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Egypt and the Arab world's most populous city is the capital. Many times the city's name by the Egyptians as the country's name Misru Arabic, Egyptian Arabic as the Masri adlandırılır.Kahire 7,734,614 in the city, the suburb with a population of more than 15 million of the African continent is the most populous capital. This city, the Egyptian head of state appointed by the governor of Egypt and surrounding countries edilmektedir.Kahire administered by the political, economic and cultural center is located. Egypt's government, parliament, government offices and diplomatic missions in Cairo bulunmaktadır.Kahire hosted most of the many universities, colleges, theaters, museums and monuments is the arteries of the country. Old Cairo, a UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979 bulunmaktadır.Kahire Museum, the Pyramids area, popular with tourists around the Nile River is one of the unique places.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Located in the Sinai Peninsula, Arab Republic of Egypt, Africa, Asia and northern Africa, the land rises on linking. Mediterranean and the Red Sea coast of Egypt, with 70 million inhabitants, the world's 15th The 2nd African is the most populous country. A large part of the population were collected in the vicinity of the Nile River. Egypt, Giza, the Sphinx and Great civilizations throughout history, ongoing, including the pyramids are known for. Egypt's capital Cairo, Egypt's north coast and the Nile River are located on the island. A quarter of the population live here. Cairo, the country's economy, trade, population, health, media, transportation and education center. One of the most populous metropolis, Cairo, the world's 7th alanıdır.Kahire most populous settlement in skyscrapers, modern boulevards and parks can not meet. Buildings in the city dating back centuries prevails. Cairo, old temples, Christians, Jews and Muslims belong to monuments, modern art and sculpture, ancient times, especially the Pharaoh-era settlements, pyramids and the Nile River and attention a kenttir.Kent centers located in the Cairo Tower, Nile River, in the Gezira Island 's is located in the district of Zamalek. 187-meter high tower, 43 meters from the Great Pyramid of Giza is higher. The panoramic view from the tower of the city looks fascinating. Egypt, a country known for the pyramids all over the world. Most of the pyramids of Cairo to find around 100 were collected. This magnificent ancient building is located in the south of the Nile Delta. Giza'da the Great Pyramids are the country's most famous buildings. These archaeological structures, able to survive the Seven Wonders of the World is one example. Darb al-Ahmar'da the fort, the city is the most visited places. 7th century ruler of Egypt have made their home and this place has a dispersed settlement of three different mosques, palaces and terraces overlooking the city comes to the fore. Islamic Cairo and the urban world, referred to as belonging to the Islamic period of intensive work in the region, are also included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Salahide the Muhammad Ali Mosque in the fortress, many of the most popular tourist attraction is the mosque. Beit al-Suhaymi Gamalliyat'da area, is one of the finest examples of Islamic Cairo. This family accommodation consisting of architectural, interior garden, with draws all the attention. Darb al-Bab Zuweila Ahmar'da the tower with two doors is a magnificent venue. Fatimids period (1092 AD) built this structure as the southern gate of the city of the kingdom kullanılmıştır.Downtown in (the city), the Egyptian Museum, the largest collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities are on display. 136 000 pieces of antiques are on display in the museum collection and exhibitions are used as storage rooms where tens of thousands of parts are valuable. City in central Tahrir Square, located at and neoclassical buildings, the Royal Mummy Room (Royal Wax Museum), the Pharaoh, belongs to the period of about 27 mummies to within barındırır.Nil River in the last 7000 years long history of Cairo, very diverse and colorful cultures have. Modern art, music, dance, theater, cinema, galleries and many of the most important cultural center, rich urban culture parçalarıdır.Zamalak 'ta the Gezira Art Center, is home to four galleries. Short term, this cultural center, exhibitions, a cinema, a conference room and has an open-air theater. There are approximately 10,000 