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Where are they on holiday?

Where are they on holiday?
Here are sending millions of European tourists on holiday vacation tourism preferences of their boss

Send millions of tourists here on holiday for the European tour tourist vacation preferences of their boss

German DDP Agency, "Where do you vacation" question, in the European tourism industry bosses and managers personally asked and received very interesting answers. Here are profiles of the European tourism bosses ...

President Tours TUI Germany Böttcher: MALLORCA
For example Touristik Union International (TUI), Germany Volker Böttcher President, with his family, the most preferred tourist destination of Germans would choose Mallorca'yı. Böttcher, "Try believe," he says and adds: "Most of the Germans are going to that island. So as not mislead people, and I'm very pleased with there "

Thomas Cook Thomas Cook AG group of Directors of the company in Germany. Rate. Chair. "Signifies, Peter Frankhauser, on vacation with his family for most of the country is going to Switzerland:" to ride, to search for mushrooms in the woods ... We love the nature of Switzerland. "

Germany's third largest tour operator group, the REWE Holding dependent REWE Touristik Group CEO Sören Hartmann, long holidays or short path prefers his family in Germany on holiday says: "In particular, the northern beaches and Sylt island like it very much. Course necessarily get hot and the sea, boys, go to the coast for a week tour of Greece. "

Oger group owned tour company, Oger Tours opratörü Thomas Cook, founder and chairman of the board Vural Oger group's preference does not surprise anyone: most Vural Oger is on holiday in Turkey. "Only two or three times this year, I made a Hawaiian vacation, but we are open to innovations."

Among those who prefer to go farther, the course of Directors of the company group. Rate. Michael Freese members: the long trip up North, not as Scotland, Norway tours or going to Canada with his family. Freese, "family love the wilderness and beaches are untouched. We have to face, but we watch, we longshore cycling is good for us, "he says.

German Travel Association (DRV) is President Klaus Laepple, beach holidays in warm areas, sand and sun wants to pass along. indicating that the experiments described Laepple holiday, "and much like before we went Tenneriffa'ya but have recently started going to the countries of the UAE. The hotels are much like family there, "he said.

Discount family vacation packages

Discount family vacation packages
Many families in Britain, was postponed as the postponement of holiday bookings. Reservations for vacationers to leave their past due

Many families in Britain, as the delay has postponed their tour bookings. Leave the past due to vacationers booking, tour operators, families began to experience difficulty in marketing their packages. Britain's largest tour operators, accumulate in the hands of the family package is going the way of price cuts to sell.

Britain's major tour operators The Co-Op Travel, yet could not sell more than last year's tour is the reason, the current tour took the decision to go on sale. 'according to the published news, The Co-op Travel in a statement, family holiday trips this year than last year, market prices are cheaper.

Prices are pushing operators to drop out of the British family on holiday this summer is not yet clear if; the whole crisis, the 2010 World Cup, the British Airways strike and the country's turmoil in the economy is connected to.

According to the research of the company, the Eastern Mediterranean, compared to last year, prices of holiday trips are the most protected region. Turkey, Crete, Cyprus, tours of the island of Rum Zanta Paphos town after cutting prices on most destinations is determined as the fall occurred.

According to the Co-op Travel Company, the British holiday vacationers with the most preferred holiday tour of 20 destinasyonlardaki prices fell by 13.5 percent.

The Co-operative Travel retail sales manager Trevor Davis, said on the subject:

"This year British holiday bookings so later. Consequently, the family package prices through marketing companies, go to the wall. With these thousands of family vacation programs, much cheaper prices in markets began to be supposed to mean. For example, last year Baf'a was done with The average package price per person was 641 pounds. This year, the same package of £ 407.50 per person price is expected to decline. "

Two large tour operator Thomas Cook and Thomson Holidays tour is not selling how much or how much they will go on sale did not explain.

Thomas Cook officials just as the euro zone that Spain and Greece tours, tour destinations, such as contact with hoteliers and so late in the book that the price situation in the face of a thousand customers said they try not.

Thomson TUI officials is common, yet did not explain in the report of the third period for the economy to explain the matter is too early to tell.

Cheap holiday destinations in Turkey expensive

Cheap holiday destinations in Turkey expensive
Daily Telegraph: "Turkey in the cost of cheap holiday destinations"

Daily Telegraph, the British summer holiday package rates for families of Europe compared to last year is cheaper, but now as before Turkey's "cheap," said would not be considered. Holiday destinations in Turkey's European tour of Italy and France, countries that were recorded after the third most expensive.

Daily Telegraph'ta the "cheaper holidays in Europe for British travelers on" the news, go to holiday resorts in Europe this summer, the family says the budget will be comfortable. Portugal, Greece and Cyprus tours, island tours, shops and restaurants at prices 20 percent lower than last year, according to the newspaper stating that, in the last period of the pound against the euro due to the appreciation, he said.


