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Assos Holidays

Assos Holidays
Deep blue sea at your feet and your great taste of fish. So, only a small part of your journey as Assos Imagine


BC 10 century Metymna (pony) was established by the people of Assos said, Lydians, Persians, Greeks, Roman and Seljuk Lilar bows to the rule. Orhan Gazi last page in the history of time as spent under Ottoman rule for 600 years.

In this town famous Greek philosopher Aristotle founded his own school of philosophy is said to be the first.


On houses and buildings in every way and considering the boom of interest Assos, offers visitors an unforgettable trip.

Behramkale Village: The city is right next to the Behramkale Village, the ruins and the modern new houses might be interested. Don 't leave without seeing the mosque on here, do not. Also I. Murat made and unused since the bridge over the River Tuzla will not escape your eyes.

Assos Ruins: The Acropolis on the hill dominating the sea and land, approximately 3 km. in length, making 4 The walls are surrounded by century stand.

Since 1995, repair and ongoing excavations at the ancient city of Assos, together with a much more realistic and you are given the opportunity to see interesting artifacts. The ruins remained from ancient times to present you with a little bit closer to the port will make the date. Raise your head and look toward the horizon, you can find just opposite the island of Lesvos.

Temple of Athena: The highest place of the Acropolis BC 6. Century reported to the Temple of Athena, Assos'un are considered as the most important historical structures. Your vehicle on the way through until you reach the temple, has been able to reach past columns, you can see today. This ancient area of the entrance fee, you will use part of your trip can be one of the most photo machine! Temple, has a magnificent view over the Aegean Sea.

Column, and some parts are still being exhibited in the Berlin Museum's west wing of this temple still remains 1.20 m height. Temple of Athena, Doric-style building in Anatolia are considered among the oldest of.

Protection of handicrafts, also known as the goddess Athena, the goddess in mythology as the women were taught to weave passes. The importance of textiles in this region one of the reasons that may influence the Athena.


Of fish restaurants lining the beach, enjoying the scenery under deep blue skies it is possible to have fish to the pleasures of Yemen. Boiled, steamed, or appeal to your taste with any seafood taste you find your dream wistfully long Assos'da not be so difficult.

If you love fresh, local olive oil and cooked at home Assos'un recommend you to try the baklava.


If you want to move on to your house, east Anatolia, reached about 900 years ago when the nomadic rugs point textures, patterns and colors will create an atmosphere in your home değşik. Quality, attractive and interesting patterns of colors used,? 0 to buy this carpet made of wool is a pleasure also.

If you have TIME

Assos admire how bold you are still not seen everything in Assos'un. Assos and gorgeous views of the island of Lesbos may want to look down a well. Excavated slopes of mountains formed Ahmetçe village, the villagers' hospitality and the wonderful photo frames combine to create a piece of your visit.

If you are lucky and a nice little visit Assos'u met if the air, and even if there is a full moon, you burn a fire on the beach and loved ones will spend a wonderful night will be enough to make your trip unforgettable.

If you do not have such a beautiful night, still dark, when the opportunity to shore you will find in the glow of the sea and leave with peace of Assos. Modern city life, we forget that we will realize how the silence.


Assos hotels are kept open year round. If you want to stay more than a weekend haftaiçine note that you will have to pay. This charming town you can visit in any season, especially in the summer is overflowing. Through the summer months when warm, wet spring and late autumn in mind that you can plan your journey bulundurararak.

If it does not sound appealing to you to stay at the hotel, along the coast to camp and to stay in tents and could be another option.

Assos How to go?

Assos, California from approximately 310 km. away from an important historical town of Canakkale province who is. You can choose who we want to achieve from istanbul There are two ways, one D-100 (E-5) highway, while the other is the TEM highway.

Truck and truck to meet your risk is higher than D-100 freeway, so TEM will give you more calm and stress free journey.

After arriving in the Tekirdag TEM Ecebat'tan trolley with ferry or small boats can find Kilitbahar'da can Gallipoli .. Turn right after the Dardanelles from the Ayvacik will travel through the forest, and a steep hill through the village Behramkale will have access to the beach!

