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BRAZIL ARGENTINA TOURS: Brazil Federal Republic (Portuguese: República Federativa do Brasil, South America, the continent's largest and most populous country is. A long Atlantic Ocean is. Neighbors from south to north: Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guyanası'dır. (Ecuador and Chile, all but the South American country with the neighbors.) Brazilian flag on the yellow, the land of plenty issued under the blue sea and green forest, representing eder.1500 in Portuguese sailors Pedro Alvares Cabral discovered by Brazil, before a Portuguese colony, while in 1822 declared its independence after the Brazilian Empire and in 1889 led system led Brazil Federal Republic of shape dönüştü.Resmî language Portuguese with the Brazilian president, deputies, senators, governors, mayors, state and city council members in elections held every four years to determine. 110 million voters participated in the elections of 2002 in all regions of the electronic ballot box is used.

MAJOR CITIES: São Paulo, Brazil `s one of 26 states and the country's capital, is one of the main industrial and holidays. With a population of more than 10 million South America `s largest city. Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo `s is located 355 km northeast. São Paulo, a Portuguese priest in 1554 by `as an Indian settlement was established. Location at the intersection of three trails were on a hill at a height of 800 meters. Coffee plantations in the region has become a major source of wealth 19 century began to develop in São Paulo. A short while later in industry, commerce and banking has become the center. Italy and around the city, Portugal, Spain, Germany and Japan, many immigrants came from. Portuguese-speaking Catholic majority of the people of São Paulo `` tir.Dokumacılık products, mechanical and electrical equipment, furniture, foodstuffs and medicines in Brazil from São Paulo, `that one third of industrial products are produced. Cubatão near the city `s largest oil refinery in the United States` will. São Paulo, in addition to coffee, sugarcane, cotton, corn, rice, beans and fruits are grown. Also widespread cattle train. Numerous schools and libraries are located in the city. Snakes and snake bites also on the research institute known for its Butanta `is located in São Paulo. São Paulo `s 19th Since the continuous growth of slum-century has brought healing. Millions of people around the city, began to live in unhealthy housing. Environmental pollution has reached serious proportions. Urban transportation was an important question. New roads and skyscrapers are made of endlessly rising São Paulo, "Chicago` s South America `water 'as nitenlendirilir.

FOOD & BEVERAGE: Brazilian cuisine, meat, fish, seafood and rice are based. In the northeast and coastal fish, lobster and shrimp are very tasty as well as seafood, are also abundant. Brazilian fish, so the meat is consumed by more, Besides, the influence of Italian cuisine with pasta is eaten too. Brazilian Cuisine usually Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Austrian, has been influenced by African and Russian cuisines. Central and Southern Africa, especially in the kitchen of the kitchen has a big impact. Portuguese for Brazil `or the kitchen of the Africans were very impressed. Brazilians today has become almost the national dish of "black bean" meal, appeared to be affected in terms of `African Cuisine European Cuisine with the effects of the course has been developed. This dish is native to the northeast, using a variety of different herbs and prepare their own unique way. Brazil is the world's most delicious, is a country of manufacture. Another national dish for him at the Brazilians' Chourasco "they say is a barbecue. `Brazil also has a very rich cake and sweet culture. Brazilian desserts are usually made with fruit. Especially from fruit of the "Mousse" frothy desserts that are very common. Mangoes and oranges, "Mousse" s most prominent ones. Besides fruity sweet puddings are also important `s Brazilian Cuisine. Brazilian culture, especially the `sweet 18 century began with the influence of the Austrians from the country. At the end of this century and the 19th century, to the south of the Austrian culture of their famous cakes and desserts, this country has also established itself. Portugal `s Kitchen, of course, the effect of sweet and contribution is very large. Austria and Portugal, with the spreading influence of cakes and sweets with contributions özgünlesmiştir native Brazil. Brazilians drink the most important, the national drink of the "Kaşasa" is. This drink is made from sugar cane. Brazilians are the world's most important coffee consumers. Brazil is the world's biggest coffee production and exports. Sütsüz Brazilian coffee, the drink is simple and very hard. Brazilian cup of coffee every day for at least 10-12. Brazilians in the morning breakfast of coffee, milk, fruit juice, especially orange juice drink and bread, butter, fruit areas. Especially the "pope" has an important place as a breakfast fruit. In general, the Brazilian light lunch, certainly this is to black beans, rice, meat and vegetables, especially abundant in places. Potatoes, fresh vegetables, always located next to a vegetable. Always ends with a dessert dish. Is the most important meal of the family dinner. Whole family is gathered at the same table and eat meals together. Usually drink before dinner in the soup, then fish, meat, poultry, vegetables, and of course, black beans and rice is eaten. Always ends with a dessert at dinner.


