Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Respect for nature so fashionable holiday

Respect for nature so fashionable holiday
Meal prepared with organic products that create, organic cotton towels and linens, cleaning materials, a respect for nature, even producing its own energy to stay in hotels rising trend of recent decades

One of the most important trends in recent years, of course, return to nature ... Organic food is now found everywhere. Prepared with organic cotton clothing is included in the collection of almost every brand. Electricity, water consumption more carefully, we are dedicating our garbage. We collect waste batteries in the box. Even the location is a decorated plastic bag. Perfumes, cosmetics, alcohol and organic chemical substances is increasing rapidly. We are now trying to be more respect for nature.

This trend was more in the middle of a new concept: Organic or ecological holiday ... Now some of our electricity, water, consumed more food than not, playing the roll of music entertainment at the pool is not considered to prefer vacations. This movement began with the first eco-farm. If you are here to help with farm work is offered free accommodation. "I do not want to run on my vacation but I want to stay in a place with respect to nature" for the different alternatives are proliferating.

Energy from the sun to AL

Uçhisar'daki Nevşehir Museum Hotel is located in the region without damaging the structure was built. Type of energy used for heating water and 90 percent, 40 percent of solar energy in winter is achieved. In the kitchen of the hotel owner in its own land of fruit and vegetables produced using natural methods are used. The hotel also orchards, development of local textile industry as well as carrying out rural development projects.

That Urgup in the region Akköy home has been restored in accordance with the natural architecture of the surrounding flora and fauna protected. Their own animals, milk right from the morning and they bring their own hive of honey are present. In the evenings, tandoor cooked meat, vegetable dishes, delicious salads, soups and desserts from local organic products still being prepared.

Dalya Life of environmentally friendly hotels in Gocek. 15 thousand square meters of land, surrounded by local sweetgum trees in the hotel reflects the traditional architecture of Mugla. Melon and olives to the hotel, from tomatoes to peppers are all fruits and vegetables come from their own fields.

SUM of your OWN EGG

Natural, organic and My Land Natura prominent spiritual concept, is located in Cirali Antalya tours. The hotel was built using wood and natural stone yoga, meditation and such activities are done. Licensed hotel, especially organic, prepared with organic fruit jam, jelly and fruit juices and famous.

Mandarin Boutique Hotel in the hotel all the furniture and wood building debris, such as collapsed buildings were made of recyclable materials. Except in the toilet all the water out and wait in a warehouse is used for garden irrigation. Linens and towels are certified organic. Food or drink again in villages around the hotel owners from their own garden ...

Antique Olive Golturkbuku the basement used for Bio-Hotel, towels, pillows, sheets and organic certified dive. Not all cleaning products selected from damaging nature. To prevent waste water from showers and taps is limited. Lighting energy consumption without all the TV and consume less energy. Waste separation and waste oil unit available. Natural organic food in the kitchen.

£ 99 'all-inclusive holiday' to £ 360

£ 99 'all-inclusive holiday' to £ 360
British journalist Tom Mitchelson'un £ 99 'all inclusive' holidays in Turkey to cost 360 pounds

British journalist Tom Mitchelson, "cheap holiday declared to investigate the reality of" 99 pound "review the tour was announced.

She looked up the phone and the tens, sold almost all of the information received.

At the end of a company, for £ 99, three star, is in the hands of tour includes transportation, he said. Mitchelson bags prepared and decided to fly to Turkey. The first problem was related to aircraft. Despite living in London, Birmingham in the early hours of the aircraft up so that the information has been forwarded to him by the tour company.

Birmingham return, gasoline cost 30 pound. As parking fees also gave 60 pounds. Twice more before vacation so he came. When the hotels in Marmaris, Dalaman Airport, 100 kilometers away that has learned.

With no public transport, a taxi driver agreed to 60 pounds. "Must the Royal Plaza" has reached his hotel, the hotel 15 minutes away by bus to the beach to understand.

If the cost of running the air conditioner in the room was 25 pounds. During your stay, I did one, also did not change the paper towels. For breakfast and dinner were also required to pay. Dinner, between 10-12 pounds. £ 360 to £ 1999 as a result of their holiday was good.

