Monday, July 12, 2010

season holidays in hotel

Instead of summer, holiday fashion season is at the hotel
London's tourist season of summer villa rentals in Fountain County 25-40 thousand pounds, varies between a five-star hotel in the 12-18 thousand, a small boutique-style hotel in the holiday season under the 10 thousand pounds, it is possible to do.

Turkey's major holiday destinations are changing habits in Çeşme cottage rental. Previously found more convenient to rent a house or a small boutique hotel with five-star now in the seasonal rooms, apartments and vacation rental is preferred. Hotel officials as the most important factor that shows the pressure of his wife. In summer a week-long pre-season cleaning, maintenance, development of all guests in the shopping, entertainment and after washing, washing their troubles close properly, the ladies could not take a vacation, the hotel is preferred.

Ilica Hotel General Manager Jacob Dickinson, rented the room rate for the previous year by 2 percent in the summer - does not exceed 3, but now 15 per cent of the hotel said that they began marketing such as summer homes. Çiftlikköy Dalyanköy wait until the loan and noted an increase in the number of villas for sale Iron, called it the escape from the summer. A holiday in Turkey is now the seat of culture stated that it is possible to say that Jacob Dickinson, according to the economic situation of families for a week, 10 days a month, said two months vacation. From their holidays last year, changes in demand that they receive the signal indicating iron, "This trend has increased this year, quite. From one week to four weeks to keep the cottage began to compare the amount of demand for such rooms. In hotels, bed room, a lounge, kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, terrace and a family that can be accepted are 22 apartments. But the ladies of the family does not want to enter the kitchen and laundry problems. More demand for hotel rooms with half board or full board. Ie, either room, breakfast, dinner or room, breakfast, lunch and dinner, "he said.


In the context of the demands they make some changes themselves Yakup Demir explains, "In line with the wishes of the guests rooms have been re-designed. Sine qua non of cottage barbecue once a week or two once we do onl holiday special. In summer they may feel their purpose. In addition, between the 'one a week to go in Bodrum turları'a at all that if we call him as well. We're making changes to reservations and time shifting, that's not the way to end a week of vacation, "he said. Iron also provides information on prices, "June 15 to August 15, 2010 between the price of 2 plus 2 is 12 thousand apartments, hotel rooms are within the 16-18 thousand pounds among the changes. Price of this two-month season. Seasonal price of a house on a site if you think that 25 thousand pounds, we're 30 percent cheaper görürsürüz "he said.


Dolphins General Manager Tayfun Bashkir under the last five years in pre-season All aparts filled the hotel, he said. Bashkir holiday in Turkey, emphasizing the culture has changed, initially only rich people had their summer villas and spent their holidays here, the people doing the day to swim or enjoy a picnic he recalled. Especially bank lending to the 12 month term vacation and holiday began to change a culture that tells Tayfun Bashkir, said: "Middle-income group, while experiencing these changes, variations exist in the sector began. Past ostentatious villas, especially on weekends with friends hosted by barbecue, pool enjoyed making, while time house wives from shopping, keep the guests, the host of, dishwashing, house cleaning and then vacation is doing or normal times, more than trying to realize that now. It is home to two months before the season tips-wash painting, maintenance costs, other times sub sites, shared pool, private villas more expensive than the security costs of primer then he realized coming. We did not go to any price increase for five years. Aparatlarımız two months between June and September 12-18 among a thousand pounds. Our guests have the same apartments rent for five years. "

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