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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, officially called the Democratic Socialist Cumhuriyeti.Güney Sri Lanka in Asia, 31 kilometers south of India and the Indian Ocean is an island country. It was known as Ceylon before 1972. Pearl of the Indian Ocean, also known as the approximately 21 million people in the country and the Tamil Eelam Freedom yaşamaktadır.Hükümet powers Tigers (aka LTTE) carried out between takes of civil war since 1983. Tamil Tigers, Tamil Eelam in the island's north and east in the name of fighting to establish an independent state in 2009 etmektedir.bu s war ended in May, months, and the government won.

GEOGRAPHY: A total of 1.340 kilometers of coastline have. Between December and March months of tropical monsoon and the northeast under the influence of the climate, the southwest monsoon between June and October, under the influence of rain remains. Pidurutalagala 2.524 meters high mountains which is the country's highest peak. Between natural resources limestone, graphite, mineral sands, gems, phosphates, clay, and hydro energy is located. Takes place in natural disasters, especially from hurricanes and hortumlardır.Ormansızlaştırma, soil erosion, poaching and urbanization influence in danger of wild animals, mining, and increasing environmental pollution beaches degradation, industrial waste and sewage discharge of polluted freshwater resources, no disposal and Kolombo'da air pollution by the country's environmental problems are among the elements.

DATE: Sri Lanka, East Africa and South Asia, the ocean is on the path of the traders has been a natural haunt. BC The history of the country Is prolonged until the year 3000. As the island's first name, Greek for "copper colored" was the means by which Toprobane. After the Arab conquest, Arabic "land of the unexpected things," meaning called Serendip. Which will be available until later in 1972, was called Ceylon. Since this târihten "opulent, luxurious country", meaning, language becomes Sir Sri Lanka, became the country's current official name. Religious sources; Allahu ta'âlâ by, of all people's father, the earth was created the first man and first prophet is Adam, peace be upon, from above the Serendip (Ceylon, Sri Lanka) Island downloaded bildirilmiştir.Bugün, Sri Lanka's population 75% of which constitute Sinhaleler BC . 6. century BC and settled in the island 3. century have embraced Buddhism. The first came from India sonraTamiller gelmişlerdir.Adaya more foreigners here in Asia, Africa, and is believed to be colonists from Europe. These new colonists from the island under their existing fans took control. Anno Domini 12. century, Arab merchants trading with the island inhabitants yaptı.Adaya Europeans first came, was a Portuguese. Of the Portuguese in 1505, in 1658 Felemekler (Dutch) island out. The British had their hands in the island in 1796. The long years under British colonial Ceylon, including the British Commonwealth in 1948, became an independent member states. In 1959, Prime Minister W.R. D. Bandaranaike was killed because of conflicts instead of Sinhala-Tamil Mrs. lady. Srimavo Bandaranaike passed. Thus became the world's first female prime minister. 1965 and 1970 elections, then the prime minister continued, and finally left his post in 1971. In 1972, the republic of Sri Lanka names almıştır.1978 'said Sri Lanka was in the presidential system. Junius Richard Jayewardene became president. Ranasinghe Premadasa was elected Head of State then. Increasing conflict between groups within countries that still continues (1994).

CLIMATE: The climate is hot and humid in Sri Lanka. The average low temperature in areas around approximately 27 ° -28 ° C. During the day while at night the humidity up to 90% off 70%. In higher areas, such as Nuwara Eliya'da average temperature is 16 ° C. From May until September, from October until February, and from the southwest, the northeast monsoon winds blowing from the cool rains will bring to the country. The months of March and April are the warmest months. In the period between the monsoon climate is mild and short-term rainfall continues. The average annual rainfall in the north of Sri Lanka about 1020 mm in dry regions, while the eastern slopes of the mountains up to 5080 mm artar.Ülkenin west is generally forested. Wooded and grassy weeds are not too many parts. Forested slopes of the mountains and foothills and plateaus covered with tea plants are also generally.