Belek-antalya Holidays

Belek Holidays
Belek, Antalya is 40 km away. Years ago with the aforementioned Antalya Belek, Antalya and a different vacation schedule in the region began to be referred to as

Aspendos: Aspendos is a place often mentioned in conjunction with City. Aspendos Belek, but to come back before because it is very close to not include the space between.

Aspendos, AD 2. Toward the end of the century were made by the architect Zenon. The ancient theater's acoustics still takes place among the unsolved mysteries. But the secret is not only the acoustic structure, except that the construction on behalf of the many myths manufactured and produced and the accuracy of this legend is no precise information about the error. Many of these buildings have had to remain standing despite earthquakes aside, the theater's capacity is approximately 20 thousand people to one side, produced on behalf of one side of the legend ... to see these features as it is not worth a lot?

Perge: If you are in Belek first visit to Aspendos, Perge, you will be very small. Greeks and visitors of the era, but the tower has been the focus of attention.

Leaded Waterfall: The waterfall is covered with trees around, think of a blue sky, nature, green, white foam ... and you will be accompanied by the sound of birds and nature ... Lead Falls to imagine the place ... Here you can picnic, trout can eat and which have been hidden in caves You can leave a little to the discovery of nature.

To play golf in Belek

Although a small resort Belek, a resort renowned us. This is the biggest reason is that the intertwined nature of sport offer of Turkey's largest golf course is located in this area.

Golf reputation is based on very old. Look away when the sport was a sport that routinely granted even though the air is essential for golf is a sport enthusiast. Golf playing for hours to shoot and the ball of your after walking need and that your body very act allows this as well as your brain as well run the ball and play pretty well to adapt your needs.

In memory of playing golf or the golf course where you can take golf lessons from the teacher. However, remember that this sport is very expensive sport should not be without.

Due to a beautiful area of Belek Sea Your first choice in this region, will be eating fish against the sea. Apart from fish and seafood, Belek, watermelon, bergamot and bitter orange marmalade and give it a try and return to your home when you can buy a jar of jam.

Antalya is a very special meal, you can taste in Belek. Salad of them at the beginning of Antalya, tahini and lemon juice and yogurt made Hibeş, meat, nuts, soup made from the ear can try.


In memory to shop there several seçekleriniz. In recent years become a highly developed resort town is one of the biggest benefits are shopping malls opened in many places. You can find a lot of products in one. However, if you want to buy something specific to the region, you will need to offer the public markets, these markets for food products from the hands, carpets and rugs from different objects until you can find a lot of things

Holiday in Denmark

Holiday in Denmark
Breweries in the world-famous harbor with many more features and should be visited a town in Denmark ... Denmark's impossible to have a problem such as eating and drinking


Little Mermaid: Denmark is identified with a mermaid Little Mermaid statue, made in 1913 by sculptor Edvard Ericksen. Is located near the Nyhavn Harbour. You can get a bus from the city center.

Andersen Street: we read in our childhood, "Kibritçi Girl" tale of a writer who lives Andersen'un the house, this street is located. Also on this street which is the most important museums of the city "Glytotek Museum" is located.

Tivoli: 80 acres, this area was established in 1853. From within the theme park restaurants, nice cafes, pantomime theater and the China Pavilion is a place where you can find many fun activities. To make a romantic stroll, especially in an environment is unique.

Carlsberg factory: 200 thousand visitors a year who do not return from a tour the factory. If you are in the center of what is in beer!

Helsingor (Elsinore)

Helsingor in Denmark, one of the most charming village, about 50 kilometers away from Copenhagen. Shakespeare's most important feature in the famous village of about Hamlet'ine "of Kronborg Castle" is located here.

In Denmark, such as eating and drinking is impossible to have a problem. Because a large number of city restaurants, cafes and bars are your options. Restaurants and cafes in the style you want can be found at every step. If you are looking for a nice cafe, "Tivoli gardens" can enjoy. Especially the "Pitorest Nyhawn Harbor seafood around your food and drink will not forget the taste of beer.

