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spain travel

1) picked a dress for yourself, or your Spanish
- "Aa! How great it was" of course it by no means "thank you" do not say. This is very shameful.
- Really .... Did you really like ... gibisinden remarks must say. otherwise they will fall into the smug status in the eyes of the people.
2) Never, but never to one particular community in a salary / income do not ask. This great shame / offend, and you being immediately outside.
3) 99% of all movies are dubbed films, subtitled films are not likely to find almost negligible.
4) In Spain, do not eat cherries.
5) motor vehicles in the country sign "e" the country.

$ Now say about the isber ortayli'nin:

When I first went in the early 1970s, the Franco regime was the last time. Marxist books I had in windows. I was surprised but said, although invited to a wedding dinner for 15-20 people should be reported to the police. Three people coming together and building societies have the issue. stagnant mess, was clear: Because of the severity of the guild system was not even piles tradesman. There was everything in the tradition. freedom everywhere, but was ruled originality. looks nice from the outside, the inside was probably burn them. Life was cheap; Austrian students with the scholarship I received from a long journey by train was coming. I could travel freely. european council was transferred. our passports without visas or anywhere we could easily get a visa to travel.
The second time I was still in force tradition. was a coincidence. Cambridge ottoman kongre'sindeyken telephone surveys were invited. 'd rather return by bus from the congress in Britain, the television "la clave" generous invitation of the program was good. 20th-century palace hotel in madrid spain elan was experiencing the atmosphere. Americanism was developed. sheraton hotel time at this hotel are included in the series. Franco died, unemployment, and democracy had burst. Spaniards do not know each other when a call did not talk politics. The heads will get into trouble is not 50 years of civil war in progress and provide embarrassing wrangle words into the left would prefer not to. everyone spoke one on one wing or şedit frankistti fast.
Spain was beautiful, Spain was young. Spaniards are still hopeful and naive as their fathers had fought. I went after a few more times. Every time I found a more enriched. "Navigating the night in the streets of Madrid, they said. Spain was the center of drug trafficking and cooperate further on the amount of national income was around. A country can not get it to the world was open or closed. and still did not know the Spanish language. katalunyalılara pressure and had abandoned the people of this job. computer programming, engineering jobs such as printing new residents, the business was owned katalunyalılara. Spanish officer, and was an intellectual. They were going to lunch to work. 23:00 tapaslar restaurants and night 'in getting the crowd.
In most places it is now closing hours. people earlier and earlier that lies at 10.00 do-job. though I had not noticed the ability to license and business interests in Spain, the national income has doubled to 10 years. With the advantage of building the industry through a combination of investment planning is going well. are not hard at all. but it was well planned. ab invaded kendiğilinden income does not increase, coming in the air does nothing, we need within us to understand some of the dreamer.
Americanism that has surrounded the Spanish. The increased divorce couples, divorced couples can not be said of the murders ... does not increase the population, fewer young people started. Unlike France and Britain's immigrant population comes from South America. I know a Spaniards, "the beautiful spanish spanish of ours. at least we have that benefit," he said. Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia streets are empty at night. increased revenues they update their beautiful home, nation prefers closing. eu's mediterranean wing enriched friction between the rich Germanic wing will begin. baghdad war and the different attitudes of opponents is one of the reasons that keep the team.
(Source: 6 April 2003, national newspaper, Ilber Ortayli)