paintings and sculptures. Hussein al Me'mar Paha Street took place and three exhibition floors consisting of the Townhouse Gallery, a contemporary arts of interest to residents of the city center. National Cultural Center, located in a section of the Cairo Opera House, the city's most important performing arts center. Nile island of Gezira in the opera house, dance, performance is most important place to exhibit. Throughout the year where jazz, classical music, opera, ballet, Arab music and other cultural events in many cities düzenlenmektedir.Ayrıca club offers live music throughout the entire week. The five-star hotel in the city west of the most popular Arabic and Arabic music is played most of the examples sunar.Tiyatro game. Kasr el Nile and the city's most important theatrical centers in Miami. Cairo International Film Festival was first held in August 16, 1976. Reveal the richness of urban culture in the world-famous cultural events in the western and eastern artistic, cultural motifs of traditional dance is very popular getirir.Kahire together. Widely in the city and it is taught belly dancing. Horseback riding and river boat ride in between the major tourist activities. Take a trip back into the pyramid is very popular. Dating from earlier periods in each point of the river are large sailboats. By renting a sailboat on the Nile in this wonderful city to tour the city's culinary culture mümkündür.Geleneksel and international cuisine will bring. Africa, America, Europe, Middle East, West, Mediterranean, India, China, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Taiwan, Greece and many more kitchen-quality taste offering a kenttir.Kahvaltılıklar, between meals, fish and seafood, meat, vegetarian dishes, steak and barbecue restaurant in the city a different atmosphere with the most notable are the preferred food. Pizza restaurants, from traditional and international cuisine offers delicious dishes. Fuul (mashed beans) and taameya (baklalı fried buns), especially for the working population, the city's most preferred among the traditional breakfast. Koshary traditional fast food meals, especially lunches are consumed in abundance. Koshary, rice, pasta and sauce made from tomatoes or pain is a food. Kofu and other famous local food is fried chicken. Moreover, Egypt is widely available in the city of pizza. Ahwa, cafes are unique to the city. The city almost anywhere in the Ahwalar, tea, coffee (ahwa), hot chocolate, cola, fruit juice, cinnamon, orchid tubers, ganzabeel (ginger), star anise tea, a wide range of drinks, offering mekânlardır.Kentin shopping in every price many souvenirs It is possible to find. Pyramids made of alabaster, onyx souvenirs made from local, painting papyrus and camels in a sawdust-filled, you can buy souvenirs are among the main regional. Souq'lar (Arab market), constitute the most important shopping areas of the city. 8 Khan al-Khalili area in Al Khoronfesh Market Street, Cairo, the most fun and that shopping is the most preferred by tourists. It is the heart of Islamic art. Jewelry, antiques, high quality spices, cheap clothes, quality local gift shop, perfume shops, cafes and many more alternatives can be found here. Gold Market, Silver Market, Spice Market and Market Pavilion (south of Bab Zweyla'nın) are among the city's other major markets. In Cairo, a shop selling local products and gifts, as well as numerous shops, supermarkets, bookstores and shops are located. Citystars Shopping Centre, Egypt's largest modern shopping center. Madi Grand Shopping Center, Patch Center and Shopping Center in Cairo Nile Hilton is one of the most important shopping centers.

SEE MUST PLACES: Pyramids of Giza - Sakkara Pyramids - Sphinx - Memphis ruins - Khan Al-Khalili bazaar - Al-Qalaa Castle - Sultan Hassan Mosque - Ben Ezra synagogue - Zamalek Island - Al-Azhar Mosque - Heliopolis district - Cairo Tower - Sharia Al Mu'izz Li-Din Allah (street) - Get Fustat souk (market) - Mohamed Ali Mosque - Fortress of Babylon - Statue of Ramses II - Unknown Soldier Monument

MUSEUMS: Egyptian Antiquities Museum (Egyptian Museum), - Islamic art museum - Bayt al-Kiritliya Museum - the Ethnography Museum - Museum of Memphis


Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza (5*)

Conrad Cairo (5*)

Marriott Cairo (5*)

Semiramis InterContinental(5*)

Grand Hyatt Cairo (5*)

Nile Hilton (5*)

Sofitel El Gezirah (5*)

Sheraton Cairo (5*)

InterContinental Citystars (5*)

Talisman Hotel de Charme (butiq)

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