Understanding of the summer holiday hit

Understanding of the summer holiday hit
Overseas Tours and increased holiday cottage has affected sales

Overseas tours and holiday tours of the spread of the former holiday cottage also comes to mind when the first sales decline and price of the cause of the increase had been reported.

Issues related to the AA correspondent answer questions the City Realtors Chamber President Massoud Güleroğlu, market uncertainty, the real estate sector as well as summer market, reflected in that final period, a second home purchase in the much movement happened said he did not.

Güleroğlu,''as big as the old cottage sites already being done now, is not established for this purpose cooperatives. Also completed in the past,''said co-founded.

He said the Turkish people think of the old times before the summer vacation is coming home, but said recently that this perception changed a bit Güleroğlu, it continued as follows:

In our study we have made clear''that seems to change. People now do not like to entertain guests at home. When they spend a holiday and the opportunity is perceived as. So they changed their holiday experience. Tours, travel abroad, there tends to be preferred. Due to the cottage near the sea, with easy access to select locations.''

Güleroğlu, Izmir-Cesme, Alacati Foca, motto, Gumuldur, standing, such as the Urla district of the city in this sense is a popular summer place in terms of Turkey at the beginning of''the rich''he said coming.

In summer of outstanding centers where Güleroğlu questions about what has been, without doubt the most popular spot''Alacati. Fountain in front of it has passed. Recently became a very different indeed. Sea, sand and other places of entertainment they are most popular fountains, Foca. Foca, for example ones favorite began to multiply. People also want peace. In these places there is peace''he said.

Güleroğlu, motto of the''city''Cittaslow-Calm After winning the title last year began to attract much attention, especially foreigners reported.

Provides information about the summer sale prices Güleroğlu,''was created in Alacati incredible figures. Previously unable to sell 100 thousand pounds of places now sell 300-400 thousand pounds. My oh well that these houses are not hawks. Alacati is a very demand, a second center, located in Bodrum in turları'dan, surf the central feature of such elements were foreigners to come there. Of course prices went up an incredible,''he said.

Güleroğlu, fountains in the vicinity of the cooperatives and of the site rather than because of some cheaper places to find that it is possible, where the summer home of the 150 thousand pounds, starting from the villa by one million pounds exceed said.

Foca because most parts of the site area does not have a new settlement, so their prices slightly higher in the old stone house who told Güleroğlu,''but the serenity of Foca, allows it to calm people's preferences. Prices between 150-400. 1 million pounds on the beach''in the band was in the form.

Güleroğlu, Seferihisar before 80-90 thousand pounds sold places''cool cities''the title with 110 thousand pounds has increased 200-250 a thousand pounds to the price of the harbor overlooking the areas 400-500 thousand pounds around had found said.

Güleroğlu summer rental rates on the question,''It is rented at a very seasonal. The prices of seasonal change. Foca, starting from 6-7 in the three thousand pounds thousand pounds comes. Between 10-25 thousand pounds in Cesme, Alacati is in starts from 20 thousand pounds. And by the motto of Gumuldur thousand pounds in the range of 3-4. We are observing some movement in Kusadasi tour, season 15 will find a thousand pounds. But the highest in Alacati. Rents will go up to 50 thousand pounds gave the money''.

Güleroğlu happy, as a chamber, which is common overseas, but not yet implemented in Turkey do not begin work on''home''stated that the exchange system, gave the following information about the work:

Between cities in Europe''as people, between countries are working on a system that could make the house swap. There are companies operating in this field. Create a company operating in Turkey are being held in this direction. Companies will be established and popular sector of the next period will be. Abroad, a well-established system. If you live in our country would be a very good system, because then the foreign tourists coming to our country will increase length of stay here, pleased to share in their own country.''

How do I request that the house swap on the system Güleroğlu,''here in the summer out of town or your guests coming from abroad, you are a guest at their house in return. This work takes a small commission from the company organized. People's deposits is set. The size does not matter here at home. A party room that can house 5 rooms, two rooms in your house can be a salon,''answered does not matter.

Güleroğlu, the members began working on this issue were informative and willing to work in this area, he added that members were encouraged.