Spain would find a way, lives in the history of the regular centuries. therefore, to Europe's two seigneur that will follow them to France and Germany, wants to show that different economic interests. Iraq war when it was appropriate for the challenge and the appropriate field. Europe's most well-established tradition of state and diplomacy rather have left this country to good condition. Madara did not join the France and Germany. followed a policy of his own cunning. The crowds in the streets to protest is now in the media listen to other speeches. Spain will provide the economic interests of others in a fight. information technology and industry in Europe and believes it can move to the front. Unlike many educational institutions in Britain are said not bright. European continent, the collapse of higher education in general diseases. We need to stay away from this disease. Hispanic population is also aging. I think we contrast the size of Spain will not solve the ethnic problem is not in print until 1.5 million, the expansion of the world, ahead of Spanish language skills. Basque Country, Spain, traditionally the industrial sector. I listened to the president last December edition of the autonomous region. "Respected and leading a nation, our culture and we want respect for our rights, but also often minorities and the task of building a country that has the responsibility," he said. katalunyalılar open to the world, a nation traders. in fact, part of Spain with the Mediterranean katalunlardır. sense of social responsibility, such as separatism have not dominated. Spain, a country that is considered so lucky.
European parliament and European parliament has joined the vice president of the Spanish deputies directed vidal quadras'ın closed meeting, "Islam and Islam in Turkey" are discussed. a polite manner unique to the Spanish judge. Spanish politician and historian colleagues, but I think there is a fundamental mistake, we can see humanity's salvation in secular or otherwise, we can think of. but only the fanaticism of Islam, the religion of their culture and described the environment as a pioneer of civilization, whether modernizing If you think you and your religion, your prosperity in the twentieth century, "flexibility" If you connect, you'll have to deny historical reality, the fight continues. Islamic fundamentalist groups when generating a religion, a group of ten Muslim fundamentalist Catholic organization Opus Dei has no power and effectiveness you need to know. distinguished gathering of the Catholic community, the ties between the papacy and the national governments who manage their own in the world of Islam, yet such an organization, is trying in vain to establish and develop a little bit. As for Islam, but the opus in the middle rabıtat'ul alem'ul dei'nin be dried in the sun. religious identity, whether or not anyone does not want to sacrifice, should not have already. but their religious identity with pride and self-contempt and the identity of the other religions and belief in the mysticism of the other factors that elevate dangerous fanaticism in the religion to label anyone he can not recognize the symptoms. 11 September, weather conditions can also spread it. patriarkal Islam was a religion. the nature of today's contemporary religions which have tried? All this is a word salad. two thousand years of the twentieth century, with the vague concept of faith is to assess how healthy results? but I already got a candy inquisition mütekebbir lives in the minds of people and everyone has been accused each other.
sympathetic and self-similar to Spanish but a country with turkey. the turkey in Georgia in the Caucasus has the same image. Many of these countries in the Mediterranean fly thousands of miles from central and northern European countries closer to Turkey .... bloody civil war, the agony of the modern Spanish history is a product of these words gasset'nin ortega y "belkemiksiz country" must be a lesson to us. To avoid the same fate suffered some of the institutions and principles have to be careful. Europe's political and legal consul, not of its own society, our cultural heritage, we must follow the path shown. Spanish for most of this obligation to understand the gene. Spain, like the ring during the period of Yahya Kemal, shawls, roses, mistisizim, not the world of political struggle. perhaps by now had lost its originality, had survived the period of convalescence of an exhausting job, a place we need to know.

travel italy

Italy (Italian: Italia), or officially the Italian Republic (Repubblica Italiana), in southern Europe, mainly Italy is a country located on the Peninsula. The two largest islands of the Mediterranean, Sicily and Sardinia are the Italian territory. In the northern Alps in France, Switzerland, has land borders with Austria and Slovenia. Two independent European countries of Italy, the Vatican and San Marino are stuck into the ground enklav peninsula (surrounded entirely by another country) are the countries. Campione d'Italia in Switzerland remains a region of Italy eksklavıdır if (apart from the main land ownership).

Italy, for centuries has hosted a variety of European civilization. Etruscans and the ancient homeland of the Romans in Italy In addition to its own territory, the Renaissance movement was born in Tuscany in Italy and all Europe was spread here. Italy's capital Rome was the center of Western civilization for centuries, has witnessed the birth of üslûbunun baroque architecture and has traditionally been the center of the Catholic Church.

Today, Italy is a republic with democracy is being managed, and countries nominal GDP per person twentieth sıralamsında, [1] human development index ranking twentieth, quality of life index is a developed country in the eighth. Italy, 1957yılında capital Rome Treaty of Rome established the European Union, signed by the founding members of the political and economic organization. The G8 Summit, the seventh largest gross domestic product, NATO, the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, Council of Europe, the Western European Union and the Schengen Treaty are among the participants. Capacity of the permanent members on January 1, 2007 without the UN Security Council will take a two-year membership period has begun.

