naxos Island is the main beach. Many bars and restaurants around the beach is long and sandy. Very shallow water about a meter long, so is an excellent beach for families with children. 5km from the town of Naxos ferries shield plate in length nudist camp, surf the MICR Viagla, Kastraki 7km long as it is possible to go even more quiet beaches.

M ykonos holidays, wild life and any sexual orientation who is famed for its tolerant approach. Mykonos, had been shot white-wash of colorful bougainvillea hanging from balconies and walls, decorated with geraniums Mykonos houses and windmills along the waterfront lined side by side with the island, even the hearts of those who like to play hard enough to have charm.

Which is quite a small island 85 kilometers yüzölçümlü Mykonos'ta 5.500 people live permanently. Ottoman domination until 1453 the island was in 1832. The capital of Mykonos Island, the largest passenger ship docking at a port city that, Mykonos, Hora town is so named is used.

Nightlife: The nightlife of Mykonos is a number that is in question. Crazy, wacky fun knows no borders and pale-lasts until morning. Each island in the summer season from different geographies and different sexual orientation is brimming with hundreds of thousands of people.

Places to see / Things to do:

Delos Island: Delos Island, the ancient Greek Religion 'According to mythology, God is the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. The ancient theater, adorned with rich mosaic of houses, the Temple of Apollo and Lion Road, just a few examples of possibilities to see is in the ruins of Delos. A settlement is not modern at all this day a guided tour accompanied by Delos'a can go.

Shopping: Linen and lace curtains Mykonos'ta one of the best selling items. Copies of the ancient Byzantine jewelry jewelers, galleries in the museum copies of ancient objects is remarkably beautiful.

Food: Summer-long Mykonos'ta a cosmopolitan population that has at least according to every taste is possible to find a restaurant.

th best oxygen place in world

Turkey's oxygen tank: the opportunity to vacation in Altınoluk

Swiss Alps peak oxygen after the world's second-place ... That's left of our country's distinguished Ayvalik oxygen tank!

Sacred olive trees of green, blue Aegean Sea is a beautiful lovers flow of Altınoluk ...

Depending on which district of Balikesir Edremit Altınoluk, especially in big cities (Istanbul, Ankara, etc.) Summer season in the summer as it is overcrowded. 365 days in a green nature-dominated region in the healthy and pure water flowing from the fountain should definitely try. Who come from Altınoluk geçmemişki.

Earlier called "priesthood" friendliness in mind. In 1800 as a living space of the Greeks in the region that today you can still find traces of the Turkish and Cypriot architectural structures are. Abdullah Mansion House is an example that what we say. Altınoluk Antandros Amphitheatre very important cultural art space ... Altınoluk's another very important cultural richness of the historical "Antandros" city. The approximately 2800-year history of this city, the city of the future from the past and shed light on life, our culture is one of the most important resource. Apart from hotels and motels in Altınoluk home find accommodation.

Altınoluk 'ta holiday close to the 450 thousand olive trees, while resting your soul, and your camera in your hand, it must start now and make immortal!

Altınoluk mountain air while taking in one hand and also you can swim. This town can live with the best of the four seasons, to breathe from the ideal holiday destination ...

Altınoluk Ontario tours from Istanbul to go over Balıkesir Çanakkale Tekirdağ-way or you can use. If you use this way you can have 450 km to the Altınoluk. And for those who want to come by bus, many bus companies are held daily flights.

E world's finest olive oil produced in Altınoluk go, this is not from eating food made with olive oil. Ege of the most delicious meals to eat in Altınoluk can tell you.

Olive oil, especially that wonderful! If you stay in hostels, established markets, the fishermen approached the coast of the materials needed can be obtained. Kazdağı have participated in organized tours, picnic areas you can enjoy a picnic.

german tourist prefer Turkey

German tourists prefer Turkey instead of Greece for a holiday

Negative evaluations regarding the liberation of Greece, instead of German tourists prefer Turkey for holiday tour to Greece led.