Post Office's Family Report Europe's 12 vacation regions, various products price compare the research included newspaper, Portugal, Bulgaria, tours, and Spain's 69, 73 and 78 pound prices, the lowest figures seen in the country are reported. Daily Telegraph, "I often euro area, a suitable alternative is evaluated as Turkey, Dead Sea yönesinde 115.47 pound costs the most expensive destinations holiday one. 12 products of 134 and 141 pounds at a cost of the Tour de France, and Italy, the most expensive regions," said.
Gazette research publishing company officials, "Portugal and Spain tour holidaymakers to get back rates while reducing in France the prices a year before higher. Even more surprising is what Turkey is currently at one time as a cheap destination is not. One of the family by the sea For vacation this year, 12 percent higher than costs, "he also took part. Officials of the Turkish lira against the state, partly in sterling depreciated by 10 per cent were connected to.


Some euro area countries, the prices to fall, although Co-operative Travel by travel agent research, the traditional Mediterranean tours, stopovers in 2012 from the English by prefers not to reveal noted the Daily Telegraph'ta "Western Mediterranean reservations percent this year, 11.6 fell. Spain With France and Italy's base in Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, tours and Turkey is shifting. Co-operative Travel, 2012 as package holidays will British percent of the 38 more than the four countries that go to one would estimate "statement took place.

Hot and cold holiday tips

Hot and cold holiday tips
The effect of summer upon us we felt more in the following days, job stress and a desire to move away from the chaotic environment of urban life had reached a stage ...

Under the circumstances, vacation planning starts from the day before. Often could not see the beauty for a holiday at the end of our nose, we will gravitate to distance ourselves.

Yet at the end of our nose, not without the extraordinary resort region ...

Eg Avşa Island ...
So far and have seen countless holiday visit to the region, although did not fall my way Avşa Island. Prepare a small suitcase for three days last week and I went Avşa'ya.

After traveling all my troubles and my sorrow Erdek land left and lifts, air-conditioned trolley boat was sailing in a pleasant journey. Tours of Marmara between large and small archipelago floating dock two hours later we reached Avşa. Square pier settlement is also on the island, was quite moving. Disembarked, and the crowd involved in the island's inner walking towards the whitewashed houses, narrow streets overflowing crowd of beach length listed location with uninterrupted sea with 24 hours of sleep do not Avşa'nın four per prosperous holiday island of view is witnessed. In addition to vacation here, very economical ...

Most of the hostel accommodation facilities at home perversion. Can not give up the comfort of the hotel facilities are also ideal for. After visiting several facilities to the beach, 50 meters away, I decided to stay in hotels Ayata. This is both clean and away from the bustle of the beach is a suitable accommodation for the head to listen.

After dinner I went down to the beach to explore the island. The pier is divided into two on one side of the island, while silence reigned, on the other side is continued until the early morning light entertainment. Outdoors island casino night, turns your taste and place musical also available. Live music venues listed throughout the coast almost to the sea and is accompanied by moonlight.

Avşa'nın not have its own kitchen. In addition to the fish restaurants along the coast from meat to potatoes taste, appealing to all palates in places you can eat. And sold in every corner of your plum pudding or night, you can add a different taste.

Avşa'nın sea, sun and sand, also known as bonds. Table wines of the island to be found anywhere. Blue Cove wines Adakarası most preferred ones va ...

In the center of the island beach, serving in the parallel market is very crowded during the day is over. Plane of the island to swim and I chose Koy'unu. To put on the boat tour, by bus or 15 minutes is reached. Bays, untouched nature with a. Two heels and two restaurants in the construction of the villa outside yet. Superb sandy beach. While swimming the sea you can see your shadow, clear up the aquarium. Throughout the day where you can enjoy the sea and the beach. Altinkum Bay to watch the sunset ... very special place Morning sun rays into red paint does not get tired of looking the sea.

The only thing I was wrong about the timing Avşa. For a small island to enjoy the thought of three days is more than enough. My hotel reservations are limited to three Days Avşa'dan way I got my heart remains ...

To explore the delights of ULUDAĞ KIZILAY WITH CAMP
Let the other part of my one-week tour of the UU Family Camp Crescent Çobankaya spend. So, out of hot sand, long-sleeved clothes are worn during the daytime, at night in wooden barracks heated by electric stoves came to be another false paradise. In cities that are experiencing these days of sweltering summer heat in a cool environment, I enjoy the holiday.

UU in the summer months is also a natural wonder full for nature lovers.
Snow in winter, in summer when hundreds of types of vegetation cover the UU, must surely be one of your holiday choice. Scorching summer heat and humidity and oxygen away from those who want to chose UU altitude is 1850. This is a place so that natural air-conditioned environment, the pine trees you can find peace with the sound of birds nested, you can feel the privilege of your life in Ontario. If you are planning to avoid it in summer to Uludag Do not postpone your thoughts. Because they would face view, the nature of all the colors of their testimony will be, on the one hand a clean environment, on the one hand great mountain views, a side walk on your face could occur rivers and small lakes, on the one hand butterflies, birds, eagles, hawks, in short, the natural environment belongs to all UU 's top secret.

If you have not yet made plans for summer vacation or enjoy a small getaway vacation with you here if you want to extend the tips of two separate vacations.

To discover the unique beauty of Uludağ Çobankaya'daki Family Red Crescent's camp stays in a natural setting, you can participate in guided tours. Those attending the camp, three meals each day, as well as various social activities, you can experience the beauty of Uludağ untouched.