Friday, July 16, 2010


Since my childhood in the streets around enjoy the place ... my father, "holiday" known as the place ... then the university time I schools that remain from times with my friends the way the money collected and fled the place ... four years later to see you nice now! Both to one's husband for a week ...

Ilica ... name implies ... warm you warm, people are hot you hot towns like ... Izmir airport in the moment from the childhood dream a thrill wrapped inside ... gum-scented streets, and most beautiful tourist girls, to my face, blowing me and me field that wind, sea salt water ... then come back together with friends from university ... from life, from work, the stress will pass away, and they'll be friendly with my wonderful adventure for a week ...


Fountain City exit and enter the freeway when my friend, "Go Faster" I said let's not miss the sunset. Fountain, because really, in the hot spring has been wonderful to watch the sunset ... At the entrance you are greeted by winds ... Their arms are tired, you feel like a wind will take you to the city ...

There is everything here ... and two days relief in bronze which makes it a combination of wind, for example. There are both vacationers and fast life history ... all in one, but so complex that became locked ...


... And the people of the Aegean meets the temperature yourself with magnificent beaches like Miami or do you feel about Hawai'i ...

Are we so do not be hasty Do not know our convenience, we did not choose to stay in a luxury hotel ... Maybe it was the best. Both free and fun to be a journey and was my choice and my friends. Apart in a hotel, sometimes by doing some evening barbecue fare that famous "Dove" ... And the fun we have tasted from the bargain ...

Kumrucu Kumrucu Şevki and struck Hussein's competition for us! Every morning, "Today, we eat here," he filled our one-year stock dove! After dinner, while listening to live music in the dark to dive friendly chat ... Ilica beach after crossing the sea in many places both on the pavement opposite there ... Every week, we entered one, get one that's sent to stay with ...


There are many things you can do ... For example in hot spring mornings jogging along the beach at the end of running to do ... if you are ready to face those of its famous hot spring spas to find the cure! This region is often the citizens who come from a place of pain. And even in winter, this region may be able to swim. Unbelievable, but under the sea from the official boiling water out, and that water treatment is used as said ... rheumatism of the chronic form of gout obesity, such as ° ° ° ° bolizma disorders and rickets, women, skin disease, liver and urinary tract painful disease which is beneficial is expressed. Those who want to see here "Yildizburnu" they said, will show everyone ...


Once you've found in the healing hot spring cereal, and cheese, accompanied by tighter boyoz should do a morning breakfast. In addition to the breakfast table in the olive oil, oregano, red pepper flakes to the trilogy, he could not be happier to enjoy your dip! On the sweet tea ...

What's there? Enjoy the fabulous beach of hot spring sun ... there is a long beach strip of the hot spring ... I knew from my student years at the beach we meet honorary brother. My brother's going to volunteer in our next chapter begins with a Turkish coffee. In short, once again frustrated a pleasant memories ... What a responsibility on you because you live here nor there something else ...

We drank our coffee in Turkey during the hot spring has come to enter the great sea. An interesting feature of this sea there. How far away from the coast if the sea water does not exceed your waist. Here it's especially ideal for families with children shows. Wind from the sea a little choppy, but the waves that you are so fun ...

As the wind continues to freshen up from the sea ... The bronze which both are cool. So do not sweat here!

If you want to vacation in the hot spring where there are many places to stay. From super luxury five-star resorts, boutique hotels, from motels, guesthouses, up to the options available. You can also keep the seasonal homes. When you want to stay. Which operators are thick if you stay in your home will do everything to make you feel ...

ODOR of Gum

While in the hot spring fountain area, especially apropos not avoid gummy ice cream flavors! And stay out of the sea floor, especially when you have something to recommend you to try: Gum ice cream! As we move out from the parent master Yıldızburnu'na Ilica beach without stopping to avoid do not return to your hometown! But here, because the proverbial gum flavored ice cream, eat ...

WHAT edible, drinkable?

Ilıca it, I do not forget to taste sea food! Many in the restaurant, French, Italian and Turkish cuisine, you can find variations. Shrimp, squid and fluke ... if you can find products that will cheer your taste palate. Language can also enter a swap and barbecue mode. Believe it will be very enjoyable. At breakfast, of course, "Brittle," Boyoz "" Karakoy of Pastry "will go great. Apropos here, listen to live music where you can try one of the Gum Frozen'ı. And you will feel relieved and will remain on your taste ...


When you reach the air or by road to Izmir bus or minibus must in every season from here is up. Shield type 20 minutes in 45 minutes in winter time you can come here with.

A week passed quickly, quicker time to leave ... with friends ... come again next year ... I want to say goodbye to hot spring where the hot spring, while leaving behind a song stuck in my lip. In fact, is exactly describes here: "My heart was in the Aegean ...