Italy is the origin of the name

The origin of the word Italy (Italian: Italia) is based on the Latin word Italia. [2] However, in itself, mean that the word is uncertain. Widely believed that argument, one of Italy the word ancient in the Campania region north of the living community language through the ancient Greek, the Víteliú (meaning the young cattle, Latin: Vitulus - calf), the word comes from suggests. Víteliú word was given on behalf of Mars, the god of the animals. [3] Most likely, however, as the figure of a bull for many years been the symbol of the southern Italian boy, and often the horns of Rome, while the figure was described as wolf. These descriptions as a symbol of Italy's independent Samnite Wars are often used.

First of the name only to Italy today to describe a region in southern Italy were used. The name of the peninsula by Antiochus'a Sirakuzalı Calabria (Bruttium with those of contemporary name) was used for the southern part. Name of the surrounding region in Italy in time to cover a wide area was acquired. The ancient Greek name of this wider region that they called for the use of this name is also used in a way to tell the whole peninsula, but was Romans conquered the region.


Born in Italy

Prehistoric and Roman Empire

Main article: Ancient Rome

Traces of human presence on the peninsula of Italy of the Italic tribes of the peninsula before reaching considerably, up to 200 thousand years ago is based on the New Stone Age. [5] Lombardiya'daki BC in the valley Val Camonica In 8000 the pictures were carved into the rock. BC Around the years 1500-1100 in northern Italy are traces of the Bronze Age culture Terramare axes, swords and daggers have survived with such objects. BC Iron Age, while the samples 11-7. Tuscany, located in the vicinity of the centuries between the Villinova belong to a culture.

BC 800 years after the Etruscan civilization emerged in the Italian peninsula before the Roman culture that has emerged is the most important cultures. There are many different hypotheses about the origin of Etruscans. Indo-European language they spoke a language not known. Dâhildi Etruscan territory of the city of Rome itself. M. Ö. 396 is the largest city in Veio Etruscans by the Romans invaded the city of this civilization, whose son, Roman culture was marked by the Roman culture, architecture and art has made a huge impact.

In more recent periods, 8 and 7 century Italy and Sicily in the south coast of the peninsula in the Greek Islands of the colonial city founded in this region was heavily settled by Greeks. Therefore, the Romans and later to the Magna Graecia region (Turkish: United Greece) gave the name. [6] [7] [8] Ancient Rome, in BC since 8. Century was founded as a small farming village, but through the centuries as the growth state of the entire Mediterranean civilization, has taken a tremendous çeveleyen. Captured in areas dominated by the Greek culture of Roman culture created by combining a common civilization, law, government, art and philosophy today is the basis of contemporary European civilization has created a floor. During almost 12 centuries of Roman civilization which has survived from a monarchy to a democracy and the composition of the oligarchy and the republic, then an autocratic empire has become. Roman Empire declined and collapsed over time. Hispania, Gaul and Italy, the western empire into space 5 century, was divided into independent kingdoms. 476 in the west end of empire and the fall of Rome, accepted since the Middle Ages.


AD Italian Peninsula 6. century Byzantine Emperor Justinian in the short term by Ostragotlardan back after taking into Italy began a new wave of Germanic tribes. In this process, the Lombards in northern Italy and settled there to come. For centuries the armies of Byzantium, the Arabs, the Holy Roman Empire and the Papal States to prevent the building of a united Kingdom of Italy was in power. The Byzantine Roman Empire, but also to regain their former territories also lacked power. Nevertheless, during the Middle Ages in Italy over the balance of power among the various states or dynasties were varied.

Italy's 19 regions century, remained much or as an independent government or governments of neighboring states were below. During this vacuum of authority was a lot of Italian cities and towns in the anarchic conditions, according to the feudal system was run separated from each other. Italy in this period was known for trading republics. This city-states governed by the oligarchy of traders were privileged to have management. Venice, Genoa, Pisa and Amalfi's maritime trade in this period are the leading cities.