In Denmark, "What can I eat," she thought, if the kitchen that are specific to Denmark, "Denmark salad" you can try. Seafood such as mussels and shrimp in this salad apart from rice and cinnamon in a sauce enriched with a salad made with is different.
Frikadeller; name given the fact we know that eating fried dumplings is a dish without too much difference, only in making the dumplings into the green pepper, dill, spices are added, such as enriched. And of course you will not return without a taste of Denmark in other flavors, is a Danish cheese.

Stroget: Copenhagen is the most famous street. This pedestrian street is always lively and colorful shop windows are filled with people. Here from the many souvenir shops, clothing and everything you need to find a way. Denmark around you to remind your little mermaid absolutely must obtain their Property

India Holidays

India Holidays
India, colors, religions, different cultures who emigrate to this country so far ülkesidir.Hindistan a mixture of many different cultures of the nation's food culture has a kitchen

India, colors, religions, different cultures is a country. Of all countries in the world is thought to be a different color, for India, a country that is possible to make colorful variegated.

Wealth on the one hand ... on the one hand poverty religious structures on the one hand, on one side of the temple ... The cows wander the streets freely, on the one hand, monkeys, on the one hand the material did not give anything worth around bare feet to certain people. beliefs, cultures, lifestyles .. a return on their belief that clothing, colorful and fun festivals. In short, you can find a lot of countries together.

Animals are very different places in India. For example, open sound that is quite ugly, but the tail will take you to the beautiful and enchanting world of fairy tales, which fed the first time to eat, but once brought to ban hunting of peacocks.

Released into the swing of walking in the streets, traffic, even upside down at the expense of anyone's way animals are sacred cows can not take ...
Birds of Delhi for the purpose of operations and opened a bird hospital treatment ...
Wandering in the trees, when you walk threw something on your head from the branches pet monkeys ...
Because of the importance of animals in India shortly, a country which must be appreciated.


Red Fort

Red Fort (Red Castle) came to visit this fortress Delhi, where most people first visit takes place between. Cihan Shah was built in 1648 by the red walls of this structure is also known for the most. Red Castle, Cihan Shah's wealth and power have been done as an indication.

Castle 'Lahore Gate entrance to do. At the entrance you will meet a very colorful and lively world. With established market where you can shop in the castle of the mystical.

Located behind the castle walls Yumanu River, located within the walls of the Moti Masjid (Pearl Mosque) and the Red Fort, Delhi should have visited the place to be on your first visit.

Jama Masjid: India is the largest mosque. Be found in the stool and the minaret of the pool is worth seeing. On the walls of mosques in India, or rather all that you can find further details and an interesting if the walls are at the edges of the barber. You are sitting here in front of the barber and shave under the street would look at everyone. Jama Mosque, which can be said for most things, this does not take non-Muslims to the mosque.


This city is called the holy city in India. Can be visited temples, streets, houses, architecture, life styles of people outside this city the most special events is one of the "cremation ceremonies are." This ceremony in India is very important. According to Hindu belief, the dead are believed to come into the world again. And that the dead are burned, the ashes are thrown into the sacred Ganges River. Cremation over burial of these ruins if you see a lot of wood, it means the person who died is very rich.

Temple of Khajuraho


This city is known as city of temples in India. The size of a small town that the most interesting thing in this city, are the Khajuraho temples. 9. The 85th and 12th centuries many of them firmly in the temple, only 25 were left standing. This war shrine, the temple was the work of heroism and love are about. However, many people are most interested in erotic temples.


The name of love, and love for the sake of the most beautiful works ...

Taj Mahal: India symbolizes this work, architecture, sunset view and birth seen in those with different views of a structure which is impressed. This structure was completed in approximately 21 years and has been working in the construction of 20 thousand workers. Mixed into the white marble with precious stones, separate at sunrise, sunset, are wrapped in different colors. The four of them around the dome of the Taj Mahal'in outward sloping stands. In contrast, this inclination is not an architectural error, is a precaution. In India, an earthquake or earthquake could damage the main structure of the tower to the outside were not coming.