Greece's recovery from the brink of bankruptcy in the press regarding the negative reviews, instead of German tourists prefer Turkey to Greece for a holiday sparked.

Greece was the severe measures taken under the recovery plan on the violent protests occurred in the wake of Athens in Greece is an ideal holiday destination to relax efforts to restore the image that has been reported.

However, the British Financial Times newspaper, the news from Athens, Greece tours, bookings have dropped sharply, especially when introduced in a significant decrease in the number of German tourists were expected to save.
Greek official tourism organization GNTO'nun CNN and the BBC as INTERNATIO holiday SI electronic media access to the lost that, television channels and international newspapers from 2007 to 2009 period, carried out in the campaign because 80 million euros over a debt noted, the newspaper wrote of:
"According to the Greek tour operator partners in the euro area in Athens and the International Monetary Fonu'nca with regard to the liberation of the German newspaper the negative reviews because many Germans would prefer to holiday in Turkey."

FT, the center of Athens in the Greek Travel Agencies SETE, this year's Greece visit of foreign tourists in the number of 2009 years, according to a small decline by 14 million realized at estimating said, and "The tourism revenue 10-15 percent decline with It is estimated that 9.5 million will be in Euros, "said the statement places.



Deep blue sea, swim in the city, even the gleaming beaches, rich cuisine, friendly people of the Mediterranean city of Barcelona with a thoroughbred.
Catalonia's capital and the cradle of culture. From painting to music, literature, cinema pioneer artists trained in all the arts. Franco dictatorship, even with the rebellious spirit of freedom. As if out of Gaudi's astonishing tales of home, parks, the cathedral, the magnificent palaces, museums, tapas bars, with the curious traveler to colorful night life offers many surprises.

Barcelona, is considered the cradle of all civilizations throughout history, from our sea (Mare Nostrum / Mediterranean Sea) came and almost every culture has an ancient port city of refuge. Mediterranean tours, language, colors, races, religions have become the meeting point, the subject of trade and cultural exchange. And suddenly the sea to a height of 500 meters Range Collserola board the five-mile plain. Llobregat and Besos rivers in the south and the north is being dumped into the sea. Typical city, temperate, Mediterranean Climate Control. Even in the coldest months temperatures average 10 degrees, the average interval between 8-14 degrees.

Today, 1.7 million population of the city center. Workers in the metropolitan area surrounding the city with 4 million people are living. Spain's second and Europe's sixth largest city. Barcelona, Phoenicians, Carthagians, Roman, Islamic Andalucia and the Spanish empire, as filtered through the two thousand year history of the product. In this beautiful city, equipped with the most beautiful works of architects, king, stone craftsmen, as well as workers, with the awareness of the city has its share of the wealth with the Barselonalıların. Antoni Gaudi, Domeneq i Montaner, Josep Puig i Cadafalch, Santiago Calatrava like the 20th century, even the architects of Venus statues carved carefully magnificent palaces, estates, apartments, parks and squares fountain to have equipped the city. Barcelona, during Franco's dictatorship lasted 37 years, even to the most precious son, the artist has been out. Today, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, Antoni Tapies genius like painters' works are on display museums, 1929 Expo Universal Exhibition, the 1992 Olympic Games and the Forum in 2004 such events with winning grand structures of the Old Port, Olympic Port along the fish restaurants, trendy bars, with cafes and discos, clubs and 120 thousand people in the Nou Camp stadium is a world city, the local nature preserve.