Argentine Republic (Spanish: República Argentina): 34 '36''south latitude and 58' 27''west longitude, between the South American continent is located in a country. Argentina's total surface area of 2.79181 million km ² and Turkey at approximately 3.5 times larger, the population in 2001 POPULATION figures 36.26013 million kişidir.Arjantin South American continent in the south, the Andean Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, lying between a state; length of 4989 km of coastline. Argentine-owned land in the South American continent 2 the 8th in the world is the largest territory. Chile (5308 km), Bolivia (832 km), Paraguay (1880 km), Brazil (1261 km) and Uruguay (580 km), la bulunmaktadır.Arjantin boundary of the Latin name''''Argentum (silver) comes from the word. Spanish colonies had hoped to find in this land is mine What is clear from the name of the country. Many of those living in the country are descendants of Spanish and Italian immigrants.

In Argentina, the source of the river Río de la Plata to a great extent. Río de la Plata river spilled 5 200. 000 km ² which is spread over an area and almost one third of this area is contained within the borders of Argentina, while the remaining area of Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay are in the border. Río de la Plata, Uruguay Nehrive pour Paraná River is the two great rivers. In the north, on the border with Brazil on the world's largest number of waterfalls of the Iguazú and Iguazú National Park, Patagonia bulunur.Iguazú Şelaleleriİkinci largest river in the north of the Río Colorado'dur. His most important tributaries of Río Salado del Oeste, which is a big part of Argentina's western waters, but the dry and arid places, thus turned into a quagmire nehirdir.Arjantin 'There are also two great lakes region. The first and larger one, such as southern Andes foothills, starting a chain Neuquén'den Tierra del Fuego (Tierra del Fuego), consecutive to the vicinity of the lake is fresh water. The second Pampa's west side and Chaco'nun south in the low and often salted with göllerdir.Özellikle Cordoba Laguna Mar Chiquita (5770 km ²) and Los Glaciares National Park, situated at the NATO and by the world heritage as the Lago Argentino ( 1415 km ²) and Lago Viedma (1088 km ²) are among the major lakes. Famous Perito Moreno Glacier is located in this park.


Argentina has a long coastline and a country that, although the island has very few. Tierra del Fuego archipelago of islands belonging to the largest of 47.000km ² island of Tierra del Fuego (Tierra del Fuego) 'is. This candidate, Argentina (21 571 km ²) and Chile (25 571 km ²) is shared. Argentina's claim that it is outside, but the management in the United Kingdom Falkland Islands (Las Islas Malvinas / Falkland Islands) are. Argentina 2 Invaded the island in April 1982 after 14 years The Falklands War began in June 1982 and continued until the war ended with defeat by Argentina. 'Most of the big island east of the Falkland Archipelago Soledad (East Falkland) -6683 sq km - and the Gran Malvina (West Falkland) - 5278 km ² -' dir. South Georgia Island and South Sadviç bulunmaktadır.Önemli be considered in the same status in other islands in the southern province of Buenos Aires, Bahía Blanca and Bahía Anegada in the region between the Gulf Islands is. The island is flat and is located in San Blas spa is completely empty except for Jabal Island. 207 km ² the largest island in an area which has a Trinidad Island. Patagonian coast also has several small islands.

Continent: South America
Status: Member States of the United Nations
Capital: Buenos Aires
Cities: Córdoba, Rosario, Mendoza, Mar del Plata
Population: 41,000,000
Area: 2,766,890 km2
Currency: 1 Peso Language: Spanish
Religion: Catholic Christianity, Protestant Hristiy

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