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The fire is burning samba!

The fire is burning samba!
Striptease bars, a single special interest to the heights of the entertainment venues in Rio de Janeiro!

The fire is burning samba!
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Brazil's fastest growing and most populous city of Rio de Janeiro'dayız ... In a tropical climate, this city's most important feature of world-famous Rio Carnival is being held here.

RIO DE JANEİRO'YU If you're wondering ... visit our GALLERY

This city of great restaurants, theaters, strip bars, cafes, special places for singles, with live music shows and dance clubs open their doors to you is fun.

If you are a dance enthusiast, if you, your city would be Rio. Barlarlarda disco and dancing until dawn every night. Most of the drinking of beer and liquors. Dressed in tight clothing will find much here and see men greet each other with kisses dudakdan gay if you do not believe they.

Rio de Janeiro mentioned, the first of the course the world famous carnival. Very traditional and authentic atmosphere of the ceremony which reflects the identity of the colored people like Brazil. Many samba clubs competed for the grand prize is the carnival. Roots of Africa and India in a Samba-based 's very important for Rio. However, when the majority of the carnival, Rio may be a good time to go very well.


Come here to drink coffee while we are advised not to neglect it. If you do not try because you may regret it because it is the motherland of coffee, almost in position

Of the famous resort GALLERY

Of the famous resort GALLERY
Naples was the scene of many films full of attraction ...

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The scene of many movies, fascinated with the grandeur and charm of the central coast of southern Italy in Naples. The ancient city of Pompei near legendary, there is just across the island of Capri. The area between May and September are good times for ...


Naples Italy's third largest city, throughout the history of art, culture and architecture was one of the most important centers of the country. Located at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, the city experienced major natural disasters, although attractive in terms of tourism because of its location. City on the Mediterranean coast in the Gulf of Naples between two volcanic areas. Particularly to Pompeii, around the ancient city worth seeing. Across the island of Capri, one of the most beautiful places in the world.


The heart of Naples, surrounded by narrow streets, churches and the "old city" area. This is a UNESCO World Heritage list. Fishermen in the alley, make handicrafts masters, Baroque-style buildings there. The most important church in the city of San Gennaro Cathedral and the 17th San Severo-century church where statues in this area. Via San Sebastino street full of shops selling musical instruments, because here very close to the conservatory. Bookstores delicious pizza from street vendors in the streets of Port Alba'da can get. Little gift for the future if I need to visit the Via San Gregori'yu.

Pompei must SEE

In 62 AD, then that's the most modern and richest cities of Pompeii and Ercolano sister city, was hit by a massive earthquake. In 79 AD the ashes of two cities under Vezüv'ün explosion remained for more than two hundred thousand people died. Ercolano'nun found in the ruins of Pompei and 1600s. In this ancient city on the UNESCO World Heritage List under the ash layer left many artifacts, houses, streets and even the people were cut off contact with air over a hundred years "without corruption" had been. Ercolano'dan Pompei and the mosaics, wall decorations and frescoes in the Naples Archaeological Museum.


Capri'nin the fans who visit the island in 29 BC, Caesar Augustus died. Influenced by the beauty of the island so that you can have here, with fertile soil and Naples to the island of Ischia and Capri has barter. Thomas Mann, Ernest Hemingway, Jean Paul Sartre and Pablo Neruda who live here and be carried away in the beauty of the island just to name a few. Capri and the stylish luxury, today one of the celebrities' favorite holiday destination. When you reach the port of Capri'nin Marina Grande, the Piazza Umberto lifts are going to occur. The narrow streets around the cafes, restaurants and shops full of. If you follow the Via Tragara'yı here, the island has become the signature of the natural wonders of the reef Faraglioni'll reach the point where you can watch the most beautiful. Grotta Azzurra'yı Capri'nin symbols also should see the blue caves.

Market growth in Russia and Ukraine this year will stand

Market growth in Russia and Ukraine this year will stand
Russia and Ukraine in the last five years, the market continues to grow 20 percent this year, said he would stop.

The Russian market at the beginning of the largest tour operator, Serhat Koçkar Anex Tour's top executives, tours of Russia and Ukraine in the last 5 years, the market continues to grow 20 percent this year, said he would stop.

Anex Tour, 800 agencies in various regions of Russia, You agree Ela Quality Resort Hotel Belek tours are welcome.
Serhat Koçkar Anex Tour's top executives, General Manager Vural Karasu Anex Tour and General Coordinator of the Valley of Ela Quality Resort Hotel Karatopraklı Russian choppers development agencies because of the participation of Turkish and Russian journalists held a meeting.

