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The name of the new holiday concept: Slow Holiday

The name of the new holiday concept: Slow Holiday
Slow holiday in Antalya in Turkey for five years serving representative HavaSu village, they provide their guests a day in a week's rest ambitious.

The concept of vacation is now the world is changing. Tourism industry imposed holiday experience to the people of the rest of the people putting far too much. Holidaymakers are stuck between concrete walls, eyes and food queues in continuous time spend their time. Grab sunbeds, wake up early in order not to miss breakfast starts the day the resort combined with koşturmacası dinner rush out and turns.

HavaSu in the Slow Holiday Village!

New holiday concept is called "Slow Holiday''. Slow holiday in Turkey, Antalya tours representatives who serve for five years HavaSu a weekly rest day to a village to the guests about what the ambitious.

Consisting of wooden houses among the pine trees HavaSu village, fresh air, magnificent views of the surrounding bays and ancient cities, who want their guests to relax in a short time makes sense of a long rest.

Village started the morning with breakfast HavaSu 08:30 until 12:00 noon, continues. To worry about missing breakfast guests do not want to live HavaSu owner and operator of the village known each breakfast Saglamer pair, who lived in the house is intended to happen, such as Sunday breakfast. Of the family came together for a long vacation every day for breakfast chats live in the urban family gives to the completion of the missing communication. Lunch can be taken at any time.

If dinner does not begin before nightfall. Saglamer pair caused it as "a magnificent view of the sunset so that guests do not want to miss this scene. When the sun sets over the sea and sky, the sea is always changing as marbling. Ebru while watching this in the human body, the soul can not avoid the exhaustion of the horses. A kind of meditation, nature, time to watch it now. So you get into a natural look that would become our nature, the nature of you. And eventually would be ONE. Of nature all over you and your energy is flowing. Are completely renovated. After a dinner feast of renewal, this increases the quietness of the people''he says.

No, but business people in the village of HavaSu television business for a long time they thought they could not stay away from the wireless internet connection available.

Originally known as the village hosts HavaSu nightingales, finches, squirrels, chickens, cats and dogs all the time guests smile on his face as officials try to create.

In the art studio artist in the village of Nur Saglamer HavaSu produced jewelry, clothes or any of the pictures you want to ensure that only one produced a product you know will cause you to feel different.

Fishing enthusiasts Haluk Saglamer organized by private boat tours of the five islands, Cape Gelidonya, Mavikent coast on one hand the fish while keeping one hand on the green and blue interior is a cross-bays in their eyes, soul and body to the holiday feeling does.

Gourmet kitchen, which has a rich village of HavaSu the main station

Arab guide to Turkey

Arab guide to Turkey
Nizar Bitar Syrian businessman, Arab tourists to Turkey in two volumes consisting of 700 pages has prepared a guide.

Issues such as visas and transportation routes in the manual as well as daily habits and values of the Turkish people were given information. Arab tourists,''the motherland of Turkish people, are sensitive issues such as flags and Ataturk. Warning''Do not talk about these issues was remarkable.

Bitar, and the manual was prepared in four years at 4 million miles traveled almost all around in Turkey, he said. Photos are used for close to two thousand Klavuzda Bitar, taking photos of his own, he said.

Bitar, the idea is to set guidelines about six years ago during his visit to Turkey in the blood stolen money after seeing a Syrian youth emerged, he said.

Culture and Tourism Ertugrul Gunay SUCH PRE-PRINT

Bitar, talking in front of Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay and his guide consists of seven sections that can come from 24 Arab countries with the necessary information for tourists, he said.

Turkey and Turkey's history began with the guide, visa type, vehicle visa and Turkey were in visa expires in such cases made the information included telling his Bitar,''Transportation''under the weather, sea and land related information is transferred said.

Bitar, guides the university telephone numbers, fairs, festivals organizations such as the date and content, nature, sports, convention tourism, such as alternative tourism types can be made where, as well as fog and landslide risks such as the region of the related information and warnings included, he said.


7 regions under different headings in the manual are described with photos, significant historical and natural sights of the region with food, traditional culture is also included such details.

Bitar, along with the region is trying to tell people in the region also found in the manual also said Laz jokes.

Various adverse conditions encountered during the tourist trip reminded Bitar,''such as traffic rules and penalties have included legal information as well. I put the manual in general commercial law. Apart from this, a Turkish citizen of Arab tourists in the case of the davalık has to do and places to communicate well told,''he said.

TRAVEL AGENCIES IN TURKEY''''does not know the value of

Bitar, Arab tourists in Turkey, go to the same place and said,''a beautiful country Turkey, but Turkey's Turkish and Arab travel agents do not know value. Arab tourists all the same,''he said of the route.

Born in a village near the Syrian border with Turkey and that their efforts to find out who told the Turkish Bitar,''I love Turkey very much. Turkey, a great country with history and culture. Arab tourists at every turn, Turkey; to make multiple visits and each visit of the appeal would go to a different place,''he said.

The relationship between the two countries and offered to contribute to Bitar,''the officer at the Turkish border some of the negative impact on Turkey's image''he asserted.

Bitar, guiding with a DVD containing more detailed information and 24 hour service will also be given a phone system is also working to create what they said.