And the cosmopolitan port city of Catalonia, Barcelona, throughout the history of geographical proximity to France and Central Europe, the Mediterranean trade routes were well used to the benefits of their inventions. Kingdom of Aragon and the County of Barcelona and then in the period before the Islamic Andalucia and the Spanish Empire and the French kingdom between the Kingdom has adopted special privileges with clever diplomatic maneuver. 18. At the end of the century, other regions of Spain while living under heavy feudal conditions, Barcelona is well-established tradition of trade, capital accumulation has access to the breakthrough thanks to industrialization. Bourgeoisie developed, with the impact of the French Revolution, libertarian, egalitarian currents of thought have flourished. Spanish Royal bold centralized, feudal aristocracy and the church who want to protect the structure was continuous conflict. 19. developed from the mid-century textile and machinery industries, strengthening of the new rich, the new bourgeoisie, with the architectural fabric of the city began to change. Neoclassical movements emerged before then Guell, Battlo, industrialists Amatlıer enriched with such orders of Gaudi, Montaner, modernist architects like Cadafalch push the boundaries of imagination and realized buildings. Built-in values, dogmas, traditions defies Miro'lar Joan, Picasso's, Dali, in this atmosphere that has emerged here.


In the early days of December all the streets in Barcelona in Spain as well as to be illuminated, night, color and light is beginning to return to the razzle-dazzle. Constitution Day is December 6 and December 8 Feast of Inmaculada first important days of this period. Atmosphere of celebration on the night of Christmas in December 24 has reached its peak. To be in Barcelona during this period, in the wild riot of color and light through the crowd to wander in the streets of large chance.
December 6 Constitution Day has special significance for the city. General Franco in 1936, uprisings against elected governments has left the three-year civil war was won with the help of Hitler and Musolini'nin. Republicans supporting the autonomy of Catalonia cancel, Catalan was banned speech, 37 had applied heavy pressure throughout the year. Three years after his death, 6 of the Constitution adopted in December 1978 with the Catalans took back their freedom. Inmaculada Concepcion in the December 8 Feast of the womb, the mother of Jesus is celebrated on the day fell. Then the night of December 7 December 8 to midnight in all the churches, even some hours until dawn prayers are read, the rites are performed.

Although your travel agent when you arrive to the city with panoramic city tour of your main arteries, major monuments, tourist attractions, although it will show you some specific advice I would do. Of course, before the great heart of the city from Catalonia Square and the icon that should be Rambla'dan street.

La Rambla and will not forget

The name of the street in Barcelona who reigned between 717-801 Emevileri'nin are a heritage of Andalusia. Get the raml Arabic (river) or in RAM (avenue), the word comes from. Literally non stop feast of visual caddedenin wide sidewalk in the middle of the day is full of all the time. The crowd to break this down a sidewalk, "Our Sea" to walk. Birdman, florist shops in search of street theater, pantomime developers, designers, musicians are listed. Your dreams will come to your mind in the modern beggars clothes will try to attract attention. You do not realize how time passes. With right-left with shops, business establishments from the pretty tree-lined road that runs you down with people from floods. Oh, lovely detail in your surroundings, do not miss the building. The 121 number to pharmacies, 109 numbers of the Philippine Tobacco building, right arm still in the Governor General of Peru tours he had done for his wife 1770 Palau de la Virreina Palace jump.

Mercat de la Boqueria, and your right there ... Founded in 1578, this market will not go over well if you want. A thousand kinds of exotic tropical fruits, fruit juices, ice creams presented in a way it is appetizing food from that which you'll be surprised. Jean Paul Gaultier in his right arm at the entrance, a place frequented by celebrities like Umberto Eco Pinocchio'da (Pinocchio) Do not leave in haste without a snack. Boqueria market just across from the 1996 numbers are in the Erotic Museum, may be interested. Keep your march to the sea. Milan's La Scala on your right after less then the world's most prestigious opera house will appear. The Gran Teatre del Liceu 1874 ... Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, the opera singer Montserrat Caballe for global giants such as raising the Spaniards are very fond of opera. Even you can not follow opera, Mirror in and see the splendor of the living room and marble staircase. Opposite the opera house and a respite from the Cafe into the Opera, a good Javanese coffee or strawberry (sparkling wine) to drink and you feel like a nobleman out of the opera. Carrer Nou de la Rambla a street when you exit, the Güell Palace and Rambla Gaudi works great on the Orient Hotel, facing the beautiful Plaça concealed in Real (Royal Square) do not go without seeing.