NATURAL RESOURCES: Sri Lanka, the world is one of the most beautiful countries in terms of landscape. Lush forests and vegetation, colorful flowers and birds and many species of animals that can not be satisfied the beauty of the country are being watched. Countries, almost everywhere is covered with tropical forests. These forests are usually teak, ebony, iron wood tree, and turkeys very valuable timber trees such as the very sıktır.3000 over such plants up and down the country in the world of flowers and herbs have been strangled. Generally, orchids, jasmine fragrance of the flowering plants (Bougainvillea), hibiscus, croton, large red-leaf plants (Poinsettras), lanthanum, blood, swords, flowers (Partridge bâdemi), marigold, daffodil, petals and lotus like rare flowers, so it grows . Daisy in the villages and roads, bananas, hintkirazı (mango), palm trees and abundant kestânesi and coconat miktardadır.Sri Lanka, rather than oppose, the number of kinds of animals. Forested areas often elephants, buffalo, leopard, bear, in many types of monkeys, otters, deer species and sex lives. Alligators in lakes and rivers and forests in dry areas a little more often to the giant lizards (kabragayo) and the bright lizards (Talagoya) is often impossible to meet. Python also reptiles (python), cobra and viper (Rusell's viper or polngas TRC) from forests in other cities, even oppose, rather çoktur.Ülke roughly 400 kinds of birds. The 40 world everywhere, if the rest are rare and precious of the birds: for instance, blue kingfisher, variegated juniper, maynak birds, green bee eater, flycatcher, bean chicken, Indian bird, big beak, green imperial pigeon, parakeet, the Hummingbird, black chickens, peacocks, herons and filament bird rare, but in Sri Lanka, abundant bird türleridir.Deniz products more, crab, shrimp, lobster, priests, sombalığı, oysters and sea turtles yetişir.Sri Lanka Island, rocks and stones from the world's oldest species and genus of soil types have occurred. Often called the country the red laterite soil kildendir.Yeraltı source world is also very abundant and rather than become famous, rare and precious minerals. Quartz, feldspar, mica, ilmenite, monazite, thorium, arkil (kaolin), rubles, gypsum, akumarin, sapphires, gold and graphite (carbon), they are leading. There are also deposits of iron in many regions.

Vienna tours

Vienna (German: Wien, Ottoman: Guinea), Austria's capital and largest city, but also the smallest in terms of surface area of the country's nine states. With a population of approximately 1.65 million is the country's most populous city, surrounding counties with approximately two million people live in Vienna, Austria, which also is about a quarter of the population. The tenth largest city in terms of population is the European Union in Vienna. With the United Nations Office at Vienna United Nations representative has one of the four official centers. The other important international organizations in the city OPEC, OSCE and the International Atomic Energy Örgütü'dür (IAEO).
The layout of the Habsburg dynasty for centuries in the city during that time one of Europe's cultural and political center has become. The city of London, New York and Paris with a population of two million, while the world's fourth largest city, I. After World War II have lost one-fourth of the population. Habsburg dynasty, which still bears traces of the old city center and the Schonbrunn Palace, at the request of the Austrian government of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as adopted by the world's cultural heritage is. Stefan's Church in Vienna, which is a symbol of the city is located in the center.

: Languages Spoken:

Vienna State's official language is German. However, the widely used languages of the minorities. Some parking signs in German, Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian and Turkish, is organized in three languages. Vienna was again prepared by the State of information and brochures that are published in three languages. The main language used among the people of South German is a dialect of Vienna.


Vienna, museums and opera as well as delicious cakes and coffee culture is famous for. To try a few cafes and coffee cake;
Hotel Sacher Vienna State Operas'ı karsısında "Sacher Torte" with the famous dessert called, tourists, artists frequented the place. Käseparadies (16, Vienna, Brunnenmarkt'da), in addition to good coffee, very tasty looking cheese and Turkey as it does not have Turkish products. Alt Wien, (1, Bäckerstrasse 9) night, 2:00 until clear. Food with a great word, but very difficult to find an empty table. Berg, (9, Berggasse 8) is very popular and modern cafe offering good quality food, but has a friendly atmosphere. Every night 01:00 until clear. Demel, (1, Kohlmarkt 14), one of Vienna's most prestigious cafés. Drechsler, (6, 22 Linke Wienzeile) 4:00 in the morning to open up the space bar or night clubs, especially after leaving the breakfast is quite appropriate to do. But closed on Sunday. Figlmüller; (Backer Street Wollzeile 5 or 6) is close Stephansplatz'a this restaurant is famous for schnitzel.

travel to uzbekistan


Uzbekistan, officially called the Republic of Uzbekistan (Uzbek: O'zbekiston Respublikasi Russian: Республика Узбекистан), Central Asia gained independence from the Soviet Union state. Country's landlocked neighbors in the north and west of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in the east of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan to the south is.