Venice and Genoa, particularly in trade was the gateway to Eastern Europe. Venice, a species unique to the region was famous for producing glass. Florence, silk, wool, banking and jewelry was one of the leading centers. Maritime city-states along the East also held the Crusades were also the leading force.

Kelly's death as the aforementioned 1348, dated the plague, the Italian population, almost one-third by killing Italy's history marked was. [9] This outbreak wounds wrapped after the Italian cities to trade the economic field has grown. A subsequent improvement in this situation has created conditions of humanism and the Renaissance movement.

Medieval times, the last in Italy even smaller city-states and regions were divided: Kingdom of Naples in Italy in the south of effective power was Florentine Republic and the Papal States in central Italy ruled had been, Genoa and Milan, north-west have a voice that was difficult, Venice and the east Italy 'was also effective. 15. century Italy is Europe's most densely populated regions of the Renaissance movement in arts and the doğumyeridir. Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), Francesco Petrarch (1304-1374) and Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375 y.) 's writings and Giotto di Bondone (1267-1337)' s picture of the culture and art movements, especially as the center of Florence is observed. During this period, Niccolò de 'Niccoli and Poggio Bracciolini in the library of thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, Ptolemy, Cicero and Vitruvius had studied the works of such famous ancient Greek philosopher.

VIII, King of France in 1494. Charles, 16, in order to conquer Spain century, which will last till the first leg of a series of attacks began. At the end of this attack and compete with the winner of Spain by the Treaty of Cateau-Cambrésis happened. Thus Spain, the Duchy of Milan and Naples on the Kingdom has become the dominant power. Be a more effective power over the situation after Italy, Austria Utrech Treaty passed. Austria in northern Italy under the influence of a strong economic dynamism and intellectual vitality occurred. The French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars (1796-1815) between the Italian equity, democracy, law and international consciousness being awakened such thoughts.


19. I. In the early years of the century Italy Are occupied by Napoleon came under French influence. French invasion of Italy before the Vienna Convention governing dynasty was expected to be returned. Thus the Papal States, Kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont, Tuscany, Grand Duke BlueTec Duchy of Modena and was re-established the Kingdom of Lombardy and Venice. Carbonari secret societies, however, called for the unification of Italy began to work. Giuseppe Mazzini and Giuseppe Garibaldi's unification movement were among the pioneers. II, also king of Sardinia. Victor Emmanuel was among those who support this merger movement.

Austria's hand was in Lombardy in 1848. In Italy to combine the Italian managed to get the support of France, in 1859 together with France and Austria was defeated in Zurich on November 11 1859 peace treaty between Austria and Piedmont were performed. Accordingly, Austria, gave Lombardiya'yı Piyemonte'ye. Venice, including the creation of a confederation between the other Italian States, and honorary president of the confederation of the pope, was considered to be de facto head of Piedmont. After a small state in northern Italy also decided to join Piyemonte'ye. Thus all the northern and central Italy had joined Piyemonte'ye. 1870 Rome and 1886 in Venice, Italy are included in the union. Results Italian National Association for the involvement of these was completed. Kingdom of Italy was established.

20. and 21 centuries

Italy, Roman period, the first time after becoming a single country could. 20th at the new Italian kingdom As industry developed rapidly becoming century northern Italy, southern Italy population is rising rapidly and millions of people for a better life yurdışına was looking for ways to migrate. Constitution issued in 1861 in the country, many people would provide basic rights and freedoms. But other than that it was right to vote and not be rich and uneducated people did not have the right to vote. Then, in 1913, states were granted the vote to all men. Thus the socialist party, the liberal and conservative defeat became the main political parties. 19. Starting from the last two decades of the century and other European countries such as Italy went to the colony recovery path. The Tripoli War against the Ottoman Devleti'na won. Dodecanese Islands in western Turkey, Africa, Libya, Ethiopia and Somalia, the colonial occupation has made in some countries. [10] I. Before the war began, the world that Italy declared neutrality, as a result, between 1915 to the London Pact, joined the Entente States. Italy enters war on the condition Trento, Trieste, Istria, Dalmatia and parts of the Ottoman Empire was promised. 600 000 Italian soldiers lost their lives during the war and Italy's economy has collapsed. At the end of the war in Italy most of the promises were not kept. St. Germain Treaty with Italy, although the winner by only Trento, Trieste and Bolzano'yu could get. These results led to discontent among the Italian community was.

