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Prague-Vienna Vacation Tours

Prague-Vienna Vacation Tours
Prague (Czech Praha) Czech Republic's capital and largest city. When was the united capital of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Bohemia is located on the middle of the Vltava River and has a population of 1.2 million. According to the statistics of the number of businesses in addition to the 300,000 people living in Prague is without official registration. Prague, by a wide audience as one of the world's most beautiful cities is shown. City breaks in Prague Tour "Golden City", "Left Bank of the nineties", "Tales of the City", "mother of cities" and "Heart of Europe" as well as the names are called. Since 1992, the historic center of Prague, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) 's are included in the list.

Another characteristic of Prague 2 In World War is very much damaged. Thus contains many historic houses and space. Among these places are St. Vitus Cathedral is also located. In tourism in recent years are much in demand ...

Vienna (German: Wien, Ottoman: Guinea), Austria's capital and largest city, but also the smallest in terms of surface area of the country's nine states. With a population of approximately 1.65 million is the country's most populous city, surrounding counties with approximately two million people live in Vienna, Austria, which also is about a quarter of the population. Vienna round of the European Union in terms of population round the tenth largest city. With the United Nations Office at Vienna United Nations representative has one of the four official centers. The other important international organizations in the city OPEC, OSCE and the International Atomic Energy Örgütü'dür (IAEO).
The layout of the Habsburg dynasty for centuries in the city during that time one of Europe's cultural and political center has become. The city of London, New Y ork and Paris turları'ten holiday with a population of two million, while the world's fourth largest city, I. After World War II have lost one-fourth of the population. Habsburg dynasty, which still bears traces of the old city center and the Schonbrunn Palace, at the request of the Austrian government of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as adopted by the world's cultural heritage is. Stefan is a symbol of Vienna's city center is located in the Church.

Locations to be visited cafes and

Vienna, as well as museums and opera is famous for its delicious cakes and coffee culture. To try a few cafes and coffee cake;
Hotel Sacher Vienna State Operas'ı karsısında "Sacher Torte" with the famous dessert called, tourists, artists frequented the place. Käseparadies (16, Vienna, Brunnenmarkt'da), in addition to good coffee, very tasty looking cheese and Turkey as it does not have Turkish products. Alt Wien, (1, Bäckerstrasse 9) night, 2:00 until clear. Food with a great word, but very difficult to find an empty table. Berg, (9, Berggasse 8) is very popular and modern cafe offering good quality food, but has a friendly atmosphere. Every night 01:00 until clear. Demel, (1, Kohlmarkt 14), one of Vienna's most prestigious cafés. Drechsler, (6, 22 Linke Wienzeile) 4:00 in the morning to open up the space bar or night clubs, especially after leaving the breakfast is quite appropriate to do. But closed on Sunday. Figlmüller; (Backer Street Wollzeile 5 or 6) is close Stephansplatz'a this restaurant is famous for schnitzel

Daily Mirror: Go to Turkey for Holidays

Daily Mirror: Holidays to Turkey to Go
British newspapers, the price drops due to Turkey, has suggested readers.

BRITISH Daily Mirror newspaper, the Eastern Mediterranean, including some destinations in Turkey, starting from 24 per cent due to price declines, according to British family holiday book the offer, he said. Travel pages of newspapers published in the "great opportunity for last minute family vacations," according to the news titled British families still do not book the holiday, holiday tours, when prices have fallen "snow" is case. Recession and the next year, the high tax concerns of the people more careful to spend sevkettiğini indicating DM, "Co-op Travel by a survey the largest price declines in the eastern Mediterranean, Paphos, Crete, Zante and Turkey were also observed, in all 2009 and According to 24 percent price reduction as has detected. Top 20 holiday destination for a family of average expenditure average of 232 pounds (about 600 EURO) fell mentioned news for the family late booking for a strong market emerged, thousands of family discount price holiday buying was noted. DM , a strong pound against the euro tour with the former Spain and France, such as round the old "eye of the" last year, according to the more "accessible" holiday offering, he said.