In his speech David Koçkar economic crisis is affecting not only Europe but also draw attention to Russia, said:
''Russia's economic crisis was at least as effective European tours in the country. Russia and Ukraine in 2009 as the tourists come to Turkey from the 2008 figure. Due to the economic crisis in Russia and Ukraine last five years, continuing market growth of 20 percent this year to stop. However, Turkey will maintain market share in Russia and Ukraine.''
Anex Tour's 16 percent market share in Russia and Ukraine, indicating that Koçkar, Anex Tour's big majority in Russia and Ukraine to Turkey, Greece, Egypt tours, and a little turları'a passenger said.
Koçkar,''this year, Turkey's growth in this market will stop. Anex Tour in Russia and Ukraine, but as our flight destinations to 39 out of 21 will grow. Russia and Ukraine will be held in a horizontal growth. Russia and the Ukraine to Turkey and economical holiday vacation with VIP customers are coming from,''he said.


Russia market late last year, stressed that the German market Koçkar tours, holiday in Turkey for the first time the number of German tourists who had passed the Russian tourists and the number of Russian tourists spend much more than Europeans, he said.
Istanbul in the Russian market is an emerging value Koçkar remarkable, he continued:
''Istanbul, a very serious way in the Russian market is becoming a rising value. Russia for the first time since May 7, from Ukraine to Istanbul starting from six cities in a week and we start four-day tour. This tour will be at least 44 people.
Istanbul, Bursa, Antalya, Cappadocia tours turları'da turları'ya going to expire. Russia to create cultural tourism started. Therefore important to give these tours. Istanbul in Russia and Ukraine in the market for 2-3 years to become an attractive destination.
As of today, from Russia to Turkey for vacation from 75 to 80 percent of tourists to Antalya, the rest goes to other regions. For the vast majority of Russians arriving in istanbul on coming. 4-day tour of Anatolia, 600, 750 dollars a week will be round.''
Lower gasoline prices by reducing the cost of the tour by pointing Koçkar, tourism in Turkey, Russia and Ukraine could be used to advantage in the market may be mentioned the year.
Ela Quality Resort Hotel, General Coordinator of the valley, the hotel Karatopraklı welcome customers from 24 different countries, as stated,''the Russian, 30 percent of the customers who stay at the hotel. Our main goal is to host a class customers. The hotel has 29 rooms in different species. The standard hotel rooms are sold for 300 dollars. Luxury villa only 10 thousand dollars,''he said of the blog.
This year, indicating that the uncertainty due to the economic crisis Karatopraklı, said:
''Crisis, the transition rates can not be reduced. Hoteliers and agents must join forces developers. We must not panic. Russian and Ukrainian market is still uncertain what will happen. Accordingly, 20 percent in Germany, received an early booking, 50 per cent in the Netherlands, Belgium, 40 percent of reservations have decreased. But the UK market has increased. Too early to talk in advance for summer tourism. I think we will reach last year's figures.''

Holiday budget has increased 18 percent

Holiday budget has increased 18 percent
Interestingly, according to the Black Sea resort people prefer to stay home, spend holidays with relatives ...

In Turkey, 53 percent of the people planning to go to the summer holidays when it is a budget to average 802 pounds. According to MasterCard research, the budget for the holiday last year was $ 656.

'According to the MasterIndex Survey, 53 percent of the people of Turkey has made or plans to vacation this summer while on holiday in the budget allocates 18.2 percent increase compared to last year.

According to research, average 2.1 weeks when they leave for vacation, while in young and aged over 45 is increasing, the Marmara and Aegean regions than in other regions in the fall.

Holiday rate is reduced as income level decreases. High-income group, 23 percent did not have summer vacation plans, this ratio comes to 53 percent in low-income groups. Average 802 pounds when they leave for a holiday budget, the average high-income groups, budget comes to 968 pounds, is as little as pounds 705 in low-income groups. In a survey of the same period last year, on vacation or leave the plan
those who make 64 percent, 1.7 week holiday period, the average budget was 656 pounds.


Women average 776 pounds except for summer, while males average 834 pounds until the budget is rising. The region stands out as a regional holiday that is observed in the Black Sea tour. Dividing up the budget for the summer holidays for local people, average 940 pounds, while the Central Anatolian tours, average 667 pounds separating the eastern and southeastern part of the budget was the lowest.

HOLIDAY CONCEPT will vary by region

Black lives in a house

Those with 40 percent living in the Black Sea Region in the summer holidays to stay at home most of the plans are. Black Sea, 35 percent followed by East and Southeast. Or relatives not living in the house next to the Black Sea to the village goes to the people. Income level decreases, the concept of holiday, ocean, and visits to relatives in the sun turns.

Only about 1% 'foreign' says

29 percent of the participants to sit at home on vacation, 22 percent would go to domestic holiday tours and hotels, 21 per cent of their relatives / acquaintances said he would go to the next.

Cut of 9 percent, while their preference for summer, going abroad, the rate was only 1 percent.

