Saturday, August 14, 2010

Next year will rise regardless of rates

"Next year will rise regardless of rates"
Prices start from £ 320 at the moment ...

In 2010, a record number of tourists coming to the running of the Turkish tourism sector investors 'low country' is trying to escape from the image. Prices start from 320 pounds at the Adam & Eve Hotel Group's Chairman Talha Gorgulu Kayi investor in terms of incoming tourists, saying the service is not cheap, "What if next year we will raise whatever price," he said.


In Turkey this year and expected growth in tourism experienced a 15 percent growth in incoming tourists in 2008 equaled the record of the environment will be a lot of space left at the hotel. In this environment, the future of hotel accommodation in Turkey is expected to increase prices. In 2011 the first signs may increase in hotel prices in Antalya, with prices starting at pounds 320 per night for tourists who operates the Adam & Eve Hotel Group's Chairman Talha Gorgulu Kayi said. Manners, very good occupancy rate reached 110 mm per cent last year stated that the tourists coming in this environment remains very cheap in terms of service, he said. Manners, they will raise rates next year, always said no matter what though. Manners, "Prices are down by pulling out of our clients come to us boşaltla not meet expectations. Quality falls. Quality of service has a price. An ordinary five-star hotels do not want to become, "he said.


Perform the group's overseas airline, Sky Airlines charter flights this year, reaching a total of 18 aircraft Gorgulu pointed out that, after receipt of the necessary permits said they would begin flights within Turkey. Manners, "we are not in competition purposes. We aim to cross in domestic flights. Our center will be in Ankara and Antalya. We do not have a date set yet, but we started to work on tariffs. We are aiming to end before the end of this year, "he said.

60 days honeymoon couple is coming

More by the Turks 'honeymoon hotel' Adam & Eve Hotel is regarded as the 60-day holiday for honeymoon couples coming. If arriving from outside the hotel for $ 30 are being visited. The 25-square-meter room in a hotel of the world's largest deposits of seven thousand dollars per day. Talha Gorgulu, "This will not work at the hotel, I said I'm doing my own fantasies. I love this hotel, but everyone to come to work today, with full occupancy, "he said. Manners, they do host the winter meeting of the company said.

The corn market is watching

Turnover of 1.2 billion dollars last year, they had closed the Talha Gorgulu tell, the end of 2010 reached $ 1.5 billion plan to target said. Manners, within Kayi Group employs three thousand people have expressed, only 600 people work says Adam & Eve. Manners, opening hotels in Egypt on how to enter here the preparation of the said period.

Oger's upset sale

Talha Gorgulu, Oger Tours of the UK travel giant Thomas Cook said it was upset by the purchase. Vural Oger's their horizons, indicating that a person opens the road Gorgulu, "Oger my most serious rival in Germany, although I was so great that a company is very easy to sell to foreigners. Would remain in the hands of the Turks. We as a means to bring tourists here, we're moving them with our own company. We are hosting our own hotel. Value that we will stay. This system should support the protection of operators, "he said. The state's largest tourism companies in Germany and Britain have also pointed out that maintaining their Gorgulu, "In Turkey, it should be. In the year 500 thousand tourists from Scandinavia brought before the tour company, sank in 1996 to 5-6 million dollars could not find. Since that year, the number of tourists from Scandinavia did not reach 100 thousand, "he said.

Bodrum and Turkbuku

Bodrum and Turkbuku

Hope that the developers can not find the magazine from Bodrum this summer ...

Bodrum years of summer photos adorn the pages of magazines. Greatest love bombs, the bomb pictures come from Bodrum. Devran but returned this year, waiting for news magazines from Bodrum aggrieved developers. Since the beginning of summer sun Türkbükü a few familiar names in the business does not come out. Why? Bodrum, Cesme, Gocek and prominence of such an alternative position with the magnet has seized you? "Bodrum is over," he who justified? That opinion ...

HT STEEL fired Manager Magazin News

Bodrum's popularity over

36-year magazine, in Bodrum I have never seen such a vicious. The photo is always the same people
BODRUM, infertility in recent years, a great living. The primary reason that celebrities want to take a vacation to a secluded villa, on, off fashionable Beach, boats sailing into place, I am connecting them to go to the Greek Islands. Basement is also a big factor in the astronomical prices. 36 years of my career, I have sent a reporter to Bodrum photos my friends would hail. Photographs of the same people coming this year. When we do not expect any move by holding the boat bays, Bodrum has even come to see that celebrities are not news. Name you want to talk about walking around in the mess, kiss and make love without reserve to the beach pier. Bikini show in doing some scaffolding. Bodrum's popularity in recent years, I would say grab of Cesme. Fountain made in a few years if the price boom, quickly loses its popularity.

