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The Rila monastery Sofia-Bulgaria

The Rila monastery Sofia-Bulgaria
Sofia. (Bulgarian: София). Bulgaria's capital and largest city. The population is around 1.4 million people. Location

Sofia Valley, which covers a large area north of the city next Mountains (Stara Planina), Sredna Gora east and southeast, the Vitosha mountain in the east, the west luli, Viskâr and mountains are Çepın. City, and the left arm of the river İskır is based on the tapes.


Alexander Nevski Cathedral, Sofia

Banya Bashi Mosque in Sofia by the architect Sinan (1576) Paris of the Balkans in Sofia on the number of turları'i stretches back to ancient times. BC 8-7. century, today the location of the center was named in the series, a Thracian tribe that lived. Consecutive victories in the Balkan peninsula, tours of Rome, Thrace, residents have put an end to the free life style. Romans, where they dominated to take care of administrative and military order had to sit down. Falling under the sovereignty of Romans, this city is called Serdika. So that means Serdiler'in Serdika city, has become an important commercial and administrative center.

The Roman Empire to the east of the intersection of the city as Serdika, has always been to attack. During these raids into the city were greatly hurt. Failed to obtain a city the size of the older, lonely castle and the name of the capital today as the Church of Hagia Sophia has been repaired.

6. century, the time of Justinian, Serdika again become the major cities of the Eastern Roman Empire. Shortly after the city, the influx of Slavs in the Balkan peninsula is exposed to the attack and becomes entirely Slavic. 9. Khan Krum Serdika time in centuries the Slavic name takes the name of the Sredets spanned a wide area of the medieval Bulgarian state which important military, political and cultural center will become.

Upon entry into the Ottoman Empire under the sovereignty of the Bulgarian city of Sredets, 13 the late 19th century Until the seventies of the century has remained under Ottoman rule. Meanwhile, 14 Sofia is the name of the city at the end of the century.

Sofia, began in 1382 under Ottoman rule. According to certain documents with the beauty of this famous city in the Ottoman Empire has won great admiration.

Bulgaria's capital Sofia on April 3, 1879 was declared. At that time, Sofia, fortified defense installations, professional and well-developed commercial sense, is a rich city.

After the end of Ottoman rule, geographical location and because it is conducive to economic development, Bulgaria's capital city has been declared of national importance given to the development of infrastructure. Numerous archaeological monuments in the city, artwork and defense installations, the former has proved to be a center Serdika'nın important and sophisticated.

Liberation War (1877-78 Ottoman-Russian War) in the next year, some of Sofia's most famous monuments of the National Assembly building, 'Ivan Vazov' People's Theatre, the Central Baths, Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Sv. Kliment Ohridski University, National Library, the monument-temple Sv. Aleksander Nevski Church buildings are built like.


There are 24 municipalities of Sofia city: They

Municipality of Sofia

Bankya Krasna Polyana Krasno selo Vitosha Vrabnitsa Vazrazhdane Izgrev iLink Iskar Mladost Nadezhda Novi Iskar Kremikovtsi Lozenets Lyulin Ovcha Slatina Studentski grad Kupeli Oborishte Pancharevo Poduyane Serdika Sredetz Triaditsa current mayor of Sofia Boyko Borisov'dur

There are 24 municipalities of Sofia city: They

1. Bankya
2. Vitosha
3. Vrabnitsa
4. Vazrazhdane
5. Izgrev
6. ILink
7. Iskar
8. Krasna Polyana
9. Krasno selo
10. Kremikovtsi
11. Lozenets
12. Lyulin
13. Mladost
14. Nadezhda
15. Novi Iskar
16. Ovcha Kupeli
17. Oborishte
18. Pancharevo
19. Poduyane
20. Serdika
21. Slatina
22. Studentski grad
23. Sredets
24. Triaditsa

The mayor of Sofia Boyko Borisov'dur now.