I. Verification of the destruction caused by World War II after the environment, the confusion, the 1917 October Revolution, the movement of the fire has created an environment of anarchy and chaos. Concerned about a socialist revolution led by the liberal ideas of Benito Mussolini founded a small National Fascist Party. October 1922 the fascists attempted a coup against their king. King, the army not to resist the subversive power of direction, and gave orders to cooperate with Mussolini went his way. Mussolini in the next few years, he closed all political parties by limiting personal freedoms and some of his dictatorship, he declared. Italy Abyssinia in 1935 following a process of resistance, then a relatively long occupied and when the League of Nations was involved in the incident. In contrast fascist Italy, Nazist and cooperation agreement with Germany went his way. Was the first treaty with Nazi Germany in 1936. Pact of Steel in 1938 came after. Spanish Civil War in Italy, supported by the end Franco'u. Austria and Czechoslovakia to Hitler's Germany also backed the initiative to be connected.

greece travel

Hellenic Republic (Greek: Ελληνική Δημοκρατία) or simply a country in Southeastern Europe, Greece. The European Union and NATO member Greece, is the western neighbor of Turkey.

The ancient Greek name İonya'nın (modern Izmir, Aydin, Manisa region) comes from Arabic and Persian as spoken.

After the Romans in the Byzantine and Ottoman periods in the Middle Ages which means that Greeks used the name. That name in southern Cyprus today, more people of Greek origin, used to express, to those who live in Greece, "Greek" is called. "The Greeks" is in the form of naming is simply a mistake. Because it will be brought to the Greek word "related" to insert the word ceases to be a popular name in the name makes a lot. Whereas the Greek is not a place name is the name of a people.

Official language Turkish
Capital city of Athens
The largest city of Athens
- Total
-% Water 9 between countries
131 940 km ²
- Announced
- Recognition of Ottoman İmparatorluğu'undan
March 25, 1821
Currency, the euro (EUR) (€) ¹
Type 220 V-50 Hz voltage
Time zone
- In Summer Time EET (UTC +2)

National anthem, "Freedom March (Greek National Anthem)"
Internet domain name. G
International calling code 30

Tour of Greece August 10 to 15 General Information
Opening Hours of the bank and the museum on weekdays and every day except Friday and 08:00 to 14:00 is open. ATM machines are available in all cities. Fridays from 10:30 is clear. Museums, 8:30 to 15:00 is open. Many museums are closed on Mondays. November mid-museum entry is free on Sundays until March. Introduction hours before visiting tourist offices or travel agencies can learn. Shop Opening Hours Most shops are Monday-Wednesday between 09-15.00, Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 to 14:30 and open to visitors between 17:00 to 20:30. 18:00 supermarket every day to open up. Embroidered dish from Greece, through exchange, religious images, and like wine, as well as shopping, clothing, gift items you can get. Ermou: Syntagma square. Consisting of clothing and souvenir shops shopping mall. Kolonaki: Syntagma square Gucci, Lanvin, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton luxury brands such as shopping centers are ranked. Markets: the secular and the Monastiraki flea market note in your calendar. Do not forget to buy flour for cookies from Kavala.

Thessaloniki-Athens-Kalambaka-(KAVALA) TOUR PROGRAM

1. Day: Istanbul - Thessaloniki
22:00 in the evening hours Parking Kadikoy registry, clock 23:00 at 23:45 hours at parks and small farms with Atakoy Tekirdag market movements over the past set out to do İpsala. (Departure time from half an hour before the specified location in your needs.) Approximately 2.5 hour trip after the arrival in our customs and passport procedures to be completed and then moving on to Greece, the Xanthi (Alexandroupolis), Komotini (Komotini), Alexandropouli (Xanthi) and Kavala 686 km from Thessaloniki, Kavala takes over