British tour operator went bankrupt,

British tour operator went bankrupt,
British tour operator went bankrupt, the 12 thousand tourists in Turkey came to the mouth of the heart

Turkey and Greece Tours organizes tours, over 50 thousand tourists per year by the British firm Goldtrail cheap holiday, on vacation and went down to 16 thousand customers. The company had sent 12 thousand tourists on holiday in Turkey at the heart came into his mouth. To £ 119 a week vacation in the company's owner was a Turkish

Organizing tours to Turkey and Greece 'Goldtrail' of his British tour operator company, crashed while on vacation about 16 thousand customers. British Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said in a statement on the subject, the companies in the country's southeastern city of Surrey, said long-time financial trouble. CAA, 'Goldtrail' firm and is currently traveling outside of the people in the UK, holidays in the end make the necessary arrangements to return to the country said. Civil Aviation Authority also from Turkey back plan on flights, a change not only from Greece to travel of persons flights and have to change may remain, so the passengers' travel will airports authorities to get information and recommended. Goldtrail yet, but does not go on vacation to Greece and Turkey, and the travel book place it was suggested to contact their travel agent.

Tourists will not be victimized
THE COMPANY is working mainly in Fethiye, Marmaris and Bodrum's tourism and nearly round 'nightmare' lived. Creating a crisis in the region of the table, will the new tourists from the plane, the airport will provide information that people panic placed. Acikgoz GETOB President Ilhan, 'Turkish hospitality will not allow inappropriate development. Not be victims of any guest, they will continue to do their holiday. Insurance fund is paying for the workshop of the guests for their money 'he said.

Our image is very vulnerable customers do not get snow
Chairman Ahmet Barut TUROFED EVENING speaking to, such company that last year it did not close completely out of debt as noted, 'The responsibility falls to the hoteliers. Be careful and do not give a guarantee of payment have not worked with tour operators. Our job as well as in every profession has certain rationality. Sinking of the companies we always see people selling cheap holiday. Whereas the cheapest price, profit does not mean more customers. Not only the intensity, I need to play in profitability. British companies have a firm but Turkish. Although one victim of such incidents has damaged Turkey's image, "he said.

1 week all inclusive £ 289
WEIGHTED 3-4 star hotels in the Aegean region, providing customers with Goldtrail named the British firm called Kadir Aydin, a Turkish. In the company's web site in Marmaris, Icmeler, Kusadasi, Bodrum, tours to resorts in July 2010 as prices vary between £ 119-359 a week. For example, a hatfa Kusadasi tour in room - breakfast holidays are seen as the price of 119 pounds. All-inclusive one week holiday in Marmaris, the price is £ 289.

Vacation fun in TENT

Vacation fun in TENT
EVERYTHING including the system has become an attractive country for holidays in Turkey are low-income, despite the attraction can take pleasure in the tent holidays.

Due to the holiday resort town of Mersin Erdemli a cheap holiday in the established tent cities to enjoy working holidaymakers, "Our strength, but it is enough," he said.

With the start of the holiday season due to the holiday resort of Mersin Erdemli District was established in tents was the focus of interest of the poor. Those on holiday in tents, hotels, motels and accommodation prices to be expensive, citing, in a tent patterns, sea, sand and sun to enjoy pick. The east coast of the Mediterranean Sea as one of the favorite resort town of Erdemli Municipality's Kocahasanlı camping area also frequented the address continues to be poor. With sea sand in the tent in the camping area Kocahasanlı'daki remarkable people who want to take a vacation day at the tent cost £ 20, are establishing their own tent, the place is paying the price as £ 15.

Kocahasanlı Tent Camping in the area on holiday on the retired workers Kadriye Caliskan, a holiday for bank loans that they are using, stating, "A retired citizens like. Holiday need. However, a pension with a holiday to make very difficult for us. Fancy a holiday, but here are going to do holiday for the costs We did not use the money from the bank k redisi holiday. What should we do now is done with holiday loans are also. retired from his job difficult, but we have the right to vacation for a few days per year, "he said.

Aysel Karapinar, the holiday of pensions is not enough and grandchildren with a holiday, while loans to attract forced Noting that "now the hotel holiday dream is beginning to be in this period with a loan tent holiday'd have to. Because we pay for to make a living, even difficult. Hotel to go to the impossible . Therefore come and take a vacation to the beach tent and get in a bit of stress trying to live away from, "he said.


Cool Camping Tent Kocahasanlı Kamil said the chief, last year's doubling of interest rates in the tent holiday, he said. Camps in the area five years, the same price applies to notify cool, "Camp Our field of Cukurova in lower income of the stopover address was. Prices in our growth is not money, the most one-week tour to come. Area municipalities of our 30 tents are available. These tents completely full. Tents log 20 TL We rented. He paid £ 15 daily arrivals in the tent, "he said.