Under the porch of this beautiful restaurant in the square on Sundays, especially money and stamp collector, where the flea market is established. At the end of Rambla, Barcelona tours of the harbor and the statue of Christopher Columbus discovered America in which there will be signs. Continue to your right when you used Austrians at the Battle of Lepanto Don Juan's galley where the replicate Drassanes'e (Maritime Museum) is reached.

Dance in front of the cathedral of SARDANA

Real has just entered the street next to Plaça Ferran and from each other like tapas (tapas) bars and restaurants between the modernist and the Mayor of the Palace of the Generalitat of Catalonia, that the Government of the Autonomous Administration Building is located at San Jaume Square exit. For centuries, formed in layers of different cultures in the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona's historic district are in now. Go through the Cathedral of Barcelona and the surrounding streets, the cathedral square in front of hundreds of waters 12 hours after the market Barselonalının traditional rituals sardana (a reachable honeymoon vacation r), follow the dance. Plaça del Rei beauty secret from the square to sit on the steps taken your share of music festivals. The violin concerto with the orchestra playing from the CD, then listen to the stage of the recital of classical guitar player. City History Museum (Museo d'Historia de la Ciutat), and an elevator to travel thousands of years ago, for example, go to BC for 12 years. Meanwhile, the city's oldest cafe, number 16 in the quaint streets and ancient Libreteria Meson del Cafe sipping coffee in the most beautiful of your life.

Now you can leave it to get lost in the Gothic Quarter's narrow labyrinth. The sweet smell in the streets all bearing the date "Granja" in the so-called nice neighborhood restaurant, a typical home dishes are very cheap in tadabilirs. Perhaps the most charming streets of the city, the 700-year Carrer de Montcada'ya stalk. The temple itself a cultural visit to the Picasso Museum. On the same street has been converted into art galleries and museums to admire the centuries-old palaces and mansions will. 22 in number, accompanied with a glass of Xampanyet'te tapaslar Javanese (sparkling wine) drinking, eating typical Catalan Catalan sweet cream beige can forget all your tiredness. Montcada Street when you curl up on the right end of the gothic church of Santa Maria del Mar, you'll see. Extend your head in the door you are probably found in a religious wedding ceremony, the bride and groom can see the Spaniard.

Gaudi, was inspired by the MI was CAPPADOCIA?

Catalonia Square in the heart of Barcelona's turn again, outside the city walls to the modern sector, de Gracia boulevard Passseig enter. In istanbul Valikonağı - Nişantaşı'nı suggesting this avenue on both sides of world brands' stores, shopping, out to the stylish Spanish women, their spouses, cafeterias and even the architect after another listed masterpiece, you will find: Domenech Montaner'in Casa LLeo Morera'sı, Cadafalch'ın Casa Amatlıer 'i, Gaudi's Casa Battlo'su and finally Casa Mila'sı (La Pedrera) ... in 1929, an unfortunate tram accident lost his life that, "One day in Barcelona in my name, together referred to" the famous architect Antoni Gaudi's works, in itself, Sagrada article Familia'sını issue, Güell Park overlooking the city after seeing the look of the famous Spanish writer Juan Goytisolo'nun "Gaudi, and the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia in a way that was seen and inspired by" Are you going to join the argument?

Beauty in the writing and not over there, but sightseeing in Barcelona. In the country all the major cities, architecture, culture and bring together the El Pueblo Espanol (Spanish Village) Did you say, Tibi Tabular Hills in the magnificent Barcelona views do you say, Mont Juic'de (Jewish Hill), Olympic Stadium and Juan Miro Foundation museum, Mare Magnum ' Does your child can live in a huge aquarium, the world's first submarine or an Olympic bar and restaurant in Port Is fantastic zoo? But I can not speak of an extraordinary beauty, Magic Font, ie from the magic fountain. Spain tours Square (Plaza Espana) Fair (Fira) and the National Art Museum of Catalonia, the area between the spectacular light and sound show at night is done show. Friday and Saturday evenings during the winter months only 19:00 - 21:00 Do not return without seeing the magic shows.