2. Day: Thessaloniki
Around 8:30 in the morning we arrived in Thessaloniki. We will do our panoramic city sightseeing, Cord, White Tower, Rotating Tower, Exhibition, Thessaloniki, Ottoman and Byzantine Castle and see the works. Greece's largest church, the Church of Hagia Dimitros, Alexander the Great and a statue of Ataturk's house after visiting the settlement offer arrival to our hotel. A brief rest break. Thessaloniki 's famous cafes in the neck cord and a walk to Greece for the famous coffee frappe' nn have tasted. Our guests who wish to be held an extra evening at Tavern opportunity to tour. Overnight in our hotel in Thessaloniki.
TavernaTuru (Per Person): € 40 (£ 81)

Thessaloniki Day 3 - ATHENS
lara from Thessaloniki to Athens from the right separately    s n n ard    are moving to Athens in the morning for breakfast. Will take approximately 503 km na  tired after a travel. (Road and weather conditions  from city tour begin  we. Ard  there may be) Airgora Zeus  by panoramic city tour the next day do, Syntagma - Omonia  (panoramic) as, Parliament Building  nag  Tap k Home, History ğ    Cumhurbaşkanl Başbakanl   Olympic Palace Square, the National Library and Academy  Stadium, Panepistimiou Avenue R.   ndad panoramic city tour of the sights between universities in terms of arrival and settlement of free zaman.Ardından our hotel.  consecutive month extra for guests who wish to be held at Tavern opportunity to tour. Guided tours and shows in our taverns surprise dinner with unlimited drinks included. Overnight in our hotel in Athens.
Tavern Tour (per person): € 50 (£ 101)

Day 4 Athens
History of the World's most famous sites from    s  morning after breakfast we visit one of the Acropolis. (Entrance fees and local guides who desire to guide our  € 15 is payable). After our trip to the Acropolis and Piraeus Pasha  extra guests can be held in Corinth Canal n . Our tour of this world in the honey    k lunch our tour include the passage of ships in the harbor, one of the Corinth canal from    eat and our most famous canal in the honey    m  they'll watch. Work    port of Piraeus to look towards the sunset of the famous drink   Ouzo'nun taste of Greece will be watching. After the tour transfer to hotel and overnight at the hotel.
Trip (per person): € 20 (£ 40)  Corinth Canal
k Dinner Tour (per person): € 35 (£ 71)   Piraeus in the Bal Harbour Pasha

Day 5 Athens - Kalambaka
After breakfast we move Kalambaka'ya. Lamia, Trikala road that will take over approximately 350 km Kalambaka'ya yolculukdan arrive later. After a short rest break we visited the monastery. We then transfer to the hotel and our rooms are located. Evening free time in the center of Kalambaka. Then return to the hotel. Overnight in your hotel.

After breakfast we move to Kavala. Trikala, Larissa road trip through the nearly five-hour arrival in Kavala. Kavala city tour after our lunch break free. Following lunch, Gumuldur, to Alexandroupolis on the border there are İpsala. After customs and passport-free shop'unda Greece to the Turkish border, after passing the free time. After the break our will in Tekirdağ meatballs Work 're moving to Istanbul. We end our tour İstanbula'a arrival. There are estimated to istanbul (22:00 - 24:00). We hope to see you next round ...

Atakoy CARS AT HIM: 23:45


Travel Time
Istanbul - 686 km from Thessaloniki, 9 hours
Thessaloniki - Athens 503 km 5.3 hours
Athens - Kalambaka 350 km 4 hours
Kavala Kalambaka-387 km 3.4 hours
Kalambaka - Istanbul 912 km 11 hours

*** The above hours may occur in customs, or ways does not include waiting time .***

Services included in the service
DETERMINATION of the hotels four nights bed and breakfast,
Thessaloniki, Athens, Kalambaka and KAVALA 'Panoramic DA HALF DAY CITY TOURS.

Services NOT included in the service
Overseas Travel Fee 15 YTL (payable in BANK OF AGRICULTURE.)
PERSONAL expenditure
* GIVE THE CHAIR 0-2 YEARS is for children. SEAT PRICES TALEBİNIZDE are ET Taleb (199 €) (£ 402)