Republic of Senegal, Senegal River in the south, is a country located in West Africa. Atlantic Ocean in the west of Senegal, Mauritania to the north east Mali, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau in the south is limited.

Green Cape islands round the coast of Senegal, 560 km ötesindedir.Senegal 's capital, except the pink lake, no live bacteria can not live up to the salt.

Continent: Africa Tours
Status: Member States of the United Nations
Capital: Dakar
Cities: Thies, Kaolack
Population: 12,379,000
Area: 196.720 km2
Currency: 1 CFA franc = 100 inches
Language: French, tribal languages
Religion: Islam, Christianity, Animism

HISTORY: Senegal is very little available information available on the first date, and is not certain. Senegal târihini for it, 11 century, graced with Islam, the Senegal River, was founded in the middle section, is appropriate to start with Tekrur Kingdom. In the fifteenth century, when the first Europeans came to the country from the Portuguese. Then 17 century, the French took the area under the controls. French West Africa remained a while. Became independent in 1960. After that, under France's democratic hayâta nüfûzu girdi.Progressiste Sénégalaise as President of the Union, Léopold Senghor became the country's first president. 1963 was a revolutionary attempt to bypass. Dispute with the workers broke out in 1968. Andou prime minister, retired in 1981 after President Abdou Senghor'un became president. State of emergency declared in 1988 as president went on. In 1982, a federation was established in collaboration with Gambia tours. In this federation of states to maintain their independence and were united only in defense and financial matters. Because of this unity, then the dispute broke down in September 1989. Government, dragging the country into instability, internal and external disturbances which held great strides in overcoming the road. April 8, 1991 President Abdou Habib Thiam'ı brought to the prime minister. Abdou was elected president again in elections in 1993.

WEATHER: Senegal, considering the amount of rainfall of three is divided into three regions with distinct vegetation; Sahelian, bölgeleri.Sehelian Sudanik and Casamance region, the average rainfall is 350 mm. Regions of coarse grasses, thorny shrubs and acacia bush is covered with. This is around 900 mm rainfall in the south of the region is Sudanik. Where vegetation is thicker, and more. Silk-cotton and usually have numerous Baobab trees and shrubs of acacia is larger. The rainfall in the Casamance region, ranging from approximately 900 up to 1500 mm. Southwest of the country and in parts of the marsh is covered with tropical forests. Non-forested parts of the greens and abundant rainfall is arâzidir. Cape Verde, the rocky and hilly region, and partly is partly yarıçöl. If the land is generally muddy coastline, tropical forests and mangrove örtülüdür.Senegal of some contrasting climatic restraints hereby. Northern coast of Dakar, and in particular, is open to the sea breeze, a sweet oppose climate. In the region in January, temperatures average about 23 ° C.. As to the North and closer to the Sahara temperature increases suddenly. Casamance'nin south shore due to wind, humidity and a damp yüksektir.Ülkede a marked dry period is two. Rutû holiday season with a bet more are in the Sahelian region and lasts from June to October. Sudanik is in the region from May to November from October to May and humid season Casamance'de reigns.

NATURAL RESOURCES: Senegal Senegal environment brings life and vitality, Salou, Casamance and the Gambia river, the four separate areas of irrigation, to oppose a variety of vegetation. Tropikalmangrov in coastal forests, Sudanik acacia trees and shrubs in the Baobab mevcuttur.Ülkede silk and wild animals do not have much. Pets are more than cattle, sheep and goats are raised.


Republic of The Gambia, West Africa is a country. Is Africa's smallest countries, Senegal and completely surrounded with a short Atlantic coast. Gambia River through the center of the country poured into the Atlantic Ocean.