If an opportunity or a day tour by train to Figueres and Girona'ya suggest. The largest collection of works by Salvador Dali was born Figueres'te can see. Dali had designed all the details embedded in the museum. Protecting the atmosphere of medieval inquisition Girona'nın Jews had taken refuge to escape from the Ottoman Empire. Andorra shopping trip to paradise you can get your agenda. 35 kilometers away from the charming town of Sitges is one more option.


There are two legends about the foundation of Barcelona. According to the founder of the first Hercules. Nine ships to seek out the Golden Skin joins Jason and Hercules astrogonotlara. The storm burst in the ninth vessel (Barca Nona) off Catalonia lost. Hercules to call off the ship. Currently Mont Juice (Jews Mount) and rid the slopes of the ship's crew finds wreckage. They landed where the climate and landscape is very likely decide to settle here the astrogonotlar. 400 years ago in the city of Rome tours of Barca Nona (ninth ship) with the name of the city to establish. Other legends of the city in 230 BC, the famous Carthaginian ruler Anibal'in been founded by his father in the way of Amilcare Barca. Founded by the Romans to cut in front of the family name as set out in the publican had given the name Nova or Barkenon. If you like what you select it.

EAT WHERE fun, called

Restaurants: · SALAMANCA Silvestri: Fish and seafood, saffron rice with seafood paella'sıyla famous. (C / Almiral Cervera, 34 Barceloneta) · MONCHO, EL LOCO CANGREJO: Port Olimpic'te both. Ambitious in fish and seafood. · TORRE DE ALTAMAR: Cable Car Towers of fish and seafood in a luxurious restaurant. · LA DAMA: Catalan cuisine, a luxurious restaurant you can taste. (Diagonal, 423) · MUSSOL: For those who like grilled meat and vegetables. (Carrer de Caspe 19) · CERVECERIA Catalana: Mediterranean cuisine and tapas with the (tapas), an ambitious pub. (Mallorca, 236)
Bars: · LUZ DE GAS: Live music, hot spots in (C / Muntaner, 246) · Shoko: Bar and restaurant (Passeig Maritim - La Barceloneta, 36) · Opium BCN MAR: Fun to watch the shows, disco and bar. (Passeig Maritime de Barceloneta, 34) · BUDA BAR: Celebrity bar, a restaurant chain's branch in Barcelona. (Pau Claris, 92) · SUTTON BAR: Disco and bar. (Tuset, 13) · Honky Tonk Blues Bar: For lovers of jazz and blues. (Finland, 45) · JAZZSI CLUB: a bar that you can listen to the jazz band. (Requesens, 2)

INCI in Barcelona

The first concert hall in Europe lit by the light of day

19. At the end of the century Barselona'lıları drinks and bad habits had been established in order to protect a large number of choirs. Choir, with help of workers gather Palau Musica Catalana was built in 1908. Architect, Domenech i Montaner, a prefabricated metal structure was built. Refined tastes of the color and composition structure of the ceiling is made of glass to take advantage of sunlight, was adorned with stained glass. The reliefs were placed on the walls of the giant. The giant two-thousand-seat hall's ceiling will not believe your eyes when you see the sun chandelier. You can lounge around with guided tours. December 5 to 8 if you want to listen to concerts in the Belarusian Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, Mozart's Requiem, Handel's El Messies, Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, Verdi's La Traviata'sını will be performing. For tickets rezarvasyonu address or click on a virtual tour.