However, the curvature of the tower made famous Taj Mahal'i or is not the number employed in construction. Mahal'in construction of the Taj because the world was one of the most interesting buildings. Cihan beloved wife of the king, 14 dies in childbirth and this is very sad Cihan Shah Taj in memory of his wife has made Mahal'i. This structure is perceived as a symbol of love.

The final detail that can be said about the Taj Mahal, India, many visitors come to this building would want to watch at night under the moonlight. Night due to some security to prevent visits were forbidden. According to the decision taken in 2006 but until last night, this structure will be able to visit. Miss this opportunity it is worth.

Agra Fort: This fort is located opposite the Taj Mahal'in. Four of them in the door of the castle, but the two could come up gate intact today.

This castle is visible from the view of the Taj Mahal is quite nice. This castle is quite impressive as the Taj Mahal has a story. Tac Mahal'i money be spent in making extensive and almost to the collapse of the country's economy is very emotional, the son of Cihan Shah Evrengzib, before the throne of his father is in the fortress of Agra off. Cihan Shah rest of life form of seven years he had done for the sake of love, the Taj from the fort Mahal'i spends watching.

India who emigrated to this country until now a very different culture of the nation's food culture has a kitchen consisting of a mixture. But how different nations have been affected, although, in general, has not lost much of Indian cuisine.

If you need to know about Indian cuisine, the first thing that you can find a variety of spices in each dish will be. Spicy foods, except fruits and vegetables you can eat in this country are among other products. Especially as the country's traditional fruit and papaya mango with the appetite to eat.

India is known by all the people they are vegetarian. A lot of people in India but also from other nationalities who live in this country, vegetarian, meat and meat products means that you can find. However, in a hot country like India, kebabs, meatballs or tandoor-style diet for your stomach is not known how useful!

Country spice

In India, almost at every meal, a mixture of different spices, different foods are emerging. All markets in India, in places you can buy products at the beginning of the first encounter will come the spices and spices. A yellow smell was so spicy that country! In India, the first of your aircraft when you're experiencing with smell of spices or herbs of the country, this country will understand.

Shopping in India as the first option you can think of, the clothes may be specific to India. Clothing made from woven silk and linen as "yellow" is called. Are yellow, the colors and styles with giyiliş if certain people's social status. Yellow and, in fact, is 5-foot cloth and fabric clothing as your body is becoming yellow.

Yellow like the purchase and your first visit to the country during your visit you all Indian country within the mystical feeling through the air, if you want the Indian culture, see your loved ones a gift ... choice is up to you now!

Apart from the Indian sari fabric is very ambitious in the country is located between. Keep up with the most luxury shops of local markets in many places, especially silk weaving to find a variety of colorful fabrics. Fabrics in the city of Varanasi, but compared to other cities is the most popular cities. Of course, purchase products from India with only clothing or fabric is not limited. By making purchases in this country is one of the most enjoyable is that it is very cheap country. In this country you can buy cheaper products are generally products produced by local people. Sculptures, objects, sculpture, carpets and rugs can be purchased from the product you are just a few.

The very great importance for women all over the world are so. India wants to get rich, or poor ... of women into the streets so that their devotion will catch your eye. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces ... ornaments in the world, and you adapt to it so that you can buy quite different.

In India, where we can come to shop, for it to determine a particular city or a mall would not be right! Shopping street in the markets in India because, in short, everywhere are looking to put downloads. However, India does not have to shop at malls! However, in a country you are visiting the most beautiful side of this country, that country is to live with if you think all cultures, but also a time for shopping in your store to the front of the peddler, do!

Shopping in India can be said for the last detail, even if these countries want to buy cheap how much you have to do with the product's certainly a tight market.


In India in terms of entertainment you will find all traces of a different culture. In this country almost every day a special day is celebrated separately. All of these different festivals are celebrated enthusiastically, entertainment in a separate pass. The melodies of Indian music and Indian women, coupled with Apprehended dance, enjoy a pleasant sight to be seen out in the middle.

