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Morocco travel


Overview of the unique landscapes, especially in the mosque with a unique charm of this unique city and country you katmaktadır.Buyrun
I see many more names to be duyulmasada yerlendendir Morocco Tours ..

Madrassas, mosques and prayer voice. Sharp, leather, metal, the smell of incense and rose water. Their ass trying to play the sellers. After a long struggle established a city like decor. Or in books, manuscripts and a copy of a hand-drawn pictures of the city. Morocco, a fascinating city with everything.

Places to see .. Morocco Tours, a fascinating city. Morocco, especially the former, mosques, houses, narrow streets seem out of their storybook. Though, would not change anything for centuries.
Morocco is divided into the old: Morocco el-Bali and Morocco, al-Jadid. Morocco twelve el-Bali, Morocco, eight centuries of al-Jadid. Both are surrounded by walls.
Bab el-Bali's most important port in Morocco Celud Bou. Madrasa Bou Inania this is just near the door. 650-year-old structure. Visit to the 9th Dirham madrasas.
Kairaouine Camiisi hand-Atterine madrasas also Moroccan al-Bali attractions. Dar Batha Museum is also well worth seeing.
Morocco el-Bali's streets, houses, squares (Independence Square, the most important one), leave extra time to really eat. In the narrow streets a pleasure to visit.
Morocco, the royal palace of al-Dar al-Cellar Cedid'de there. The gate of Bab Dekkaken also worth seeing. Also, ensure the city's water garden at the Bou Celud another attraction.
We must also look at the fortress of Borj Nord. You can reach on foot or by taxi. Castle, 16 Century, and its weapons dating from the Museum, very interesting. The museum, you can travel to nine Dirham.
New Egypt (Ville Nouvelle), the built in 1916 by the French. Here, Morocco Tours .. 's represents the modern face. Major streets, French-style buildings.

Other cities


Marakeş'in has an old history. Almoravide dynasty in 1062 was established as the capital of, the capital of the dynasty that won the very difficult, and time is becoming an important commercial city. Marakeş'in development and growth are based on these dates. Because commercial city, town and historic buildings have been made too.

Morocco Tour in every city, there is a distinction that the old and new city. Old town, charming narrow streets, palaces, mosques and buildings in this small workshop is made up of narrow streets. The new city, more modern hotels and luxury high-rise buildings are taking place in cafes.

Djemaa el Fnaa Square: This place is like a heart Marakeş'in. Morocco Tour for this challenge can be said in the first place can be visited. If you truly want to experience the Moroccan culture, long hours of this square, you can spend. This is another day and another night in the square, be prepared to encounter a different world.

On the one hand the snake shows, on the one hand magician, a side story to tell people, on the one hand trinket stalls, fabric weaving rugs ... and the colorful costumes of the Moroccan people ... this occurred in Morocco Tour for the color of the world yakıştırma caused describes as ...

The Souk (Traditional Market): This bit is a bazaar, which has a complex layout. You can get lost in the labyrinthine streets. In the traditional bazaar, leather goods such as fabrics, rugs and silver objects, you are looking for any item can be found here. You want to buy in this market for a product, "I'll walk a little way back I bought" Do not be caught until he dropped a. In this market, because once you see your chances of finding a shop a little bit less actually more?

Kutubiye Mosque: This mosque is seen as a symbol of Marakeş'in. 19. century, this building was built, is located in Marrakech arsında buildings worth seeing.

"Play it again Sam" to remind you what these words? Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman movie Casablanca starring the legendary ...

Casablanca holiday just a little unfair to this film would actually pass! Remember a film to be accepted by the city of Casablanca, deserves more. According to the city and other cities in Morocco that has a more modern appearance. Palm trees and ocean beach stretches for miles in the choppy waters compared to other cities in Morocco shows a different view.

Hassan II Mosque: 210 meter minaret is the tallest minaret in the world has to be a feature. This mosque is located on the edge of the sea is remarkable. Allowed to enter mosques, but inside, with a broad range of blue ocean on one side of this mosque, the mosque on one side with an impressive display to be seen in Morocco Tour will take place at the beginning of the structure.

This city is a typical Moroccan cities. Especially where a lot of Morocco may experience. Long walls of mosques, the castle ramparts and city gates ... Fes is divided into two. Within the walls of the city, the Old City that is known as Medina.

Medina: Medina'ya entrance door is a lot. When you enter through this gate you can find yourself in the narrow streets, the narrow streets to discover new places, where you can buy from the small shops. While walking in the alley next to last, but you have to give way to horses and donkeys can!

There are 300 hectares Medina'da market is the market bakeries in the workshops. One of the most important feature of this market, the world-famous workshops of Fez is here is porcelain. A handful of clay, the porcelain into a beautiful work of art if you want to see a place for you ... Medina

Kairouan Mosque: This mosque is 15 thousand person-capacity sanctuary. Non-Muslims are forbidden to enter into this mosque. This is remarkable in Fez is one of the buildings.

Morocco's Atlantic coast, this city, a side of Morocco Tour of culture, tradition and customs can live on one side of the choppy ocean and enjoy the white foam among the surf in the city of white and blue to create a structure able to review, except in the city, modern buildings can visit private design can enjoy cafes drinking mint tea.

"Timbuktu 52 days" to see the meaning of these signs of the times, this desert Bedouin are expressed through 52 days. Yes Morocco and here, quite literally, everything to understand the vast desert in the camels' back in your mind big hats or even a mystical air to the Moroccan and wore his cloak to wear, the tents can stay the night desert, cold in the sand over the sky and watch the stars you can.

In the desert, but there are some elements that should be mentioned. First of all, try to consume plenty of water, thin and dressed in cotton clothes, a good map and be sure your side.


Located in northwest Africa to Morocco's cuisine rich in flavor varieties as well, is a unique and refined. Fresh and dry fruits are used with great care the rare taste of Moroccan cuisine is one of the sugar-salt mix.

For inter-city transportation in Morocco, you can choose to train as a first option. Trains, and can be enjoyable and comfortable journey. However, road transport, can be much more enjoyable. Tours in Morocco from a city highway choose a city to reach the scene you can see on the roads will be enough to impress. Moroccan roads are fairly regular and comfortable, as well as adding a very pleasant sight Morocco Tour will travel to the middle.

In the Moroccan city transport, taxi option is usually available. Or you can rent a car, but in every subject in Morocco Tour, especially in taxis and rental cars will have to bargain hard.

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