Les 4 CATS
Meet at the corner of genius

Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga in fact, the Andalusian region. Barcelona, but spent their teenage years. As well as talking to a Catalan Catalan. Even artists that had opened the first art exhibition in Les 4 Cats'te. The Spanish version of the Paris Le Chat Noir'ın This bohemian bistro restaurant, modernist artists founded in 1890 by Santiago and his colleagues have Rusinol. 20. century art, which directs Picasso, Dali, such as painters, poets such as Lorca, and filmmakers such as Buñuel, De Falla became the meeting point for musicians like. Scars still visible on the walls. If you do not ever recommend that you stop for a coffee. (Porta de L'Angel, C / Montsio, No.3)

The cathedral of religious businessmen apartment

Which pushes the boundaries of imagination Gaudi, Barcelona won the identities of the most important architects. 74-year life of the chair, to the sidewalk tiles, has made many design of the cathedral in the city park. 1878, 26 years old when she graduated from the Academy of Architecture in Barcelona coach, "Even to a degree that, God knows we have given to the insane. We'll see over time, "he said. Gaudi, Placa Real has started work designing the lamp post. Vincens rich businessmen to meet and Güell'le was the turning point. Vincens House dream-like castle, now a UNESCO World Heritage list in the Güell Palace and many buildings were designed in this way. 1884 to project the wildest of his life, the Sagrada Familia cathedral began to. Construction still continues.

Catalan National Art Museum
Thousand years, tens of thousands of works

The building was built in 1929 during World Expo 1990, Spain became one of the most important art museums. From baroque ago today, thousands of pictures, sculptures are exhibited in the museum of the history of Spain, came to see the works of great artists of all possible



For those who want to travel on holidays and explore "cultural tours" to visit the Feast of the Sacrifice, and travel agencies for those who want to explore a different day, time and route, including "Cultural Tours" program offers. Among the preferred tour Cappadocia, Cilicia, GAP, and by UNESCO "world heritage" as trying to protect the Mardin is located.

According to information received on holidays and in the natural beauty of Anatolia, many different options for those who want to see are the tours. For those who want to travel a short distance trips in their regions, while those who intend to make long trips are 8-9 day trips are offered.

Live in central Turkey and nearby holiday seekers can choose Cappadocia. Ihlara Valley of fairy chimneys, underground cities of Haci Bektas Veli Dervish Lodge, in the district of Nevsehir within 2-3 days allowing to see Cappadocia Tour "due to seasonal conditions, one of the most beautiful vacation option that is specified.

Abant, Amasra, Safranbolu, including Golcuk lap of the historic sites of natural beauty as well as also being offered the opportunity to travel. Abant contain all the colors of autumn, and Yedigöller Golcuk, who lived in Anatolia for the best range of holidays are among the possibilities. Tours within the scope Mudurnu, circumcision on the lake and charming town of Ankara's famous mansions is Beypazarı visit.

Amasya, Hattusas, Alacahoyuk, Tokat, Corum and the cover of "Galatia" Those who prefer to tour, tour in recent days in the capital pay a visit to Ataturk's Mausoleum and the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations will find.

Corum, Hattusas, Alacahoyuk, Amasya, Ihlara, and Zelve Derinkuyu and into places like the area, more extensive "Galatia-Cappadocia" tour is also preferred. Whirling the opportunity to watch "Konya-Cappadocia" tour takes its place among the options.

Take a holiday for the two-day short-term, Bursa, Iznik-Trilye Tour is a good opportunity. Tours within the Lake Iznik, Cambridge and Orhan Gazi tombs along with the Ottomans in Bursa, the first settled areas, which UU north of the steep slopes with the valleys in between, "Daughter" from the villages Cumalikizik village, conservation and renovation work done some houses around the opportunity being offered. Mudanya to see the best examples of the Ottoman house is possible.

- "Ataturk's Footprints ..."
Those who want to do a different holiday feast, "Ataturk's footprints" may prefer to tour. Intense interest recently in the context of the tour, the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in Samsun during the liberation struggle from the start and go with that, the Congress held on the city and the main conference center is visited.

