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Funny holiday complaints by tourists

Funny holiday complaints by tourists
Ridiculous complaints of tourists vacation in the British Daily Telegraph newspaper, has compiled the complaints of tourists vacation ridiculous and unreasonable.

Of tourists every year, the newspaper published a list of ridiculous complaints that this year's most ridiculous list include:

Holland America Line cruise ship, angrily to the reception of a tourist, was requested to change room. Officials of tourists to calm the room, why you want to change to understand when tourists, said: "The passenger ship handful of money I paid and my sea view room will be given said. But from my window I can see only one thing blasted a parking lot ..." Officer's response if the was: "No iron did not take." Africa's natural park erect an elephant on a tour of the complaints was as follows: "The wild beast's appearance, myself enough to feel lead honeymoon ruined my left."

* "Engaged with two bed rooms booked but we were given a room with double bed. Fiancée, so I would be liable to you from conceiving. If you were put into a room with us as we wish they would not come to us."


Other complaints by tourists "as follows:

"From Pitch to 5 euro bought rayban sunglasses, but the holiday was a fake."

"They did not tell us that fish in the sea. Children were very frightened."

* "My one-bedroom apartment three-room apartment of my friends I've met. Theirs was larger than mine significantly."

"Brochures on the" do not stay in the barbershop "is called. We are studying hairdressing, there are accepted?"

"Beach was very sandy ..."

* Coast to coast was not like we saw in the brochure. Yellow sand in your brochures seems to us was white. "

* "It should be illegal to sunbathe topless on the beach. My husband, my vacation for the whole day watching the other women came from my nose."

"The tourists shopping at the beach buffet food" out there we waited in the queue in the heat without air conditioning. "

"Holiday said when the mosquito bites. I warned anyone of them might not bite."

"While no one except the water park where we did not tell us to bring our swimsuits and towels for our."

"There were too many Spaniards. Receptionist spoke Spanish. Meals were the Spanish food. There were too many foreigners


Demre Holidays
Known as St. Nicholas. Nicholas lived in the area is known. Every year for Christmas event being held on June 6

Activities you can do

Bird Observation, Trekking (Trekking)
Demre for the daytime temperatures (lowest - highest):

June 31 - 45 ° C
July 34-45 ° C
August 34-43 ° C
Eylül 31-41 ° C
Demre Contact Information

In the west of Antalya is located between Kas and Demre, Finike, Antalya, or 147 miles away. You will not want to end the beauty of wide asphalt road between the pine trees to `Demre Kas is another pleasure in terms of development. Those who choose to ride the bus, from Demre-Antalya until 20:00 `mutual use of the time can. Demre to go `or` Simena Çayagzi locality are coming from three miles traveled. St. Nicholas contained herein. Nikolaus church can be visited. Andriake around the ruins of the city, half-covered ground and soft bog. For this reason, trips to a wooded section
Demre Local Foods

Silk Restaurant - +90 0242 871 54 48
holiday / Sultan of dining - +90 0242 871 46 80
Roasting of hair - Tandoori kebab - Koll (wheat, beans, peas and beans boiled)
Demre Entertainment Places

Demre entertainment center, night life, do not call.
Places to Demre

St. Nicholas was bishop, and therefore maintain its reputation throughout the entire Middle Ages, an important Lycian city of Myra and the name "Great Mother Goddess of the place" means. Before today's rock tombs on the hill down the expansion and later founded the city of Lycia, and has become a very important one in six large cities. BC town IV. The first coins of the century, the Mother Goddess is a relief.

City, Kane County (Demre), 6 km. The distance of the village is near the Sura. Andriake'den pass from Kas is on the way here. Apollo's prophecy of the ancient historians, it is one of the centers have suggested. Like other cities of Lycia M.Ö.IV.yy.da continued existence.

Europeans like to vacation in the village

Europeans like to vacation in the village
Anatolia, 18 percent of European tourists in a holiday village house plans

Environment and Protection of Cultural Values and Promotion Foundation (ÇEKÜL) High Advisory Council (IAC) members and eco-tourism expert Dr. Yusuf example, in Anatolia, the environment, the wealth of vegetation, non-architectural and natural structures capable of housing the hundreds of cultural tourism in the village, he said. Example, Germany turları'da 14-49 age group who travel regularly over eight thousand tourists 18'nin percent in their survey in Turkey or any other country willing to holiday in the village said they arise. Historical Cities Association (MARA), at the City tour Manavgat district Kumkoy Beach Hotel on the Side trips at Seminar 'in Turkey Culture Tourism and Rural Life of the Place' theme speech sample, particularly of the Taurus in the foothills of most of the villages cultural tourism to the appropriate noted. Have the nation's highest cultural world vacation, indicating that the German example, with a population of 80 million of the country's 60 million are performed each year on a regular basis said holiday. The villages of Anatolia any number of tourists who want to vacation in his home of 10 million people pointed out that the sample represents, by its tourism should be assessed as very good, he said. For example, "Taurus in the foothills of the mountain villages young people on the beach hotels in the study came to the village on holidays we remained empty. Actually, cultural tourism, revitalize the place for the village, our. Survey in our study of tourists 55 percent of a village home with the family 4-7 days for me could stay says. Rural tourism profile 90 percent of the tourists, intellectuals, and pay higher income level tourists. Weekly holiday spending, the average two-thousand five hundred euros. " he said.

Taurus region geographical structure of any kind of tourism to the construction of suitable underlines, the village tourism in spreading the most important factor, unspoiled nature, clean, non-architectural conservation and local people's centuries-long traditions, customs, traditions and customs continue to be noted.

Example, people did not know a foreign language communication never knew you did not see the most beautiful people with hearts and love the language of the agreement, he said. European tours in countries they do market research to Turkey from a tourist's second time ever to come from is never seen do not indicate example, it in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Luxembourg, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Russia, Finland, Portugal, and Made in Turkey in such countries as Denmark tours, Made by Tourism is an indication of the brand said.