French holiday resort chain in China

French holiday resort chain in China
French holiday resort chain, is preparing to invest in China

The world-renowned French resort chain Club Med village in China, is preparing to invest.

In this context, China, Club Med ", albeit a small amount" is expected to take place between the shareholders.

Club Med, until 2015 under plans drawn up, 200 thousand people in China, the host is able to build five holiday resorts.

The group will invest the second largest market after France, as China sees.

Famous holiday resort chain, in November, the country's ski resorts in the north in winter Yabuli'deki plans to open a tourist resort.

Club Med closes with a loss last year, had managed to cross the road again this year.

Secret of the Vacation Center

Secret of the vacation center
Well into summer vacation plans with the final stage was.

Meet the candidates before suitcases of tourists, vacation guides in hand with their horses all year from the fatigue of them will choose the best resorts in haste ...

Although going to the Black Sea to the south? If you do a tour though a cultural center in Anatolia? We Bodrum, Marmaris, tours in the summer like everyone's sick of people flocked to the place where we have investigated alternative sites. Vacation to relax and to explore new places as the most beautiful corners of Turkey for those who think we take it. Our goal of a peaceful holiday at the Mediterranean Sea and Aegean regions, not only to show. From the Black Sea to the Marmara, Central Anatolia, in Turkey's southeast from many different regions unexplored, hidden paradise, we wanted to meet with you an alternative holiday centers. The money you spend on holiday, and time to grieve without being reviewed do not make plans ...


The Army, with attention to long beach, the green slopes of Boztepe board. Boztepe is 560 meters high, as well as picnic areas, casinos, motels, and pine forests is remarkable.

Army's 'per point' Boztepe

Lovely long beach of the Black Sea province of Ordu, as well as with natural beauty and historical monuments very popular place for tourists. All shades of green the city was founded on the slopes of the Boztepe hill 560 meters high. Sun and sea, as well as an attractive alternative for those who want to take a vacation of a region. Boztepe has particularly striking beauty.

How to get there?

Army's center is 6 kilometers away from the Army to Boztepe can be reached by road. Boztepe you can get to by road from Istanbul in 12 hours. Those who prefer airlines to Istanbul airport Wednesday after an hour's walk, one-half hours by road from here to arrive at the Boztepe.

What to eat?

Black Sea Region which is the indispensable food in fish Boztepe said the judge. Particularly anchovies, whiting and seabream species in the region can be eaten between main. Unique to fish outside the region it is possible to taste the local cuisine. Roasting of pickles, dible, black cabbage soup and the stuffed mushroom bread made of corn, rakes, and may appeal to your taste.

Where to stay?

Steep Garden Hotel, Grand TESK Hotel, there are a few Balıktaşı Hotel and Resort Hotel.

Why to go?

Boztepe your URL, which is 450 meters high holidays, holiday greenery and nature for those who choose to appeal. Hanzade between pine trees, MIDI, and tea and coffee while sitting in the restaurant Boztepe Army to monitor all possible. With these directions to Boztepe 'per point in trying. Army of the bride's skirt, the head constitutes Boztepe. Boztepe with green nature and fresh air is said that in the younger ones go for a walk. Cape Jason and Yason place to be seen in the region between Church. Also Boztepe, ideal for those who want to do paragliding is located between the regions. For lunch, gone to the army Thursday in the country beyond the limits of the known types of lots in Jalal Vonalı can make your selection from.

Bilecik is the land of festivals and events

Bilecik in the southeast of the Marmara region, Turkey's fourth district is the only city in the land. The oldest names of provinces and Belekoma'dır Agrilion. Sakarya River in the city is home to the founding of the Ottoman Empire in the soil, traces are from different periods of history.

How to get there?

Bilecik highway and railway transportation facilities has to. People who want to go from istanbul Haydarpasa train station a pleasant two-hour trip by train can reach Bilecik.

What to eat?

Rather than local foods and fruits in Bilecik obtained them candy, jam, products such as delight and boza section. Boza, candy, quince, melon and squash can be tasted here. Moreover, quince and pomegranate scent and colors that you can taste them in Bilecik and close to the delight can be served is located between the products.

Where to stay?

Grand Cali Hotel, Eronur Hotels, City Hotel, the hotel can be accepted in the region are some of Taskin Hotel.

Why to go?

And ready for the tomb of Sheikh Edebali in Bilecik, Orhan Gazi Mosque, Castle of Bilecik, Ertugrul Gazi Tomb, Said Bey, Governor of beauty can be visited on a variety of fountains. Pelitözü Pond, Kinik Falls, Turbine recreational areas, the Kayaboğazı Canyon, Little Pond also know Apple is located between natural beauty to be seen. Also in September, if you go Ertugrul Gazi Commemoration and Willow Festival, Bilecik's liberation from enemy occupation, the Akhism and Sheikh Edebali Culture Festival, in October, if you go the pomegranate, fig, melon, cherry festivals coincided can.