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Tourism became popular in the center of the slave trade!

Tourism became popular in the center of the slave trade!
Magnificent nature and tropical climate attract European tourists.

Zanzibar Island

The center of the slave trade in Africa for centuries due to the autonomous Tanzanian island of Zanzibar, in recent years, tourism was one of the favorite places.

Name Farça'da''Negroes''meaning''Zang bar''dan the coast of Zanzibar, the world famous Queen singer Freddie Mercury's birthplace, a place famous for being.

Zanzibar and Pemba in Zanzibar by the name consists of two islands, the turquoise Indian Ocean, especially in recent years, fine sandy beach, magnificent nature and tropical climate attract tourists with the Europeans.

Tanzania's 80 km open in the former capital of the country Zanzibar'a Darüsselam'dan can be reached in 1.5 hours by fast ferry. In addition to being a holiday paradise, are affected by different civilizations, rich with cultural and historic architecture preserved Zenzibar appeals to every taste, between the streets of the local market also attracts attention.


A period of one of the world's leading manufacturing center of spice and gradually lost this property only tourists can visit the spice plantation in the region, the island is one of the places of interest.

Cultivated in many tropical fruits and spices of the land in which tourists visit, they branch off from the opportunity to taste the fruits of interesting finds. Taste and smell of different spices in a large number of carnations grown in the island's only export product.

Different kinds of apes that lived about five miles off the island is the Turtle Island. Turtle Island can be reached by boat from Tanzania to the specific 150-200 turtles that lived about 60 years old says.

-Africa's slave trade was-CENTER

Local people Zanzibar'ın for centuries in Africa, the slave market and famous as a center noted, while the island was ruled the capital Stone Town, the museum is used as a venue, the black slaves to sell before the endurance test, subject to the two dungeons is placed.

A period of 30-40 persons of slaves, a small window which is only 1.5 meters above the prison in three days hungry and thirsty and invited endurance test last of the islands off the Turtle Island, sent to America and Europe are sold are explained.

At the same time when a few people inside the prison was hard to even breathe in that period also draws attention from the remaining chains.

In the city, who holds a British slave trade era to the Africans chained in the garden of the church sculpture exhibition.


From the model provided by the United Kingdom has committed vehicular traffic on the island still possible to find traces of British colonialism. Unemployment has increased each year in the island's young people, tourists and tips to get something to sell are competing with each other.

July-August in the months of winter is experienced in Zanzibar, the temperature varies between 27-30 degrees.

The island's tropical climate is dominated by people outside the local Indians, Iranians and people from various countries with fewer than the number of lives.

Zanzibar coast with the sun rising young, elderly, men and women in the sport with hundreds of people seem to coast.

Daladala''name''of the open top bus at the beginning of public transport is the most used. Founded in the night markets in urban centers, and interesting local seafood is cooked and sold instantly. Sugar cane and various tropical fruit juices that are sold.

Sometimes occurred in the Indian Ocean a few hundred meters of the gel-gitler withdrawal leads to the sea. Withdrawal of sea water taken in the public area of the island, some sea creatures are gathering with their primitive methods.

The only public hospital on the island of insufficient physical and technical equipment, financial difficulties of people unable to access health services among those living on the island of death from various diseases such as malaria increases.

Greek islands without visa

Greek islands no visa

Tourism without a visa starting from the fountain to the Greek islands
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Port Operations Manager of the Aegean Region Ulusoy Can Ozgen, a one-week visa-free tour of Greek islands will be announced May 15 at the start.

Ozgen, said in a statement to journalists, the Fountain of tour routes, Piraeus, Mikanos, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes and Kos are, tours to Saturdays, will continue until September 11, 2010 said.

Ozgen, after the lively island of Rhodes, Kos and that Kos Kusadasi and cruise ships is not going to fly, he added.

The Greek islands of Kusadasi tours 4-5 day tours of cruise ships which they go about their candidate that they stayed in the 4 to 7 hours Ozgen, said:

Ferries will depart from the Fountain''at least 12 hours to Ankara, for example, will remain all day Mikanos'ta. Currently do not have another round in the Greek islands for a week. A total of 18 times between May 15 to September 11 will be hired to travel agents Bamtur of Ankara Ferry. Bamtur company will carry on this organization. One-week visa-free tours start from the Fountain, in Fountain will run out.''

On May 18, belonging to Marine Reca Marmara Lines Feribotu''nun''Fountain Fountain-Ancona (Italy), in line two days a week explaining to do once Can Ozgen, this time also said he would continue until September 16, 2010.

