Friday, August 13, 2010

Turkey is number one

According to the Wall Stret Journal's news grappling with crisis, Greece lost to Turkey has also tourists.

According to television news reflected the views of the crisis from Greece in May led to 30 thousand cancellations.

The crisis in neighboring, tourists kidnapped in Turkey
In Greece this year due to the economic crisis reflected in television and newspaper images of the reaction, was deter holidaymakers going to Greece. With the withdrawal of flight and hotel reservations in May, the number of cancellations totaled over 30. Wall Street Journal issued a story that "the tourists stopped going to Greece, Turkey, has chosen for a holiday," he said.
According to the news of the Greek economy by 15 per cent of tourism has created this year if, at a level economists fear. Tourism in the country, the share of the economy

experienced a decrease of 9 per cent over last year was 4 percent. Turkey's neighbors in the Aegean Sea to Greece as a place frequented by tourists who stopped to express that in the news, "the Turkish tourism industry, compared with last year's second quarter grew 7.4 percent, said. According to the news, falling prices in Greece, upon the demand of tourists to Turkey is expected to rise. 20-30 per cent drop in hotel prices in Greece, which has led to the emergence.

Turkey claims rivals to Portugal
27 million tourists come to Turkey in 2009, the Wall Street Journal Remember that "5-6 percent economic growth this year, the demand for hotels in Turkey, Spain, Portugal, the higher the demand for hotels," he says. Andreas Andreadis Federation'un Hotellers president, in an interview with the newspaper "Our revenue decline of 12 percent in last year's rate was. This year, with total tourism revenue in our second year is a loss of around 20 percent of the total, "he said.

The most expensive hotel in world

Here is the world's most expensive hotel

The Martinez Hotel's' Penthouse Apartment 37 thousand to stay a night at the U.S. $ has to be sacrificed.

The world tourism industry shaken by economic downturn is hurting the world's largest luxury hotel room rates in nearly uçukla continues to lip. The Times prepared by Forbes magazine list of the world's most expensive hotel rooms in Cannes, France in the first place is the Hotel Martinez. The hotel's famous' Penthouse Apartment price of 37 thousand dollars a night. The hotel's top floor apartment living room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms as well as a bath, spa, library, dressing room, sauna and a large terrace offers spectacular views.

Yoga Camps

Sea and sand holiday alternatives: Yoga camps
Oxygen-rich pine forests, the birds chirping in the light of the participants held yoga camp, physical and spiritual sense of relief is brought into a different holiday possibilities.

On holiday with yoga to purify''fashion''said Prof. Yoga Academy founder. Dr. Akif Manaf, in certain periods during the summer in the mountains, to break, by going to the slopes and doing yoga in nature, the city's people throwing debris on the negative "he said.

Yoga camp in the open air of the trees cool in the shade, ear of birds chirping and wind your body, stroking yoga to do to enjoy stating that they Manaf,''Here's such a natural environment are going to do the physical and internal cleansing therapies, meditation, yoga activities, sightseeing tours, canyons, plateaus tours and various artistic activities fill our days, will have fun while learning, while the rest will be free,''he said.

Eating and drinking and all-inclusive holiday should not be merely to lay the Manaf said,''but people need yoga for stress-free holiday''might argue with his success.

Known at the çaltı accumulated stress and fatigue''with the''sea-sand holidays Manaf not be disposed of Defense, said:
''Yoga movements, breathing exercises, physical exercises and deep relaxation techniques, meditation, stress and tension accumulated in the nervous system is eliminated. Intensive work environment and stress of everyday life, just the body, muscle and bone structure and not your mind and your nervous system is much more energy and tired çakralarınızı. Negative energy flow, because of pent-up anger, damage occurs in the field of mental energy. This damage not only lying, it is not possible to go sunbathing. The Academy's original yoga system of yoga techniques and yoga, both physically and mentally by the relaxation and renewal of the body is completely zero.''

Thus yoga camp participants' minds and the energy field chakras to refresh and positive energy filled with a stronger and healthier period step would indicate Manaf, the situation at work efficiency and success, the private life of happiness and peace brought said.

Gradually the people who do yoga yoga is a process that strengthens and calming about the idea, indicating that both Manaf, yoga classes, and to recognize the body allows the body to explore the depths, he said.

Manaf,''If your yoga vacation in a beautiful place if combined with luxurious spa treatments and great food, this experience does not relax you, but also gives you the feeling you've been reborn''he said.

Yoga camp opened the door of the spiritual and physical purification that Manaf said, the camp has plenty of oxygen in areas covered with pine forests said they would prefer to do.

Pine forests, healing, health, indicating that the transmitter power Manaf, the second day of camp can be held for 12 months between the start and lasted 4-7 days, he said.

Accommodation, eating and drinking, and yoga training two-day average cost of 300 EURO is expressed Manaf, so far Kaz Mountains, Bolu, Saros Gulf, Abant, Antalya, Fethiye, Kemer, Bodrum-Akyaka camping event held said.

Yoga resorts

Some yoga resorts in the world and features the following:

The Tides Zihuatanejo, Mexico: The yoga holiday is a combination of luxury and magnificent spas and massages done by specialists on the Pacific coast, as well as healthy meals and beach party can be summed up as a holiday.

Parrot Island, Bahamas: The yoga holiday on the island, along with yoga or meditation is done intensively.

Wildflower Hall, India: Himalayas yoga holiday at the foot of the property held within a seven-day program, yoga, fitness and life coaches to have.

Haramara, Mexico: electric, but if you want a holiday intertwined with nature, you have to go turları'ya Mexico. Will make a şahmanla yoga will be one of the memorable moments.

Big Sky Yoga Retreats, Montana: The ascent of the vacation property of yoga, skiing and even horseback riding is to merge with. Another special feature here is that your comfort is not impaired in any way. Although far from the center is a place for holiday meals special services as a luxury private helicopter will be available to you even been forgotten.

SwaSwara, India: India turları'daki yoga vacation option that more people find themselves in the feature takes concentration. Courses ranging from cooking pots to large-scale activities to choose what is best for yourself. Accommodations are usually decorated with local motifs, such as air conditioning, but also include elements to facilitate life.

Chiva Som Hua Hin, Thailand: Yoga as a treatment method is being used here. Therefore, the vacation goes better with a very healthy activity. Among these, daily massage, exercise and healthy meals can be ordered.

Bangalore, India: The natural life of luxury as well as those who want to live together should not miss a yoga holiday. After each yoga session, people in the surrounding farms and other businesses can work as a volunteer. If work is finished yet luxurious, garden, sauna, pool and views can be returned to the hotel.

Santa Lucia: This small town on the Caribbean island to go round the sun-seekers can be described as a stopover place. Detox yoga classes as well as you can get exactly the purpose of activities will also help you stay healthy.

Mayatulum, Mexico: made of wire mesh ceiling and decoration of ancient yoga sessions will accompany you to ensure your special treatment.''