Saturday, July 10, 2010

th best oxygen place in world

Turkey's oxygen tank: the opportunity to vacation in Altınoluk

Swiss Alps peak oxygen after the world's second-place ... That's left of our country's distinguished Ayvalik oxygen tank!

Sacred olive trees of green, blue Aegean Sea is a beautiful lovers flow of Altınoluk ...

Depending on which district of Balikesir Edremit Altınoluk, especially in big cities (Istanbul, Ankara, etc.) Summer season in the summer as it is overcrowded. 365 days in a green nature-dominated region in the healthy and pure water flowing from the fountain should definitely try. Who come from Altınoluk geçmemişki.

Earlier called "priesthood" friendliness in mind. In 1800 as a living space of the Greeks in the region that today you can still find traces of the Turkish and Cypriot architectural structures are. Abdullah Mansion House is an example that what we say. Altınoluk Antandros Amphitheatre very important cultural art space ... Altınoluk's another very important cultural richness of the historical "Antandros" city. The approximately 2800-year history of this city, the city of the future from the past and shed light on life, our culture is one of the most important resource. Apart from hotels and motels in Altınoluk home find accommodation.

Altınoluk 'ta holiday close to the 450 thousand olive trees, while resting your soul, and your camera in your hand, it must start now and make immortal!

Altınoluk mountain air while taking in one hand and also you can swim. This town can live with the best of the four seasons, to breathe from the ideal holiday destination ...

Altınoluk Ontario tours from Istanbul to go over Balıkesir Çanakkale Tekirdağ-way or you can use. If you use this way you can have 450 km to the Altınoluk. And for those who want to come by bus, many bus companies are held daily flights.

E world's finest olive oil produced in Altınoluk go, this is not from eating food made with olive oil. Ege of the most delicious meals to eat in Altınoluk can tell you.

Olive oil, especially that wonderful! If you stay in hostels, established markets, the fishermen approached the coast of the materials needed can be obtained. Kazdağı have participated in organized tours, picnic areas you can enjoy a picnic.

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