Mobility will lead tours to be held in the town highlighting''the cruise ship pier until Ozgen Çeşme aimed to bring an action. For example, those who come from Istanbul to participate in rounds, at least one day before coming to the fountain, sightseeing and shopping in the district will have the opportunity to find,''he said.

Dalaman TURKEY

Dalaman Daily Mirror newspaper has linked increased 82 per cent of holiday bookings, so British tourists in Dalaman in terms of increased bookings through celebrity Mayorka'sını ranked first in the world, he wrote.

Anticipated increase in holiday bookings for next year, the company that markets more than the fall in share prices is expected to take the newspaper says company Co-operative Travel has in place to Trevor Davis' view that:

"Holiday sector recovery, while the toughest of companies seeking to increase market share 12 months after the entry into the book will focus on the war. Top 20 destinations for summer bookings in the past three months has increased rapidly. 82'lik percent increase in reservations in Dalaman Mallorca took over the title of 2010's number one destination. "

Daily Mirror, "is currently second in Majorca, Florida, Orlando, third, fourth Spanish Costa Blanca, the island of Crete in Greece is in fifth place. On the top of the list of reservations among the destinations of Bodrum in Turkey, Ibiza and is located in Larnaca Cyprus. Thomas Cook company, Turkey, Cyprus, Tenerife, Majorca and Egypt's tourism is expected to be successful, "said a statement. Tourism in the south of Antalya, the airport is Dalaman, the distribution of points so that the increase in bookings in the UK and became the world's number one destination.

2010's coolest destinations

Dalaman (Turkey)
Mallorca (Spain)
Orlando (USA)
Costa Blanca (Spain)
Crete (Greece)

A documentary in Serengeti

We live in a documentary Serengeti
My boyfriend and I went to Naples in 2006 and very impressed. After that trip is not very popular in Turkey and we do not know much about how we can be considered for the copper,

Not seen around the country, we decided to go to. "Discover will be happy to countries" have made the list. Tanzania was the beginning of our list of tours. Safari tours last Christmas, we decided to go on tour. The best season is already December and January. Nisantasi honorary consulate to $ 30 you can get the visa the same day. Tetanus and yellow fever vaccine before you go have to do. Dubai tours to Tanzania to transfer the 15 hour flight we arrived. Former capital city of Arusha to Dar es Salaam'dan went to domestic flights. The starting point for all safaris are already burası.ZÜRAFA I SEE JOY AĞLADIMBu the most important feature of the period witnessed the migration of large herds of animals to be. Migration season to make a unique safari experience. When you look towards the horizon of hundreds of thousands of dogs to walk together to create a poetic image. Example of the giant giraffe walks on thin legs like the very embodiment of elegance, I wanted to cry from happiness. For wild animals, most of the drought that began in Kenya towards herbivorous ileriyorlar. The aim of safari "Big Five African tours" of (elephant, leopard, hippopotamus, buffalo and lion) to watch. Guided tours follow the route in jeeps are private. During this tour about a week sürüyor.Tur between animals forbidden to wander down from the vehicle, distance can take pictures. Only in special areas devoted to food and need a break you twice. Wildlife parks open from 08:00 to 17:00 hours, they are nocturnal animals in the middle of night to move strictly prohibited. In fact, too faint to be not human predators, certainly not the first choice. Antelope or something if there are attacks on people. Safari tours are adventurer aircraft except for fees paid between 2000-8000 Euros. The ultra-luxury and custom tours too of course these prices are rising too. We are in the middle of this scale, but we chose a round quite comfortably. Between some five-star hotels wooden tents. Camping areas can be considered a luxury "lodge" is called. Some dishes can compete with the gourmet restaurant. The section of tourists staying in the camping area is very well lit. Especially our children to tell my friends to tell tour could not finish. With binoculars in hand, watching the animals as I see the children went inside. Live in this world but us, and full of life can not be a better way to tell. Think for yourself safari adventurers. I sometimes find myself in a documentary. Providing documentary and take vacations to capture special moments better understand how they got a great effort. We began our tour of Lake Mayara. This is a soda lake, 400 bird species live. For people entering the water can not be too caustic, but will say no to suaygırlarının joy. Then often karşılacağımız buffalo, cheetahs, antelopes, spotted porcupine, vultures, wild boar, lizards, jackals, gazelles, giraffes, elephants and impalaları first time we have seen here. EN Serengeti'ye reached after the famous Wild Ngongoro'dan PARK. This is the world's most famous and oldest wildlife areas. "The world's largest open-air show who say there is. Flat plate, but as it's geographically is often found in the giant rock. Most of these rocks and crevices in the animals live in the shadow of. Wildlife parks are protected by guards. Moreover, the animals are fed in their natural environment. One of the biggest affects your Serengeti'de view was that the chase was a buffalo herd of Masai villagers. Sometimes villagers go for miles and miles in pursuit of this release. A Masai village is already in the park. Indians are continuing their daily lives, it also shows yapıyorlar.Bir tourist camp in the night and watched songs and dances were very impressed. Are very happy and outgoing. Swahili language they speak. Muslim, Christian and other religions of the ratio of the population does not exceed 30s per cent. Is then usually passed Serengeti'den Zanzibar'a. Island, the most touristic area of Tanzania. Powder as a holiday paradise with sandy beaches and the underwater world of the center is attracting interest. Safari tour an ideal place to relax as far as I'm concerned. FOREST ŞAHİN ASLAN KRALIYMIŞAslan the animal does not look like no other. Female and male trophy hunting is the best place to eat. He ran the 300-pound bulk, with an amazing grace. It is very interesting breeding of lions in total, say a seven-day period. 20 minute break after 60 seconds, mating, and they repeat this event for seven days. And we very rarely have had the chance to watch this scene. Male lion is the king of the jungle they say cause I understand very well. He mane, it is very impressive roar. Anyone care to be established from the highest hill of the rock lies. If the path through the edge, turned his head does not vouchsafe. Among the wild animals are hunted only during the day jackals. Coyote chasing a baby gazelle to have witnessed. Gazelle traverse the mother tried to intervene by drawing, but could not save the cub. Coyote in front of our eyes baby gazelle çatır çatır seven.