The importance of dance in India has a very large, according to cultural beliefs, as well as life in India, dance is a way of life. In that 6000 years ago, emerged from the excavations of Indian women, when looking at patterns of women in India in the year since the former was so fond of dancing and listening to what they understood.

If you need to talk about dance moves in India, only the hand and foot movements in this country, the dance is not an ordinary event. Dance in these countries, the concentration and means to adapt the work. Indian dance, the body language of people in the face that people tell themselves, is a way to express their feelings. India's culture is quite different in terms of your tunes heard in one of the biggest reasons, is quite different from the stems of the instruments. Some of these instruments and some woodwind, percussion instruments are.

In India, traffic is a bit complicated. The main reason for this confusion is, suddenly appears in the middle of main street are the cows. This situation can paralyze all traffic at a time, and at that time from around the horn sounds at excessive salt, pepper will work. In your situation, although a little itchy, once a part of this is the belief of Indians agree.

Prefer to travel in India, if you need to talk about cars, so from a place somewhere in a mixed traffic to reach the preferred vehicles are small cars. Checks may be your first choice of motorcycles and support. Small vehicles in the traffic jam at a time can be saved from going into the alley. Of course it is good to remember that you need a driver

Vacation in Europe is Cheap

Vacation in Europe, "dirt cheap"
This year, vacationers will be the year I'll say no wrong. Because of the crisis last year, falling prices do not rise this year overseas tourism companies are very economical package.

A cheap holiday in Europe will be "no" do not discount prices on domestic tourists the opportunity to know the attention is concentrated on the overseas tour.

Perhaps the least affected by global crisis is one of the tourism sector in the economy before the crisis with the positive impact of the course in preparation for return.

Last year as the number of people without loss of income maintenance, but closed with a loss of 6 percent in the tourism sector this year, very excited. Prepared to close early reservation period, very hopeful that this year the sector. During this period, more than 60-70 per cent compared to last year's entire tourism companies selling into the season with last year's prices this year have expressed strong interest, especially abroad trips to destinations that are specified.

Between £ 550 and £ 1000 and that they sell overseas tours this year, which explains the specific authorities, vacationing in Europe this year, "dirt cheap" as they say.

Not issue visas, currency and cultural commitment to low-value tour of the Eastern European countries and the Balkan countries, domestic tourists round the country ranks first preference. Generation in the country is still the indispensable from the Mediterranean Sea with the Aegean region is popular for vacationers.

2010 summer season with the comments about the Jolly Tour Agencies Department Manager Murat Rabies process in 2009, the tourism sector's poor spend a year not only an economic boom of the impact in this sector was seen by specifying said: "In 2009, 250 thousand people who serve have. This season, the figures early reservation period domestic tours, destinations, nearly 65 percent rise. overseas destinations percent and 45 percent increase there. especially in Italy and Spain, demand for more intense. Egypt, Dubai turları'ye claim the momentum upward. visa applications raised the country-interest rather than .

The process occurred in the Euro area and the depreciation of the euro does not affect demand much pressure indicating rabies, the countries of the euro to fall in the demand to increase at a rate of 5-6 percent, he said.

"The most economical prices for your holidays click"
"In the table, click on the image"

Rabies pressure, Israel, Turkey took place between the tense atmosphere of the Turkish tourism will not affect the highlighting, said: "Israel's attitude all over the world by not accepted. Turkey who came to Israel, the number of tourists in tourism will affect the extent not. Holiday Turkey for preferring foreign tourists, a reaction We believe the choices will not change "

Prices, 2010 season compared to last year an increase is not expressed at the Murat Rabies process, per night 50 EURO With 300-400 TL eat up prices in the range of each sector for the tours' He said, vacationers three stars rather than four, and five-star hotel preference were also voiced.

In 2009, swine flu epidemic and the global economic crisis because of the expected increase in turnover and number turimzciler not catch this year's trend for vacationers abroad preferences are specified in the dying.