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The Turkish tourist boom in Dubai and Thailand

The Turkish tourist boom in Dubai and Thailand
The heat of the preferred holiday feast, Dubai and Thailand, the demand has increased 300%

Eid al-Adha holiday that the Turks preferred the warm climate in Dubai, Egypt, Thailand and South African tours, tours of the center was like. Book up to 300 percent of demand in these countries has increased

The winter season in Turkey, to coincide with Eid holidaymakers route turned into a hot country. Dubai, Egypt, Thailand, the air temperature is higher centers such as Eid al-Adha holiday because the first choice for the countries entering up to 300 per cent increase in demand has been specified. The economic price of the European tour because of the country was one of the preferences of Turkish tourists. If people want to spend their holidays at home with more artists to the south coast of programs where the book is his eyes. Merlin Travel Chairman Selami Çelebioğlu, holidays in Dubai in the demand by 300 percent, Thailand, the demand at 200 percent, to Egypt in the demand per cent of 100 increased eye they pointed out, India tours, tours or a serious request that said .

50 rounds

Çelebioğlu, "in Europe, are preferred because of the economic price," he said. Çelebioğlu, Dubai tours, tours of the price of 399 euros, 299 euros of Cairo, tour of European cities for the price of the holiday, starting from 349 euros, he said. ETS Tour at the Feast of the Sacrifice in Antalya, Afyon, Silivri, while in Cyprus and overseas artists with emphasis on programalara offers an alternative to the round of 50. Alternative holiday tours ranging from Greece to Kenya is the price starts from 319 euros.

Jolly tour of European capitals abroad or holiday home in Gap, Cappadocia tours, cultural tours such as the emphasis is.

Will work to increase tourism revenue in 2010

Despite the impact of global crisis, the 2009 tourist season, closing with a loss of 7 percent for six-prepared for the tourism sector, which fell in 2010 to try to increase tourism revenues. Tourism sector, the first 10 months of data satisfactory, indicating that Turkey Hoteliers Federation (TÜROFED) Chairman Ahmet Barut, "Overall, we look this year the number of people as a loss-free income as a percentage of 6 or a 7 with loss carry out. In 2010, an increase in demand would be a few percentage points are expected, "he said.

In 2010, however the UK market will continue to grow, given the Scandinavian market signals indicating an increase of gunpowder, "Central European market this year, we anticipate a similar performance," he said. The first shock of the crisis in the past year, this time with the industry experiencing serious financial difficulties which they draw attention Barut, financial institutions have changed their outlook on the sector, given the announced start of the new investment.

Meanwhile, South Marmara Hoteliers Association President Haluk Beceren, Agaoglu's facility at Uludag ski lift outside the hotel and the renovation starting from December 15 to open said.

This "marriage rescue tourism"

This "marriage rescue tourism"
Growing interest in tourism package tours, interesting initiatives that are preparing the ground. A tourism company based in India, finding it difficult to maintain a marriage for couples in marriage, a marriage counselor with the rescue package was prepared. That interest

India's Mumbai-based KV Tours and Travels in the capital of the company realized that his "marriage rescue package" seems to start a new trend in tourism.

Difficulties in married life living under tour packages designed for couples, a two-week vacation Maldives also accompanied the couple to marriage counseling is. Troubled marriage, marriage counseling in addition to the relaxing atmosphere of Maldives also receive support from the road comes into play.

1 percent of the world's countries with the lowest divorce rate in India is one of the tour package turları'da how this debate will be successful, while the British are looking at the hot topic again. The Daily Mail newspaper about doing a story about the marriage to be successful in the British rescue package that was written to show interest in the package.

Relevant explanations KV Tours CEO Vijesh Thakker, "Divorce tourism separated in the process of the wives brought together as to prevent it are working. In recent years the divorce rate of serious promotion there. We also avoid this we need to. I think that's a good thing we do. We are destined to the front of We do not try to pass. However, couples are treated like second honeymoon said.

The tour packages offered by companies in addition to short weekend vacation packages also include longer term. Thakker, "Pricing starts at $ 720. Troubled couples and their relatives do not exist, especially before going to places we do not." He made a declaration.

Relevant evaluations that clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Rhea Pravin Tembhekar, this method but not always, from time to time work might indicate, the "Vacation, superficial problem solving might help, but domestic violence problems, just a holiday with a problem may not be possible," he said.