Those who hosted the tour to the liberation struggle of the people who live in Anatolia, where the vision and the struggle of the Liberation War before the chance to live over again. 3 nights 4 days tour continues.

For those who want to visit the Aegean and the Mediterranean region, many tours are an alternative. In addition to these holidays Dalyan, Ölüdeniz, Kaya tombs, sunken city can be seen in the 3-4 day "Lycia" tour has.

Antalya, Side, Manavgat, Alanya, those who want to see the "Pamphylia" can tour. Antalya's historical and touristic places of natural beauty as well as a good option for those who want to see the tour takes 5 days.

Pamukkale in Turkey's UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list, the dates 2-3 days, and thermal environment for those who want to holiday "Pamukkale", Tarsus, Mersin, Antakya, Adana, Konya into space "Cilicia Tour" tour in the Mediterranean provide opportunities for weighted holidays. 3 nights 4 days within the tour, the Seven Sleepers, heaven-hell pit the Tarsus Falls, Nusrat mine ship between sights.

Ayvalik, Cunda Island, Pamukkale, including "Ionian round" among the trips are preferred.

- "Gap" TOUR WITH MANY PLACES opportunities in-
To participate in during the night, to visit the Fish Lake, Harran houses for those who want to see the "Gap" tour is recommended. Should stay the night in this round of eight at one time in Adana, Iskenderun, Hatay, Gaziantep, Sanliurfa, Adiyaman, Diyarbakir and UNESCO's "World Heritage" as visible Mardin was trying to protect. "Gap" tour in the different routes on different options off the 5-6 day options are offered.

UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list in Safranbolu, holidays are among the places to be seen. Tour under the Amasra, Zonguldak holidaymakers who want to see can join tours of the western Black Sea.

-Seb-i Aruz ... TOURS -

Mevlana's death anniversary every year, which has been followed with great interest the ceremony in Konya for Seb-i Aruz also began booking tours.

Etstur Cultural Tour Director Serdar spouse must, Mevlana to the young generation to identify and embalm the purpose of the ceremony to be seen as expressing the "World's around the tourists ceremony to come. Rather than coming from inside the country. This year, 500 people at Seb-i Aruz Etstur to watch the ceremony will take, "he said.

Tours of interest to the intensive and that places no longer have to record spouse must, tour under the Konya Mevlana Museum, the Sema ceremony, Aksehir, Nasrettin Hoca Mausoleum, the Karatay Museum, Thin Minaret and Alaattin Hill tour of exists, those wishing December 17 in the "Great Vuslat Ceremony" of monitoring facilities will be granted said .


Serdar spouse should take off this year with a cultural tour of Istanbul and Ankara, noted the intense interest, the Eid al-Adha holiday should be concentrated in the second and third nights accommodation in Cappadocia, Galatia, and was preferred by the GAP tour was announced.

Also, Cilicia (Antioch-Kilis) round full-time as the spouse must be emphasized that the feast of approximately two thousand people are planning to travel in the context of cultural tours said.

Should his wife, "even in areas very close, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, such as 12 months in four seasons where we are trying to give weight to. Ayvalik and its environs, Kusadasi, Ephesus, Virgin Mary and the Ionian trip into space, into space in Bodrum and Marmaris, tours of Caria, Lycia Teke Peninsula into the area is highly popular tour. Pamphylia Antalya tour by the tour a little forward, "he said.

Jolly Tour Agents and Sales Manager Murat Rabies pressure on their tour bus culture professional tour guide, accommodation and prepared to form a whole, "he said.

Winter conditions, yet themselves so did not days, "vacation enthusiast" cultural tours proposed expressing the rabies process, "Culture area travel to the guests, they go out of the region all the flavors, cultures, while shopping, painting by taking the bus in the new city to know people as a pleasant vacation can do. Again, this time at the beginning of the most requested areas of the region, Cappadocia, GAP trips, temperate regions of interest are the tours, "he said.

Rabies process, only the agents of the recently organized "Ataturk's Footprints" tour was interesting, he added