Nan vacation in Europe with falling prices of the crisis and the euro experienced a significant decline in local authorities pointed out that the prices are attractive for tourists from abroad because they are directed are recorded.

In 2009, during the summer season sales, and as numbers increase do not face indicating Pronto Tour Marketing Manager steep Ozkar this year, the number of people care or 73 percent, revenue basis, the 52 percent level, an increase of living expressed by vacationers that overseas cheapest summer had said they would.

In 2009, airline companies, tour operators and hotels close to 40-50 per cent of the discount they receive discounts from prices they had done this year, indicating that sales Ozkar, written in 2011 would raise the sezonununda sector, he added.

In 2009, swine flu, because the European hoteliers price of 15 percent discounts they are doing and that prices also raised not recording Ozkar on to say continued: "Last year, sales by our significant growth there. Increase the primary reason prices are very economical and last year's plummet has prices season is open us. 550 TL Prague turları'a fourth day, to Macedonia a week 650 EURO, Dubnovski the first week of £ 750 to the tour we have. The prices another date to go abroad impossible almost. This year, foreign national holidays cheaper . Therefore, the effect of increasing the high. "

Euro's decline in the tourism sector have a positive impact is necessary to accept emphasized that Saro Ozkar, Italy, Spain tours, such as the euro area in the country of tourism in the prices drop overseas holiday plans delayed for an opportunity was also voiced.

Decline in overseas demand for 20 percent increases, and especially in Budapest, Prague and Vienna tour, such as currency weak countries of interest each year to rise is reminiscent of Ozkar visa does not want the Balkan countries, cultures and summer vacation together for those wishing to appeal has become well said.

Vacation Tours

Prague Tours every Thursday throughout the summer --- 4 days € 299 uro

Every Thursday throughout the Budapest Summer Tours --- 4 days € 329 uro

Rome Tours every Thursday throughout the summer --- 4 days € 359 uro

ROME-FLORENCE-VENICE --- one week every week starting from June 5 € 469 uro

BUDAPEST-VIENNA-PRAGUE Tours --- € 399 a week every week throughout the summer uro

Dalmatian Coast --- one week each Sunday beginning June 20 from € 379 uro

--- As of June 13 Makadenyo Tours every Sunday one week € 329 uro

Moscow-St.Petersburg --- 5 days € 749 uro

BARCELONA four days each week during the summer tours € 399 uro

MADRID-BARCELONA 1 week € 599 per week during the summer uro

PALMA DE MALLORCA 1 week € 699 per week during the summer uro

Greek Islands with ships (visa-free) every week throughout the summer with the ship Ocean Majesty action programs 5-6 and 8-day prices from € 399 uro'dan.

Mykonos by air every Thursday-Sunday from June 24 movement from 4-5-8 days with the option prices from € 499 uro'dan.

The most expensive holidays

The most expensive resorts ...
British newspaper the Daily Telegraph, home prices are the highest of the world's most expensive listing has 35 resorts.

British newspaper the Daily Telegraph, home prices are the highest of the world's most expensive listing has 35 resorts. For those who want to buy property abroad, constitute the list of contacts is also available in the City.

That price per square meter compared to the resorts of the world's most valuable ...

Monaco £ 44.400
Cannes, France Tours £ 22.200
Courchevel, France 17.765 GBP
Moscow Tours £ 16.200
Hong Kong Tours £ 12.910
Sydney £ 11.500
Paris Tours £ 10.210
Manhattan, U.S. £ 9.725
Shanghai £ 9.615
£ 9.075 Singapore
Milan, italy tours £ 8.880
Island of Sardinia, Italy £ 7.990
£ 7.100 M holiday ayorka
Geneva £ 6.875
Auckland, New Zealand tours £ 6.300
Cape Town £ 5.440
Nice, France £ 5.330
Lisbon £ 4.440
Warsaw, Poland tours £ 4.052
Dubrovnik, Croatia tours £ 4,000
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam tours £ 3.400
Budva, Montenegro, £ 3.240
Dubai £ 2.990
Algarve, Portugal £ 2.665
Sotogrande, Spain tours £ 2.665
St Nevis, Caribbean £ 2.575
Sarasota, Florida, 2.470 pounds
St. Lucia, the Caribbean £ 2.330
Seychelles 2.185 pounds
Hanoi, Vietnam £ 1.945
Muscat, Oman £ 1.670
Egypt Cairo Tours £ 1.300
Morocco Tours Marrakech £ 1.265