Genghis Khan's grandson Batu Khan established by the Altun Orda Khanate (1227-1502), 9 per In the inn, the Uzbek Khan had passed on in 1313. Uzbek Khan, the first day, starting from stable and has a sharp political profit, thanks to nasihatları Kutlug Timur Noyan's many rivals and enemies in a short time was saved. Nogai Khan of the Uzbek side of the Danube after the martyrdom of the growing influence of Byzantine and Slavic Muslims broke again began to increase the pressure of the Turks. Edirne in 1319 and came up through the Danube. Uzbek Khan's armies in 1314, the Bulgarian King Sventoslav'ın posthumously, under the pretext of aid against King George Terter'e Bizansa in Thrace, in 1330 the war with the Serbs Terter'in to help him in his progress with the aim had been to Köstendil'e. Meanwhile, some through marriage ties with the governments tried to strengthen the case. For example, then to Cairo in 1320, the daughter Bige Tulun was sent as a wife, by the way the girls almıştır.Özbek Han Byzantine expedition was in 1335 in Azerbaijan. In the meantime, Abu Said died poisoned by Baghdad Babes Ilkhanid Mongol domination was not the face to collapse. 14. century, historians and geographers Hamdullah Kazvini edged to Azerbaijan from the time when talking to the soldiers of the Uzbek Khan, the Uzbeks were also records. Ibn Batuta, Uzbek Khan from speaking, "a large country, a strong army, the glorious, illustrious, and state sultans, and God's enemies, one of the Byzantine emperor, with the war, jihad and gas to vazifeli are. The country is really very broad and has been equipped with larger cities. Pan, Crimea, Hungary, Azov, Sogdak, Harezm city palace and the throne of the most famous of which is counted as "he says. Really Uzbek Khan, Idil (Volga), the Palace on the shores of the city has much to develop and grow. The city has provided a new mosque to be performed. Not only on the coast of Volga, the new buildings built in the Crimea. Dest-i Kipchak throughout all his time in Turkish is spoken is known.


HaritasıÖzbekistan of the country, 20 June 1990, the sovereignty, independence, has declared September 1, 1991. Held on December 29, 1991 declaration of independence was approved by referendum. After Uzbekistan gained its independence, particularly in developed countries has established relations in the economic sense. Uzbekistan to the rich mineral resources have the opportunity to sell to foreign countries. Uzbekistan is based on a very old tradition with deep-rooted government shortly after independence has become a powerful state in Central Asia and Central Asia today is in competition with Kazakhstan about leadership. From independence until today the president Islam Karimov has managed


Turkmenistan, officially called the Republic of Turkmenistan, in 1991, then gained its independence from the Soviet Union's dissolution of the Central Asian Turkish Republics. Manat'tır official currency. Republic form of government. Turkmenistan, UN, OIC, CIS is a member of such international organizations. Television is the state organization. There are special television broadcast.

: Education:

As in all the Turkish Government in Turkmenistan are also many Turkish schools. These schools Turkmen - Turkish relations in the development of large etkenlerdendir.Türkmenistan at five high schools and the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan in 1956, the institute has been established 56. Adopted in 1925 as a literary language of the Turkmen-Yomut mouth is used.

Official language: Turkmen

Capital: Ashgabat

Form of government: Republic

President: Kurbangulı Berdımuhamedov

Area: 488.100 sq km of the Earth's surface: 4.9% Containers 52 fame largest country

Population: 4,952,081 (2005)

The most crowded: 112 country

Population density: 9.4 people / km ²

Independence: The USSR, October 27, 1991

National Income: Per Capita 3.889 (2007) U.S. Dollars

Currency: Turkmen Manat

Time zone: Summer Time (UTC +5 to +6) (+6 to UTC +7)

National Anthem: Independent, Neutral Turkmenistan State Anthem

Internet domain:. Tm

Telephone code: +993

tours burma laos

Myanmar, Burma, or Myanmar, Southeast Asia, bordering the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh and Thailand are among the countries.

Climate: tropical monsoon; cloudy, rainy, hot, humid summers, clear, slightly rainy, warm, low humidity winters.
Terrain: central lowlands surrounded by steep rocky, hilly and mountainous regions are the majority.
Height above sea level: lowest point: Andaman Sea 0 m highest point: 5.881 m Hkakabo Razi

Natural resources: Petroleum, timber, tin, antimony, zinc, copper, tungsten, lead, coal, marble, limestone, precious stones, natural gas, hydro energy,

Laos, Southeast Asia, in northeastern Thailand, Vietnam is located in the west.

