Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trends in this summer holiday

Trends in this summer holiday!
During summer vacation memories sightseeing tour of the most special places we have asked the General Manager Levent Çardaklı. He is also a good traveler.

As a large part of the life of the profession with many countries around the world had visited.

Blue Voyage tours are especially popular this year stating that Çardaklı, a little more time for travel enthusiasts who prefer their tours to Asia and America, he said.

Until recently, few people could visit the locations of affordable luxury vacations with tour destinations come forward stating that Çardaklı long journey that will double the excitement of the most exclusive destinations overseas tours were determined.


Born flashy, colorful life, exotic tours, islands, temples and spectacular city with a combination of traditional and modernity countries, Japan is striking.

Thy time of the application directly reflects the atmosphere of the city tour of Tokyo and Asakusa Nakamise luxury shopping and entertainment centers and shops, surrounded by restaurants and cafes ideal for spending a special day Ginza'da street.

Japan's Mount Fuji is the highest volcanic point in advance of the possibility of living when we can find traditional Japanese culture.

In this region, rather than stay in a hotel called the traditional Japanese Ryokan would recommend to stay at home.

After this unique experience with the world's fastest train to Kyoto was the capital city of an era can be visited. Kiyomizu temple water temple, known as real must see.

One of the popular trends in China this summer!

Traditional, due to major changes in recent years to adapt to modernity in China four thousand years of history can see the traces.

This date marked a broader spectrum as can be seen at many points.

China Great Wall of China trip to highlight the most important ceremonies were held and 500 years of imperial Forbidden City and the holy places where the mystical temple in Beijing.

Asia's longest Yangtze River, will be held at Shennong River cruise boats and Chinese acrobatics show, held every Thursday to see the requirements.

China has so large that every culture and in various locations almost impossible to see. There are many places like Xianda ilginzi Shanghai and attract ...


The pyramid is one of the Seven Wonders of the world, 'that store Tutankamun'un Treasury expand tours in Cairo Museum, Khan El Khalili'de shopping pleasure, the underwater paradise of Sharm el Sheikh, Luxor'da the Temple of Ramses ...

Is not attractive to the ear?

God made the world-famous resort on behalf of Amun Ra Temple in Karnak is a must-see places ...

Galabiya important historical costumes can be found in shopping centers.

Nile river cruise with the opportunity to see thousands of years old pharaonic dynasty.


If you intend to see round a corner of paradise in Brazil must be traveled.

The land of samba and Bossa Nova, green and blue line where the Brazilian city of Rio live full 24 hours you can start your sightseeing.

Copacabana beach in Rio in the morning, starting the day with a bicycle have the opportunity to visit many places.

The city's famous samba clubs, samba dancers in colorful costumes will definitely have to see.

After visiting the Corcovado hill forests of the Amazon rain forest is a great experience you will.
Boots with the observed trips, visits to indigenous tribes in those memorable trips.

Found in South America in Sao Paolo you can see the best museums.

Fish species in your life you can not see the beach on the massage centers, and restaurants that will surprise you, Thailand turları'ın everything possible to find the man who bears all the characteristics. Friday night boxing matches and can watch the Turkish dövüşçülerininde, reggea can sip your drink at the bar, with 0, under the degree of protection can have fun in the Ice Bar.

65 km at a very cheap price to rent a jeep to tour around the island, jungle safari tours you can do with elephants.

If you addicted to entertainment, the island of Koh Phangan island two hours away by going to the moon that day along with tens of thousands of Hadrian have fun on the beach.

New York-Miami-Orlando (East USA)

New York, in the sense of cultural diversity offers a complete feast.

To stroll through Central Park, Chinatown fried banana with ice cream in the food, the New York Knicks NBA game or a baseball tour events ...

Welcome to the world's most famous cities!
Financial and political centers of the people was in itself makes me feel like a movie. Sees the world strictly from New York is impossible to understand.

Miami turları'yi vast beaches and the unique nightlife makes marginal. Social life and a generous sun is found in very few places.

Orlando is that all of the dreams of the region.

Entertainment and game parks in the world is one of the most visited area.

America east of the line is quite a unique experience.

Does the diet is on vacation?

Does the diet is on vacation?
Diets that are too loose with the holiday season began with the fear that I put on weight these days and miss the start of the meal with remorse.

Diets that are too loose with the holiday season began this day with the fear of gaining weight and I missed the start of the meal with remorse. If the holiday does not have to be realistic in the diet, should be considered after the holiday.

Speak before the holiday ones, believe that the promises will remain only in words, and a diet often can not be realized as you think. But best not to act too loud during the holidays is to be comfortable.