Ayse Sabah newspaper writer ÖZYILMAZEL

To go to the Greek islands popular
Finished basement was not finished, but Turkbuku. Bodrum'm in a month, I see everyone here, but the destination with something different. People have visited either by boat or rent will not come from their personal space. I never give a name, but all my friends here, have fun and view the. If they do not find anything on the beach at Türkbükü'ndeki. Deliberately not gone there, do not want to withdraw now. Nobody wants to go and give billions of accounts. Anyone know a few people outside do not want to give the picture. To go by boat to the Greek islands at a very trendy. View is now very simple, magazines seekers should budget, should the boat. Go here for very little money given. Turkbuku are browsing around the usual places so I never travel at night and do. He is not doing anything new. Bodrum in fact not done, changed destinations. We're all here are so full of streets that are not passed

Ivana SERT - Old Fashion / fashion designers

No place to walk in the basement of the density. Remains very large and old energy. Still preferred for entertainment in Bodrum
I've been working hard this year so I've just arrived in Bodrum. However, recently talked with my friends the same thing. Everyone Bodrum over the years, "he says, but last week Ship A Hoy'da had at least four thousand people. Can not pass up the streets full of people, so intense that many places. No such thing as a finished basement, and a former energy remains very crowded, so we're here. Ship A Hoy was sentenced to 15 days due to the noise prohibition, has been shut down beginning next week, but anyway. People here still for fun, prefer organized tours.

Sortie'nin Owner, Operator boiling Varol
Sound ban was a blow but still indispensable
Spoken the same thing for years but until now such a thing happened.
The best thing people in general prices. But this year, because I think this sounds ban was a serious blow. I just did not go to Bodrum this year, but a serious blow to recognize observance.
Prices are more reasonable in fountains, Türkbükü exaggerate the prices are always on the agenda. Very nice place, but said that is what should I still give up to be, I do not think I can give myself.
But the season is short, the sound is prohibited, with the arrival of Ramadan, perhaps a few years ahead of the fall, but then regains its original energy.

Stars of the loan with the holiday of love lies

Stars of the loan with the holiday of love lies
World-famous celebrities spend their holiday in bed. Friends of the yacht to grow on non-emergency

More than $ 280 million fortune is estimated to be the David-Victoria Beckham's pair, friends for a holiday this summer, the Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli impressive 32 million dollars worth of 40.5-meter yacht was borrowed. Cavalli purple, green and gold in the bed before Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, and Sharon had a loan Stone'a. Cavalli for guests only have one rule: in bed can only wear clothes designed by Cavalli.

Heir of the Hilton hotel Paris Hilton (29), is out this summer on vacation with her sister's co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen's 127.5 million dollars to stay in bed. Allen, Twitter says they are often amazed to lie did not seek money from his sister. 91-foot yacht in the normal weekly rent of $ 640 thousand. The 30-person staff yacht, spa, movie theater, basketball court, recording studio, and a few helicopters have a swimming pool area.

Eva Longoria Parker
His wife, actress Eva Longoria and basketball player Tony Parker this summer, the weekly rent of $ 16 million 112 thousand dollars "Ladyship" said his yacht vacation. There were six bedrooms in the 41-foot yacht.

BRITISH clothing company owner Sir Phillip Green Top Shop'ın company for the design and model Kate Moss, who this summer to 79 meters, 50 million dollars worth yacht "Lionheart" i lent. 30 people, with Kate Moss boyfriend Jamie Hince'e served.

DOUBLE, actor Johnny Depp this summer, "taken from Turkey," 47.5-meter yacht that will take a vacation. Doubling Depp, Angelina Jolie appeared with "The Tourist" became close friends during filming. Depp, double, six children will spend their time in bed and said he will take much pleasure. Johnny Depp yacht, but normally do not charge a fee for their friends in the "Vajoliroja" yacht named the weekly rent of $ 132 thousand.

Seal and Heidi Klum
Singer Seal and supermodel wife Heidi Klum, Indian billionaire Vijay Mallya'nın yacht is 680 thousand dollars per week this summer hired. 120 million dollars, "Indian Empress" of 32 rooms, has 42 employees.

Singer, 183 million dollars worth of Russian businessman Roman Abramoviç'in the "Luna" did borrow the boat. 160-foot boat, Luz and Jesus lover of Madonna on holiday with children, lies not pay for the Abramovic.