Blue Cruise Vacation Tours

Blue Cruise Vacation Tours
Ago, following a sit back and close your eyes and start thinking. We have a five-star hotel, which resembles a ship lying on your chaise longue beside the pool are sunbathing.

Ship when the sea advanced wound wounds and grief of all the trouble to leave those memories live on land. You wake up every morning to another island in the harbor. If you want to visit the island during the day, history would meet. Morning again when you return to the ship in the night-long fun activity waiting for you when you forget to sleep. Again the next morning because another port, another excitement awaits you ...

Turkish tourists prefer vacation tours have changed. Cruise tourism boom has made.

On the one hand exotic tour places while exploring the other hand, luxury ship romantic atmosphere exciting new sails open Love Boat Only the 80 most popular range is one of not only, but also among the people the ship travels the money into a well arrived. In short, this spectacular five-star hotel in the middle of the sea by ship are living comfort. The best of your luggage is always with you and with you at a luxury hotel to come ....

Turkey can be considered radical changes in human understanding of the holiday occurs while sightseeing tours of cruise ships in recent years has also increased. World, most U.S. citizens prefer the cruise companies, the economic crisis during the course of the Mediterranean Sea countries turn after the blue round of increase in the price down, only the upper income group, not the middle and the middle of the six income groups, the Turkish tourists cruise tours, than began.

Hi Tours Travel Agency, owner of Hasan Erdem, Turkey's European tours, cruise market last year, the fastest-growing country, and that approximately 18 thousand people cruises prefer that this year, the number of 30-thousand to reach expected noted. More than five years before the six thousand of these figures indicate that Evans, both the Greek islands, get to the Adriatic, Aegean tours very high demand across outlets said.

Cruise tour from the cutting of the profiles looking at honeymoon couple of noteworthy that expressed the virtue, "Honeymoon couples applied to special discounts, these tours appeal makes. In previous years, the higher income group of people prefer the b holiday u the number of ships with the increase in prices and fall with the middle and lower income groups also allows to convert their dreams into reality, "he said.

Fit of white houses with blue windows of the sea, purple bougainvillea covering the walls ... Yes, more of a fashion now, the joy of the Greek islands. This is the biggest reason for the lack of a visa application. In the island paradise of the earth like branches of a great experience, with delicious food, crystal clear sea, will caress your soul into music and ouzosuna Greeks see yourself delivered. Culture in fact very close to us. But so much like a woman waiting to be discovered.

Virtues, the Greek Islands of the price of full board in the form of round trips from 300 Euros, 800 Euros or start their tour of the Adriatic says. "You as long as what holidays you want decide," said Evans, "Prices so advantageous to a point reached that, for example, Antalya tours in HB a week-long vacation with the same figures in the full board as a cruise ship touring the Greek islands and the opportunity to live We could," he said.

Of the most demanding tour of Izmir and Kusadasi tours cruise off the Greek islands with a 3 night 4-day trips are popular.

Honeymoon's CHOICE
Once the ship tour participants vacationers next season in different destinations, these tours you want to join that expressed the virtue, "For example, honeymooners 'this time the Greek islands go, but the next time the Adriatic get like' plans are," he said. Turkey cruise vacationers planning to tour extensively benefited from the early booking discount saves Erdem, early booking 40 percent, 20 percent discount until the end of May, they said.
Hasan Erdem, visa removing previously sightseeing to the list are not taken to Middle Eastern countries the commercial and tourist growth in the attention that, especially Syria turları'nin was discovered, in this country the trip great increased that visa-free tours of visits that a new application, although this country who go to the number of tourists per cent 25 increase, he said.