Geography: Laos is a landlocked country. As geographic latitude and 105 00 18 00 is located between East longitude. As the position is located in Southeast Asia. Myanmar, Cambodia, China, Thailand and Vietnam and the tropical monsoon komşudur.İklimi, May-November rainfall between the months of the season, from December to April dry season is experienced between the months. Rocky mountain terrain of the plains and plateaus are çoğulukla. Arable land is limited.

ECONOMY: 90% of Lao people engaged in agriculture, agriculture-based food and especially rice, is a country. The vast majority of arable arâzinin is covered with rice paddies. Over 50,000 tons of rice are produced. Produced was consumed by rice producers because rice is imported from the country for the people. Other than rice, corn, cotton, coffee, tobacco, cannabis, and opium are produced in various spices. Hindistancevizinden oil needs are provided in the villages.
Laos, animal husbandry, is a sector with growth opportunities. As cattle are raised in the south system. Raises poultry and domesticated elephants. Hunting wild animals is in the mountains. Mekang River fishing has been a part of those who sit.
Laos, since it declared independence, the trade deficit is a country that has been given. Foreign trade relations is very limited. Just with neighboring countries, Japan and the USA does business with. Tin, cotton, leather, wood, cardamom, aselbent gum trees and gray lacquered coffee is exported. Constitute half the tin exports. Outside textiles, foodstuffs, tobacco, petroleum and machinery purchases. Revenues constitute 60% of foreign aid. Trafficking, especially hashish trafficking provides an income close to $ 12 million.
Laos is a country lagging behind in terms of industrialization. Countries are only available in craft and their methods are primitive. However, a little tobacco, matches and boat are manufactured. Founded in 1971, with foreign aid-Nam Ngum hydropower plant and dam is insufficient for the country's electricity needs.
Transportation: The Laos is no railway. 7000 km of roads over most of the soil, and in rainy weather in most of the access road is impossible. Transport streams are used more frequently. In large cities (Vientiane, Paks, Luang, Prabang, Seno) which provides airport and air transport.

bangkok and pattaya holiday

Bangkok, is Thailand's largest city and capital. Thai Krung Thep (กรุงเทพฯ) is called. According to 1990 census population of 8.53861 million 'stop. 100 ° 13 ° 45'Kuzey 31'Doğuda the city, the east side of Chao Phraya River, near the Gulf of Thailand bulunur.Bangkok fastest growing in Southeast Asia and are among the economically most dynamic cities. World Meteorological Organization (World Meteorological Organization, WMO), the world's hottest large city, Bangkok has been called. Bangkok also the world's most popular tourist mekanlarındandır.Şehrin Taycadaki full official name is "Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Yuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Pima Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit" tir.Bangkok international area of the city as the name is used, Taycada generally As with the short form of the name, Krung Thep (City of Angels) is used. In formal areas, such as license plate is defined in the KRUNGTHEP Mahanakhon.

