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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mysterious Cities: Tashkent

Mysterious Cities: Tashkent
I'm here on the Silk Road route, here is the smell ...

The old Silk Road route, which smells here by two wide streets, colorful public markets, crafts and souvenirs to be seen in Tashkent city.
On certain days of the local people are prepared to hand dry foods, breads, Melba toast, various spices, fruits and many more that have well established market.

The samples should be taken of the people of Uzbekistan misafi rperverliği. Houses open to everyone, friendly, loves to talk about historical wonders, misafi Thank you for meals to be served tea, biscuits, sugar and nuts are missing, people who do not ... Old houses, stone courtyards, small gardens, even in some courtyard in the middle of fountains with ponds containing wood carved doors, fine elişçiliği ornaments where, history gives life in this city vacation plans to your absolutely must include.

Would you like to walk on the sea?

Would you like to walk on the sea?

"How so?" Do not say ... Something that is possible ...

Kızkumu beach in the village of Marmaris Orhaniye the thousands who visit each year, according to legend by walking on the sea, three thousand years ago is believed to been killed Baybassos city is the beautiful princess moment.

Marmaris 25 km away, the green and blue embrace the rare beauty with places which is one of Orhaniye dark, mythical Kızkumu Beach due for a holiday in Marmaris and its environs who prefer domestic and foreign tourists flocked to.

Set consisting of sand that is found in the sea about 600 meters long, 2 meters wide road, walk over to the visitors, is the feeling of walking on the sea. A few meters away from the yachts and boats anchored in the tourists walking by, these exciting moments with cameras or cameras with recording makes immortal.


Arif Ulupınar Orhaniye Village Headman, Village of Kızkumu thus began to be recognized in both domestic and abroad have been told.

Kızkumu'nda walking on the sea each year to enjoy the privilege of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists visit the village stating that Ulupınar abroad fair held in Marmaris presentation was also included in the Kızkumu'na said.

A lot of people see their brochure that explains Kızkumu'nu join tours to visit the Ulupınar,''Visitors will be amazed at Orhaniye village and Kızkumu Beach. The most beautiful way we serve our guests to leave satisfied with the offer. Kızkumu'nun widespread fame in the number of visitors would be too much to believe. With such a rare natural beauty and legendary Orhaniye sheep, must evaluate the best way of tourism,''he said.

Jeep safaris are organized by officials of the agency's Kızkumu Beach, the tour has built one of the indispensable stopover point noted.

Starting each day safari tourists from Marmaris, Hisaronu village through the forest roads and tourist Kızkumu Orhaniye reaches the sea walk on the beach after a period at the waterfall in Turgut village visited was learned.

The legend is described in-

Orhaniye village residents, the past two years, up to date with Kızkumu said it was told of the legend.

The first is described according to legend, the king of three thousand years ago Baybassos city, with the introduction enemy loses his long years of war. The enemy seized the city, the king and kill people. Known for its beauty, the princess of the kingdom, tries to escape from pirates. Non-swimmers from shore and carried the princess filled with sand sprinkled on the miracle of the foot as a result of a road over the sea begins to occur. From the darkness of the air because of stray princess skirt died by drowning when the sand is gone.

Described in another story about Kızkumu, about the impossible love of a beautiful princess. The king's daughter falls in love with a poor fisherman and his father is opposed to marriage. Two young people who love each other, often hidden from the king meet. Youth fishing boat from the sea, I always see the princess's fire comes to the location of the beloved. Suspected cases of the soldiers followed the king's daughter, will be informed of the secret meeting. One night the girl who caught the king, tells troops to signal to the ignition. The fishermen saw the light starts to go toward the soldiers. Fugitive princess from the hands of soldiers, crossing the bay to the sea to save the beloved horses. During this step a miracle occurs, and the princess will turn to dust every where. The soldiers chasing the girl is plunged into the water. However, one of the archers launched arrows, she is stuck. Blood flowing from the princess, sea, red dye. Young fishing boat with the girls taking them away and not see anyone again. Since then, the place is called Kızkumu

French people have a lot of time for holidays

Most will leave the French
A survey, let go of those most enthusiastic about the French, let's at least the ones that showed the Japanese.

Most will leave the French

Overwhelmed by excessive heat from the dream of many people's holidays, a survey done in the following days, let go of those most enthusiastic about the French, let's at least the ones that showed the Japanese.

Ipsos'un for Reuters news agency in 24 countries with the participation of 12 thousand 500 people, according to a survey done, a complete set of annual leave is 89 per cent of those in France, at the beginning of the holiday is the most enthusiastic country.

Allowed until the last day of 80 per cent of those who prefer to use Argentina as the second, this ratio was 78 percent in Hungary is the third time.

According to the survey, 33 percent allow employees to use all of the preferred at the end of the list is Japan.

Are not very enthusiastic about permission to use the list of countries with 47 percent in Japan, South Africa, with 57 percent of South Korea and the United States 53'le percent is followed.

According to the survey, annual leave, those who tend to use their entire 74 per cent as Turkey, Belgium 7th on the list along with is in order.