TURKEY RELATIONS Gambia: Gambia-Turkey relations are in the military gendarmerie training. Gambia Turkish Gendarmerie Training School vardır.Gambiya States visas to visitors from Turkey uygulamamaktadır.Bu friendship all the country's military needs in the context provided by Turkey to the Turkish gendarme lieutenant colonel rank edilmektedir.Bu countries represented in our military. Currently there Construction, Engineering, Food, Cleaning agents are the production is done primarily. Foundries, processing plants, fish, fish bait fishermen in icebox isletmeciligi Factory, Restaurant, Food Equipment is primarily a wholesale supplier of the cement factory are among glass factory and the mines they are needed. Civil Engineering to invest in all areas of textile wholesale We Gambiyada elveriş insaata are very important.

HISTORY: The first records about the Region 9 and 10th century century by Arab traders arrived. 1066 in the Senegal River in the northern kingdom Tekrur residents of the region by creating the first national levels. 14. They connect to the beginning of the century Mali Empire. Portugal 15 DVDs century in the middle of the region reached by sea as trade dominance in the hands aldılar.Gambiya 1843 from British colonies, as they lived in 1965 at independence, and they in 1982 until continued in 1982 in Senegal, le a federation by creating the name SENEGAMBİYA put. The federation ended in 1989 and again dominated the Gambia and Senegal in 1991 with the treaty of friendship and cooperation among them in the imzaladilar.1994 made by a military coup and banned all political studies has been suspended. After the return to democracy in 1996 democratic presidential election was held and after that, as other oddities about the Gambia in Parliament seçimleri.Ayrıca "r" by the people who can not pronounce the letter is discriminated against. Today, violence, discrimination is such that the white-black ayrımıcılığının turları'da 60s America was reached.

Continent: Africa
Status: Member States of the United Nations
Capital: Banjul
Population: 1,709,000
Area: 11.300 km2
Currency: 1 battle = 100 butut
Language: English, Mandingaca, Western Sudan, by
Religion: Islam, Christianity, Animism


In a country in West Africa. It won independence in 1960. Population of 13.521 million, area 475 442 km2.

Gulf of Guinea in the southwest, northwest Nigeria, northeast of Lake Chad in the east of the Central African Republic tours, south of the Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea is located. Yaunde'dır capital. Duala'dır largest city and port. Duala is the capital and 325 kilometers across a narrow coast has karşıyadır.Yaklaşık. Cameroon tours in tropical regions due to an average annual temperature of 21-28 C ° arasındadır.Kamerun in more than 100 different people who speak Bantu languages living community. a discovery for a holiday esşz

DATE: 15 century. Portuguese invaders in the region where the head began to establish colonies. The people of the region's slave trade began. In 1864 the German colony of Cameroon, I. Germany lost World War II tour with England and France were shared between rounds. The first independence movement in 1961 with the federal republic was declared. All countries in 1972 was attributed to a center, and full independence was declared.

Area: 475 442 km ²
Population: 10.874 million
Capital: Yaunda
Major Cities: Yaunda, Duala, Batouri, Bamenda, Ngaoundere
Location: Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo, Central African Republic, Chad, Nigeria to the northwest.
Religion: Animism, Christianity, Islam
Language: English, FransızcaPara unit: Frank
Major geographic areas: Adamava plateaus, Cat Lake, Logone river.
Lions in Waza National Park, elephant, hippopotamus, zebra, yabanmandası, and antelopes live.
The Pygmy in the southwest of the country, live in the woods hunting and reused.


Gabon, officially called the Republic of Gabon, central Africa is a country in the west. In the western Gulf of Guinea, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon in the north and east is surrounded by the Congo. August 17, 1960 Since winning independence from France in the year only two were managed by an administrator. Small population, adequate natural resources and foreign investment in the country to become one of the richest countries in the region has brought.

Climate: tropical; weather is always hot and humid.
Terrain: Narrow coastal plain, hilly interior, great treeless plains in the east and north.
Height above sea level: lowest point: Atlantic Ocean 0 m highest point: 1.575 m. Ibounci Hill.

Continent: Africa
Status: Member States of the United Nations
Capital: Librevil
Hotels in Port Gentil
Population: 1,331,000
Area: 267.670 km2
Currency: 1 CFA franc = 100 inches
Language: French, Bantu languages
Religion: Christianity