Adding a new valley of Cappadocia tourism

Adding a new valley of Cappadocia tourism
Sofular Valley in the Cappadocia Region for the registration of protected area declared the beginning of the study and to complete the valleys of Cappadocia's stated

Cappadocia Region Sofular Valley conservation area is declared the start of work for the registration of the valley, Cappadocia tour win was stated

Of Aksaray Rosewood district depends Sofular Town Chairman Ihsan Altinel, Cappadocia's symbols in the wonderland of the valleys, the view, from the rock carved churches, and residential areas to the region from local and foreign tourists, attracted, he said.

Cappadocia to the numerous natural wonders of the valley open to tourism, indicating that Altinel, "in the region, world famous Ihlara Valley, as well as Morphou district Monastery Valley, Kayseri Onions Valley and in Nevşehir Pigeon Valley tourism, open to offers," he said.

Altinel, towns in the Valley Sofular Aksaray, Nevsehir and Nigde provinces where the intersection, located in the heart of Cappadocia, he said.

To date, no devotee of the Valley for not promoting the value of tourism in Cappadocia is waiting to be discovered Altınel explaining, you said:

"The town we in 1992 and municipality had, and far too Sofular valley to tourism to bring in any study been done. Valley to tourism to earn what a petition which had been, nor deal is done. This is why Sofular Valley Cappadocia tourism uncredited. Mayor as first valley on the works sites area is declared for the work we started. Konya Monument to the Council, we referred. Heritage committee, the committee valley working holiday alarına began, and his works recorded are buying. This study followed Sofular Valley conservation area declared to be waiting. "

Cappadocia tourism stressing they would win a new valley Altinel, "Sofular Valley, the underground city, Cappadocia with rock carved churches and space tourism will take its place," he said.

Austere Valley thousands of years of Anatolian obsidian found near the mountains meet the needs stating that the Nenezi Altinel, said:

"Valley's history where, along with the unknown. The Roman period bear the stamp and the natural structure is still intact, works there. We are the valley's history is older than going to believe. Scientists According to research, Cappadocia's first settlement, known as 10-thousand-year Aşıklı mound in the obsidian Nenezi mountains has been removed from. regional mound seen in obsidian Nenezi mountain is from. valley in the underground city as well Nenezi mountain in the direction, and here at the end could not be reached. Also the underground city, a large number of sliding stones there. valley in the underground city, outside the numerous rock carved churches, home and grave. The church has been converted into a mosque in the valley of the arched structure is remarkable. "

Altinel, the valley of the town's old residential area is saving nearly 400 years ago here to the Turks from the rock carvings home place had, in 1972, a disaster at home and in the context of the valley 300 meters away from their homes, they carry said.