Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tourists like place

Tourists like place
Europe's tourist numbers as you move through the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is inevitably compared to the people of Antalya. Moving squares, streets were lively ...

Meeting, dating, entertainment and recreation rather than for those who prefer squares. Art show is also done here, even the market is established in the public squares. The city's vitality, joy, happiness rises from the square. Turları'ın minibus filled the narrow streets of Amsterdam, not only the tram goes. But the king of the road bicycle none other.

It was one of dozens in the square in Amsterdam Leidseplein Square. He had the air of spring and cafe tables in front were full. Accordion was playing baseball hats, young man. Illizyonist less in the future, the air seemed to stop. The man immediately blasted the other side. Queen of the house, including the famous Dam Square was full of toys to amusement parks. Even the giant Ferris wheel were made during the Easter here.

Golf, bridge and CYCLING

The Dutch prefer to holiday in Turkey because of the number at 650-700 thousand, although this figure is increasing every year. Especially golf, and cycling tourism biriç lot of interest.

Netherlands and in Belgium 'Crazy Turks' so-called Corendon Tour Operator company owners Atilay Uslu and Yildiray Karaer and General Managers Berk Motivation aircraft fleet 7'e interests tell them the 1198-seat capacity this year with a million tourists to Turkey aims at transferring what they said.

Flights to Cyprus, where they can think of to move the five-thousand passengers. Corendon in the Netherlands for several years to maintain market leadership. For example, 33 percent of those who prefer to holiday in Turkey Corendon brings. German tourism giant TUI is a partner company closed due to lack of market share. In this way, 40 percent of the market share is expected.

Uslu and Yildiray Corendon'un center reported. Since the bridge, let alone the game may be held for the tour, recently for golf tourism is a center of Antalya, said that interest. Five thousand golfers from last year's crisis, but only in the Netherlands as Corendon Belek, Antalya tours turları'e told they carry.

Atilay Uslu, "alternative tourism packages in the industry revive stagnant period, we showed you," he said.


Müşterileleriyle thoughts about the future of golf was transferred Atilay Uslu:

"It's important destinations. Holland by plane golf tourism to the customer number of 10 thousand. Five thousand golf customers prefer Turkey has, for example. The biggest competitors Britain. Cataloged in advance brings pre-holiday selling, the customer connects. But holidays in Turkey 'most good for golf tours in Europe ".

Tennis tournament for two thousand passengers were also Uslu said. 12 months of these activities are important to tourism, he said.

In the Netherlands 27 years as a teacher working after retirement that Alice Powder, 12 months installment holiday with a choice in this country the first place and that the Dutch crisis despite the holiday abandon not the holiday period kısalttarak still the need for expenditure told.

Powder, the Dutch had stressed the importance for the golf course is important, although each area golf courses, golf courses all over the world could be said for the trip. Powder that observation was passed: "Here, officer salaries and humans golf clubs can participate. So rich in the game of say a little wrong is. Children, young families and golf courses love. Consider this time must be in Turkey.


And shots of the artists called Roy Raymonds'un Phoenician resort in TVs showing music videos in the Netherlands was introduced. With this kind of music in the Netherlands 'Top 40' are selected and a holiday atmosphere is created in the country. It's related to Turkey is expected to enter into a sort of beautiful. Atilay Uslu, holiday music and children and the mothers said they intend to affect. Because of the continued crisis in the Netherlands, a practice unprecedented in the 12th installment of holiday packages have seen considerable interest.

Uslu and Karaer Corendon'un bosses, far from tourism rather than by participating in various exhibitions have aimed to strengthen Turkey's image. For example, housewives are fair very seriously. Four in the Netherlands, Belgium to attend the fair in two different customers told us they were trying to win.

Atilay Uslu of Turkey's tourism industry a big chance for Corendon, Oger and Turkey, who think like GTI 'specialist' is that the presence of private tour operators said.


Europeans buying property in Turkey has decreased due to the crisis, came to a standstill. Real estate expertise and we know Jacob Knight last in case we asked, "Europeans in other countries, real estate investment took a break. But this relevance to own. The crisis will pass once again will come alive I hope. Currently the Turkish citizens in Turkey real estate purchases accelerated. Because the prices quite attractive case. Aegean and Mediterranean Sea beaches are preferred, "gave the money.

Bosnia and Herzegovina axis Tour record

Our holiday in Bosnia and Herzegovina axis Tour record
In recent years, great interest is the Balkans at the beginning of the holiday resort. Bosnia and Herzegovina's natural beauty and fascinating history which does not require visas for Turkish tourists and attracts a fair price.

In recent years, great interest is the holiday resort at the beginning of the Balkan Tours. Fascinated with history and natural beauty of the Tour of Bosnia and Herzegovina to be able to go through visa-free tours and reasonable prices attract tourists to Turkey. Reasonable price to Balkan countries, and historical and natural beauty of the Turkish tourism has become popular in recent years. Particularly the most preferred regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the beginning of round. Ottomans own mosques, bridges, inns, baths, libraries, madrasas, like hundreds of work in Bosnia Herzegovina Tours, the wealth, as well as almost become attractive in terms of tourism and the Turkish country, it also ties of relationship and association of fate on between the Turks in Bosnian with the visa of the country is hosting.


Austria, Hungary and the Ottoman Empire and the heritage of the West with nearly a synthesis of East Sarajevo, travel point of appealing to tourists. Anatolia, especially in parts of Sarajevo Başçarşı do not call it is possible to experience the landscape. Hosting options for every budget travel in Sarajevo, there are five-star luxury hotels, hostels and day 10 euros, also has to be the host.

Now you are POPs OTTOMAN

Indispensable to the catalogs with photos of Bosnian tourism, holiday and Başçarşı Dispenser ... Başçarşı, single-storey shops, with fountains and pigeons are still here, I'm going around here smells like the Ottomans. Coppersmith, jewelers and stone streets of true Grand Bazaar uncovered a microcosm that Başçarşı'da right with a left with a series of cafes 'Bosnia or Turkish as' adlandırlan 'coffee' with today's fatigue can be taken. Here again, the 'Cevabçı'larda (kebab) in Turkey' can satisfy your stomach with a clone of İnegöl Meatballs. Srebrenica to the Bosnian war, the witness may be the most painful times. Distance of approximately one clock Vişegrad'a Potoçari Cemetery, near Srebrenica in the different birth dates, death dates, but thousands of people with the same grave, makes a shocking sight. Trip to Srebrenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina can complete your holiday, perhaps painful, but it may be a meaningful visit.

How to go to Bosnia?

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sarajevo, starting at first holiday. In this context, aircraft or land is preferable. From Bosnia to Turkey, a country and between countries are taken into account if this is the best choice to travel by plane. 5 days per week from istanbul Turkish Airlines flight to Sarajevo is located. Also at stake in Bosnia Airways 49 percent last year, also considering the purchase of Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to Sarajevo every day aircraft have.