Monday, July 26, 2010

Farming Holiday

For a different holiday
Farming holiday
Established by the Association of Wheat TaTuTa (Agricultural Tourism Exchange) network, are scattered to the four corners of Turkey in the context of the 55 organic farms, organic production, or visitors who are interested in waiting for a volunteer.

Wheat by the Association in 2004 and 25 farms with seeds thrown TaTuTa (Agricultural Tourism and Information Employment and Experience Swap) project, for six years and also from Turkey, as well as WWOOF (Ecological Farms Volunteer Organization), through a stronger international volunteers and guests with Turkey in the ecological agriculture which brings the farm.

Through this network is currently spread across 55 farms in Turkey at particular times of the year or years can be visited.

Chosen according to seasonal fruit, organic farms to gather, to harvest olives, ground anchors, and herbs can be way, you can learn to make pickles, tomato sauce, or to set up.

If you choose to go voluntarily to the farm, and holiday meals for your stay will be in the running for dear life on the farm. By learning to work a half day, you can spend the other half the rest and make an observation. But in the summer of intensive study into the pace do not want to pay for meals and accommodation costs, the ecological production and life will get a chance to be a witness. Above all, to meet these local heroes for a time in their lives, even if you are included.

Your hands after touching soil ecological farms, we have chance to eat all the good things, air, water and soil from pollution, ecological balance, considering how difficult it is to produce as you get experience.

Cheap holidays in Alacati

Cheap holidays in Alacati
Wind, the sea, a brand new venue in the land of lavender and gum

Alaçatı in the village, an existing taşev more than a century, the boutique hotel and a cafe as the story continues: Tashan Boutique Hotel Cafe ...

The green shutters, original architecture, with courtyards decorated with flowers, Tashan, fountains and the magic breeze evsahibesinin with special meals are prepared to entertain the guests.

Tashan has only two suites in the house guests in warmth and comfort of a real vacation Alacati is promising. Stay at home and a real stone, the smell of coffee and bread, accompanied by the sound of the dove to wake up and you can start the day with a wonderful breakfast. Towards healthy fruit mixture, then carefully crafted to regain the energy you lose during the day and evening for just you and your friends in your yard prepared for a holiday can enjoy great taste.

Tashan, the old arch entrance, converted from oven cooking fireplace, 5-foot-high glass ceiling, colorful flowers and only 5 minutes away from the streets during the day and offers guests a special flavor. Alacati, especially for breakfast ... The longer indispensable. All the authentic taste of local homemade yeraldığı menu, all day long and healthy tastes rich different. Homemade jams, cheeses, flavored with local herbs, omelettes made with farm eggs .... Fruity cocktails, and desserts for the evening cool of the guests inside, while warm night breeze Fountain for a long friendly chat is light and tasty alternatives.

Sports holiday alternatives

Sports holiday alternatives
Do we go on vacation to the sport? Both

Who does not want to move over the holiday, but some people can not stand the place. Sports holidays, activity has increased the options for those who think now. Tourism companies and hotels offer many suggestions in this regard. Here are a few alternatives for a sporting holiday ...

Kalemya green and blue meet in Fethiye Bay Hillside Beach Club located on the outskirts of the forest environment is calm. Here you can listen to your head for days pattern. But if you prefer an active, sporting plenty of options for your holiday. Hillside'da accompanied by professional instructors of many sports activities are organized. Especially in water sports. Turkey's oldest water ski and wakeboard school here, for beginners and advanced learners are separate courses.
Internationally certified dive courses, or by selecting one, tu vacation in the depths of the sea rkuvaz to explore the exciting world of underwater. Do you want to dive day or night the choice is yours. Last year, the popular sport of sailing among the alternatives. You can play beach volleyball on the beach during the day, the evening light in the special court can take tennis lessons from experienced instructors.

Beach silent pine forests, yoga and pilates classes are held in the storage of oxygen, but also for those who want to relax the soul.
Mountain bike tour of the Lycian
Hillside'da spend your vacation while the natural and historic beauty of Fethiye turları'nin do not neglect to visit. For example in the paths of peace and tranquility of the village of Kaya intertwined with history and nature make the trek. The historical richness of the Lycian Way or mountain bike in a fun and dynamic travel to the exit.

Enjoyable Holiday

Listen to us for an enjoyable holiday!
You expect your annual leave for a year more productive and rested as well if you want to spend there are some things you need to do.

Go on vacation without first completing the unfinished tasks. What to do after he read the go ahead from here.

For a holiday when, where and how to get there and how many days remain for months in advance will be thinking of all the details, we'll make plans accordingly. Well planned, every holiday is effective for people? 15 days holiday per year, especially those which are numbered days, both the spirit and relax your body, how best can? In fact, may seem like simple answers to these questions is very important!
Dr. Ozturk Lutfi, the basic functions of the vacation is to go beyond the routine of life, he said. Plan a tour so you are physically and spiritually from the environment, undertaken to study away from psychology is required. If you live in big cities, more relaxed and you can go to a small town or village, for example. Or to another country, another life to see ... Holiday at the same comfortable clothing to wear, time constraints, without spending a few days to (to get up early, early to bed like the obligation is not), is a long time and do not see people to see or own yourself alone remain, the core family can spend time periods, meaning that coming.
Aysegul Horozoğlu Enkavi human resources consultant, the holiday will vary according to personal preference of the contents of the said persons. Some swim, and I want to relax on the sand for hours while lying down, some mountain-top to visit some friends and co-visited with the family vacation may be preferred. Enkavi also apply to all holiday and is the most important details to get away from the stresses of the routine. Therefore, should not be used at home and internet phone.
Enkavi, employees of research after the holiday had on vacation before the holiday compared with a decrease in physical symptoms and sleep quality was observed in the said increase. Enkavi, this holiday is expected to yield good planning is required to get attention. Proposal to be made the journey to be at least 10 days of vacation. 15-day vacation is much more efficient if uninterrupted.

Upon returning from vacation a day to relax!
Eagerly waiting for all year round vacation days spent around the holiday, because most people are tired. Swollen eyes, road-weary and the pain of sunburn-job is done. For this reason, Dr. Lutfi Ozturk converted holiday home to rest for at least a day is recommended. Ozturk, many people turn to the holiday of the health problems (stomach disorder, heatstroke, such as car sickness) is unable to work due to have been forced to report. Therefore be taken of tiredness, lethargy vacation leave to enter the study of psychology one or two days is required to provide rest breaks.

Things to do on vacation ever
Holidays, a time when people are separated himself. Deferred from work, "do an excellent" must give up habits of thought and inability to say no.

The purpose of the vacation is to relax people, to put their things away from the stress must be stopped.
Should not come to work-related phone, if possible, should be forwarded to all known information that is on holiday, if only for a very urgent need to contact at certain times.
Vacation to get away from work not only physically, mentally and spiritually well is to get away. If the job requires a lot of communication is necessary, certain hours of the day to talk on the phone can be divided.

Do not leave the job half before going on vacation.