Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The super luxury super yacht

The super luxury super yacht
This price is equivalent to a circle lying in a week. New passion for celebrities and rich people hire yachts

WRITE come with Hollywood stars and the world's leading rich, secluded vacation getaways and started doing. Celebrities to spend a quiet vacation at the most recent period is the preferred method of yachts for rent. Each of the boats in the value of millions of dollars for special tours to be cut prices uçukla makes lips. The price of a luxury yacht with a one week vacation for the price equivalent of a luxury apartment.

Paraffin (330 thousand euros per week)
Paraffin by the firm produced 60-foot Feadship, the crew outside the capacity of 12 passengers. From design to decoration in each line reflecting a combination of classic and modern styles of yachts to the guests are big sports hall offers 360-degree views of the sea.

South (285 thousand euros weekly)
Rossi Navi tersanesince 53-foot custom-built yacht design South, with large aft deck, guests will provide a larger area for sunbathing. Lying in the sun deck and Jacuzzi, fitness room also offers 360-degree views of the sea. Yacht also has two different types of spa shower.

Force Blue (255 thousand euros per week)
Royal Denship 63-meter yacht built by the fifth chamber is located. Lying in the spa, offering beauty and massage services, a section has been serving guests. Ferdinando Tarquini yacht captain, captain of the 2009 Car of the Year was chosen. Yachts, last year had also come to Göcek, tours shore.

Newvida (220 thousand euros per week)
Delta Marine is owned by 49-foot building as a main material Newvida'nın mahogany African tour have been preferable. A jacuzzi on the deck of a passenger capacity of 12 yachts available.

Madrid bullfighting tours are highly popular

Madrid bullfighting tours are highly popular
With the coming of summer vacation plans or those who show great interest in this year round, especially in Madrid.

With the coming of summer vacation plans this year, especially those who show interest tours tours in Madrid.

Madrid, Spain tours, and certainly the most important activities mentioned, is one of the bullfight.

Part of the culture known as the Spanish bullfight while some tours, for those who want to be involved in this culture, some organizations are also considered.

Madrid tours, rather than follow the bullfight arena of events organized for those who want to leave the baby with the hotel so the bulls takes place in the arena.

Fun and so exciting that this kind of organizes the Holidays Tour companies, to Spain this year than last year, more attention is, and especially in Madrid arena, the baby bull and matador of want to do those a lot more than point out.

With this intense interest in Madrid tours travel agents stating they were very pleased with the arena after a visit to the guests, including historical and cultural sites are arranged a city tour.

Organizes tours to Spain for many years, the World Travel Service Travel agency officials this year in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and tours of Andalucia tours are very popular so the report says.