Holiday Tour of Burkina Faso Mali

Holiday Tour of Burkina Faso Mali
Financial, or official name the Republic of Mali (French: République du Mali), located in West Africa is a country landlocked.

Mali, Africa is the seventh largest country and Algeria in the north, Niger to the east, south, tours in Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast, Guinea in the southwest and western border with Senegal and Mauritania share tours. Approximately 1.24 million km2 in surface area and estimated population of almost 12 million people. Bamako, the capital of the country.

Consisting of eight regions in Mali's northern border in the middle reaches of the Sahara desert, most of the country's population lived in the south of the Niger and Senegal rivers in the region are included. Ideal for holidays and trips is an address. The main sectors of the country's economic structure, agriculture and fishing sectors. Some of Mali's natural resources, gold, uranium, and salt. Financial, that is considered one of the world's poorest countries.

Three times today the Republic of Mali empire in West Africa tour was part of the Ghana Empire, the Mali Empire (the country's name was derived from the empire) and the Songhay Empire. 19. Towards the end of the century, Mali, Sudan, the French under French administration was part of. , 1959 Mali, Senegal won its independence as the Mali Federation. Mali Mali Federation after a year the state became independent. Single-party system after a long period after the 1991 coup has been writing a new constitution and Financial democratic, multi-party system became a state.


* Geographical position: 17:00 N, 4:00 W
* Map references: Africa
* Area: 1.24 million sq km
* Boundaries: total: 7.243 km
* Border countries: Algeria 1,376 km, Burkina Faso 1,000 km, Guinea 858 km, 532 km from the Ivory Coast, Mauritania, 2.237 km, Niger 821 km, Senegal 419 km
* Coastline: 0 km (landlocked)
* Climate: subtropical desert climate varies.
* Sea level height:
he lowest point: Senegal River 23 m
o Highest point: Hombori Tondo 1,155 m
* Natural resources: gold, phosphates, kaolin, salt, limestone, uranium, hydropower
* Land use:
that arable land: 2%
o Permanent crops: 0%
o Grazing: 25%
o Forest land: 6%
* Other: 67% (1993 est.)
* Irrigated land: 780 sq km (1993 est.)
* Natural disasters: Harmattan winds, repeated droughts
* Geographic note: landlocked


Main article: Demographics of Mali

In July 2007, Mali's estimated population was 12 million, and 2.7% of the population growth rate is. [1] Most of the financial population (68% in 2002) five-and 10% for rural and nomadic people of Mali are. [2] 90'undan% of the population than in the southern part of the country, especially as the population of one million people are living Bamako'da. [2]

2007, 48% fifteen years younger than the people of Mali, 49% between the ages of 15 and 64, were older than 65 and 3% of the holiday. [1] The median age was 15.9. [1] 2007 birth rate of 49.6 for every 1,000 people many births, the fertility rate of one every 7.4 children for women. [1] 2007 mortality rate, 16.5 grains of death for every 1,000 people. Total duration of 49.5 years of life expectancy at birth (47.6 for men and 51.5 for women). [1] 2007, 106 of them for every 1000 births one death [1] and Mali, the world's highest infant mortality rate has .

Burkina Faso, West Africa is a small country, is the former name of Upper Volta. To the south of the Sahara Desert, is located in northern Ghana. Capital, Ouagadougou'dur. Border countries, Benin 306 km, Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire) 584 km, Ghana 548 km, Mali 1,000 km, Niger 628 km, Togo 126 km.


Geographical coordinates: 13 of 00 parallel, 2 00 W
Area: 274.200 sq km (land: 273.800 sq km, water: 400 km ²)
Population: 13,925,313 boundaries: total: 3.192 km
Coastline: 0 km (landlocked)
Maritime claims: none (landlocked)
Climate: tropical, temperate and dry winters, warm summers and rainy
Terrain: large part of the country, is dominated by eroded upgrade, lateritli covered with a layer of rock is composed of a broad plateau. Sandstone plateau in south-west, is bordered by rocky Banfora.
Height above sea level: The lowest point Mouhoun (Black Volta) River 200 m
Highest point: Tena Kourou 749 m
Natural resources: manganese, limestone, marble, small deposits of gold, antimony, copper, nickel, bauxite, lead, phosphates, zinc, silver
Land use: arable land: 13% permanent pastures: 22% forests and woodland: 50% permanent crops: 0% other: 15% (1993 est.)
Irrigated land: 200 sq km (1993 est.)
Natural hazards: Recurring droughts

Geographical note: All landlocked
Burkina Faso, is composed of 13 regions of the country is one of the poorest countries on earth. Migration is triggered by the country's high unemployment rate. Education in the country, primary, secondary and tertiary education to consist of three parts. However, education is paid. For example, a period of one year in secondary schools need to pay $ 65 to read about. This situation leads to many children's education alamamasınına. Is an American private school in the capital. United Nations Development Programme report, according to 12.8% in meters literacy rate in the earth at least literacy rate of countries with konumundadır.Nüfus increase:% 3:00 (2006 estimates) the average life expectancy 50 and under. A large part of the population to the south and center of the country were collected. About 5,000 Europeans live Burkina Faso. 50si% of the population Muslim, Christian 30%,% 20si Africa belongs to religion. States of iron, manganese and gold deposits are located.