SHOW: Thailand in the world's most exciting, most dangerous and you can watch the show. One of them is the snake farm 'Cobra Show'. You can see various types of snakes on the farm. Cold-blooded animals that they hunt for snakes unless you do not need too much movement. Apart from a few farms in the glass cage exhibition. Something to see if anyone will have to trust that move between the snake did not come to me too intimidating. 'Cobra Show' is composed of five different sections. To show the name of the famous cobra zehiriyle is fatal but show different snake species including pythons while also being used. Server, Cobra stage when conditions require music accompaniment, the cobra of how dangerous the animals that provide information about is: "you put after you if you want to only one hour you have ... an antidote to find a clock, eveeeeet the doctor to call the hospital to reach only an hour ..." The man told her they are full of snakes on her right 'tıss tıss' jumping at noises, of course, everyone brings his heart into his mouth. At the end of the show of cobra venom and cobra were passed before the eyes of everyone in the audience are being visited. The cobra is believed to bring luck to be touched in a way I touched a little bit nervous, I'd expect a contrast of warm and soft skin there. My favorite is the last chapter of the final three-pointer was the snake on stage. The first two hands separately, caught the snake, a snake in each hand when the third snake in a somersault, in the head, mouth, and ending with a greeting like this has caught. If other dangerous crocodile farm demonstrations. I love to act, such as crocodiles or snakes are not animals, looking at them from behind the fence is almost impossible to think that they are alive. Crocodile in the pool where the show takes place three pieces. Crocodiles tail to pull left and right would drag the mouth to open a lot of trying that the situation of people a little bit relaxed I think, even for a moment crocodile that weak short Thai teenager food, the idea did not think. What is still what I get in my head, even for a second gas to come into the mouth of the crocodile as they did not try. Hlikeli snakes and alligators in the demonstrations is not for you, 40 km from Bangkok. a show off at a distance of approximately 1000 people capacity hall on the 'Rose Garden' can visit. The cultural performances in this hall every day, a representative of the wedding ceremony, village life, and the traditional dance of Thai boxing, which is short, play value is going to be monitored. In this demonstration, log on to the garden walk, drive over people lying on the floor of the show is the elephant (File chance to ride). Distorted as a result, only massage, go go bar girls between the ages of 29 16'yla be remembered with performances of Thailand is a bit unfair. If you only go for cultural tourism in Thailand can enjoy an interesting country.
NOTICE AND SHOPPING be deceived: In some countries you may not be understood as a tourist in Thailand, but no chance yet. So you have to be more careful. Besides a tourist map of the blood much lower risk than others. Taxi drivers also feel free to visit the streets are tourists with maps. Unfortunately, this well-intentioned man told me that he places so close to home because it is a good distance to the city on the map found! If we look at the general, Thai people have a real smoothie and a modest attitude. Ah, if only fraudsters also recognize one to one match though ... cheap, a country, because maybe the money too sad will not be (20 years, can play the victim and the town outside of a store very valuable (!) Is a gem if you receive another ...) but a short vacation from a lot of time can be played . Meanwhile, place all the shops were open, of course. Most of the scenarios they used to cheat in Thailand, 'It's closed, but you can drive over there instead'! This scenario is one other version that you ask or expect any public transport that day for some reason to be down, but just a taxi or tuk-tuk settings can be durumu.Giysi, shoes and bags to get the most suitable market is, in itself riot of colors The Patbong night market. Very high quality of fabrics, processed in this country is very beautiful for yourself, your family or your friends can return to again take a look at what you can get the gifts. The most important feature of the clothes, the color is very long lasting. A more-and my favorite, the-market, the city just outside the 'floating Pazar'dır ... The channels are located on and boats to navigate in this market, you want it when the boatman looms pulls (some you also will notice a bit more insistent approach) and do your shopping. Everything has dried up tarantulalardan doodad is in this market. Because it is a very touristic place is usually crowded, so you need to go in the early hours of the morning. Shopping in this city, makes a habit of bargaining. Want to buy a property when you give a quarter price, the seller is still negotiating to continue yapıyormuşcasına game, I must confess that after a while begins to give a secret pleasure.

Thai massage: the body and the spirit of the Thai massage to relax, take up to two hours and trained people to do a procedure which the city is full of this hall. Along the road in front of the room massages for girls and boys calling you over. Has spoken out for the last syllables in a voice so sweet: Masaaaa (j heard). Most of these rooms are in for a glass facade and a massage chair massage is really able to see, but they certainly have not been established for this purpose. Is regrettable that the distorted and massage, to be referred to as the country's sex tourism are causing more. And for everyday life with sleeveless blouses, short skirts, even to women found not navigate. Welcome to dress in this way is not the case, and also visited the temple can not be that way (hat and shoes when entering temples or come off, so I do not wear good quality shoes are a very strategic).

Pattaya is one of Thailand's major cities. Approximately 165 km southeast of the capital Bangkok, and Thailand in the Gulf coast city, Chonburi province, although the administrative aspects of self that has the status of special municipality.

Literally, "Munson South West Wind," which in Pattaya, one of the world's most popular holiday resorts, and in 2005, has hosted 5.4 million tourists. East Asia and from Russia in recent years also have increased the number of foreign tourists and sex tourism are Pattaya'da.

City living, working and most of Western Europe and North America breeds result of demand from foreigners in the city have increased the number of multi-storey buildings. So the city, the number of high-rise buildings, second only to the country's capital Bangkok Cheap holiday yerleşmiştir.pattaya sonyılarda BELDES konumudan çıkmışdır.buşehirde Turkish businessman Mustafa seyhat agency opened an apprentice patayada tarfından south. unknown islands and the Turkish citizens of pruning there kültrel provided tours to go cheaper.