Lifting the ban!

The most important point, the concept of forbidden when dieting is to delete from your brain. As mentioned prohibition is always interesting and fit more on your mind. If you eat everything on your own can eat''significant''amount of the stamp will be banned and you have deleted the concept of dieting you'll get the idea. If you behave on vacation that you do not torment yourself, and you'll notice that you eat less. I proposed on holiday in general, but in small portions at meals or you eat a serving of food to share.

Your goal should be to keep your weight on holiday. If you do so much damage as eating less. Mean moving to sunbathe all day and an occasional swim to cool off does not turn out. For a good move or at least an hour to walk 40 minutes you have to swim in the sea.
For that moving yourself, make a holiday plan. To be or remain in the city tour where you can be sure there are sports activities. Possibilities within their own movement, or you must create your own prior information about where to go and you must specify the place to see over.

After the tight control needed vacation

You have returned from holiday and see the needle on the scales that are underway right. Now you should get yourself under control, "from 1-2 pounds is not something" he should not. 1-2 pounds overweight also increased because the disease does occur without notice. Therefore, gain weight, even during a short vacation trips back and a little more attention to your order if you would normally eat if you'll give this weight without exercise.
How should a program Tatilsonrası it? Holidays in general food source of protein, meat, chicken, fish or cheese to consume more. Therefore, try feeding vegetables. Or low-fat vegetable salad, yogurt consumed more light will be next. While attention is needed to stay open to pay attention to fat, is necessary to reduce the amount of servings. Fiber of whole wheat bread, rye, whole wheat, etc.. would be more satisfying to eat, eat meals on the fruit will keep you more satiated. Because the more hungry you can eat vegetables, by eating 1-2 slices of bread and food on a serving of fruit is more satisfying. This should be done in addition to snacks, small sandwiches, whole wheat biscuits or yoghurt may be consumed as snacks.

Do not eat everything you want during the holiday too much to taste in small portions allow you to spend a nice holiday. I will not eat sweets yourselves''as''Do not make promises, you can not keep them more time will be very upset. When you are back on vacation as long as you're sure to give yourself permission to ...

Credit card with a haul luxury holidays

Credit card with a haul luxury holidays
RUS hackers, local and foreign people have held the account information to obtain fraudulent credit cards to obtain unfair profit out of 15 people for their alleged criminal organization,

RUSSIAN hackers, local and foreign people organize their accounts by providing information they obtain false credit cards, they haul out of 15 people for alleged criminal organization, the City police operation was the crash. Of network members, they obtained the money they earn about 500 thousand pounds unfair, luxury hotel in the pool and have fun at the seaside they appeared consumed.

Ontario Safety Smuggling and Organized Crime Branch of the Cyber Crimes Bureau Chief of the teams, six months, maintaining that intelligence work and the techniques followed in the direction previously about the legal action against the 47-year-old CS'nin leadership that criminal organization, still in operation and make a big haul was found. Acting team, C.S. and the criminal organization members, local and foreign people's account information, Russian hackers via the internet, providing ethics of these people belong to organized the fake credit cards, arrange all the jewelery store, telephone office, opticians, such as establishments of goods traded without a commission for using unfair gain what has detected.

Operations, the team pressed the button, C.S. with B.B. (22nd), E.S. (26), O.E. (26), H.Ş. (27), E.R.Ö. (28), U.Z.A. (26) O.E. (30), F.K. (32), M.K. (31), M.A.K. (31), M.A. (31), AS (39), U.Ö. (31) and M.E.Y. URL (46) caught. Inanların detained vacation, home, workplace and vehicles searches performed, 17 counterfeit magnetic stripe cards, five computers, encoders devices, 13 mobile phone, 31 CDs, four post equipment, were seized hundreds of the original slip. The five people arrested under the operation, the prosecutor's instructions, he was released after being interrogated.


Expansion of ongoing investigations, the leader CS'nin in 2008 in the U.S. by the FBI operations performed with the activity ended, hackers among themselves, communicate and account information sold 'Dark Market' by the site's members to be determined. Profiteers in the world of credit cards is an important place among the CS'nin reported to have used police computers to control the cleaning cycle is not to get caught, continuous mobile phone lines were also changed.


Of members of criminal organizations, their methods so far, with 500 thousand TL were determined to profit unfairly. Network members, their ill-gotten gains, particularly in Antalya turları'daki of luxury hotels and seaside fun at the pool as they appeared exhausted. UZA'nın of suspicious, the gains obtained with emphasis, enjoying the attention he was showing the photographs. 15 suspicious transactions were completed in safety, was referred to the Ontario Court