Tuesday, July 6, 2010

prag holiday

The first first: Prague is a beautiful city. A few rare cities in Europe, untouched by war and natural disasters, such as six hundred years of architecture seems to be good. Meandering Vltava River on one side the steep forested hills with the city, a medieval plan of the street facades of Baroque, Rococo and the nouveau art of harmony with the tiger and this, after the war the development and the difference one way to escape raises. Prague, the Iron Curtain, while of course still in place, rarely visited by Westerners. Since the 1990s, this situation has changed. Prague is currently one of the most popular attractions in Europe is going.
Prague, history, restaurants and nightlife of the city came to visit with their guests an unforgettable holiday in order to allow every opportunity.
Czech cuisine, German, Hungarian and Polish cuisine has remained under the influence. Cuisine is heavily meat and deli. I have potatoes or rice with sauce on top served with a heavy edilir.Porsiyonlar is too large. One of the famous Czech beer you drink with your meal is recommended in particular, is not very good wines.

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