Walking Street in the heart of the city center and are shown. Walking Street, the center of the city's night life is nature. Here, rock, pop, hard, striptease, gay as you can find all kinds of entertainment venues. One of the cheapest options in town because of tourists coming into the city for more transportation choices Tuk-Tuk'ları etmektedir.Bu vehicles that motorcycles with advanced versions, use is widespread in the Far East countries.

tours miami and orlando

Miami, Florida United States is the second largest city. Is a coastal city on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Sektörüdür.Miami most developed tourism sector at about 50,000 Turks are living. 60% of the population speaks Spanish. This is the biggest reason why most of the people who live here because they come from countries around the island.

WEATHER AND CLIMATE: A large part of the city lies in Biscayne Bay. Almaktadır.Florida Miami Beach and South Beach in this region 's retreat in Miami has a tropical climate. Warm, humid and rainy is. In summer the temperature usually does not fall below 21 degrees.

TOURISM: 'The sun is called''State of Florida is Miami's most famous seaside city. Dream holiday destination for vacationers to the beautiful beaches, entertainment and recreational facilities have. Miami is an international shopping and commercial center. For this reason, many countries have come from the fusion of cultures of human identity has been formed with a color.
South Beach: dozens of restaurants, night clubs and exclusive shops are famous South Beach neighborhood. Of course, mean the South Beach sun, sand and ocean means.
Venetian Pool: swimming pool, visit the famous Venetian. You will admire the great architecture. Venetian the world's most beautiful swimming pool has a pool title.

SHOPPING: If you wish to shop in Miami absolutely South Beach should be the place to start shopping. Lincoln Avenue, Ocean Drive and Washington Avenue in Miami are the other major shopping centers.

When you go to Orlando without seeing the city can come back. Because of entertainment venues and theme parks are actually located outside the city. In tourist areas that have lead 20 minutes from the city ... or he'll tell you. According to the Orlando city center, tourist places 63 times bigger. Therefore, the amusement park near the city center is located in various neighborhoods .. For example, Walt Disney theme parks, Orlando city center in the southwest is located ... Sea World the Beeline Expressway'in located next to ... hotels and shopping centers, namely the life of the heart of the Kissimme area is 32 miles south of downtown ... I went downtown to a private should strive. If you say there ... what a beautiful oak trees planted in the main street downtown ... ... Winter Park ... Park in the beautiful landscape of the performances are really good ... the best side in the center of Orlando to take place. This means ... soon the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean, Daytone Beach can be found ... all these places half-hour period goes in facilities have ... Orlando, United States state of Florida is located in ... south of the country in Orlando, in long live the hot air with the amusement parks of the world's most important centers of ... For this reason, city, and every one but one day you can wander more than 15 on a park ... Orlando all over the world, family files you being all kinds of events together as the largest park and incorporates ... But Orlando Once the beginning of the first places that comes to mind, Disneyland comes to life ... That is the line that the hero is Walt Disney's world. Walt Disney, his children gone with an amusement park, children's swing in swings, in the minds of the park for the first foundations of that in his memoirs writes ... Disney's now for families with children have fun together for the first steps the park since last year, behind an unbelievable sector lies ... in Orlando foot pressed as soon everywhere in your entertainment of the introductions out ... And you as soon as possible here to go to the itch would you ... in your hand that you receive promotional brochures, newspaper advertisements of the stay, the hotel in the promotion office in your face all amusement parks information comes ... Anyway Orlando down to you, you will stay Kissimme area ... the only place to be. Because it's both fun parks nearby, as well as any shopping center, eat the restaurant and hotel and is located ... you'll be able to place doubt on if you have any you recommend Kissimme West region Old Tovn'a near the hotel need to be ... Why do you offer ... because your hotel very near the Old Town, a delightful shopping and entertainment center ... It's the property, the former U.S. built in the shape of the shopping section, very interesting traditional products find the opportunity to have ... this type of product anywhere you will not find here what you will see carefully look ... from each other interesting American infants, Indian motifs are found on blankets, all kinds of Indian goods, and much more .... So in short, whenever you navigate to .... But if you can get your chance ... a very interesting location in Orlando. Go to Orlando for vacation without seeing the majority of countries are leaving the city center. Because the city center, amusement park, miles away from the majority of ... They came to Orlando for vacation, holiday resorts in the area near the Kissimme remains. I just need to answer every hotel, motel, apartment hotel has such facilities. 192 numbered middle of the road has passed Kissimme region, to Orlando from the majority of where it was ... shopping centers, eat all kinds of restaurants ... Large supermarkets ... Gift you can get all kinds of stores ... In short Kissimme region, Orlando from the tourist's heart could say. One of the greatest features of the most important holiday destination close to Disneyland ...