Tuesday, July 13, 2010

daily holidays

Perfect for a holiday from the daily
Yassıcaada, daily vacation seekers after 1.5 hours of enjoyable sailing offers very attractive opportunities

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir has to offer people a low-cost day holiday in Urla Yassıcaada facilities open, it opens the summer season on Saturday, June 5.

400-foot sandy beach and clear sea since the service began in 2001 with great interest Yassıcaada, daily vacation seekers after 1.5 hours of enjoyable sailing offers very attractive opportunities.

Boat trips for £ 10

Yassıcaada'ya holidaymakers who want to go, IZ Sea, Inc. has organized a round-trip ferry trips as well as for the three years they will still pay only £ 10. 0 -7 years, this time free of charge from the tiny resort developers will continue to benefit.


As in previous years, this year to go to the island every day except Monday. Yassıcaada ferry Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8:30 pm yesterday at Pier from Karsiyaka, then the clock at 09.00 to move from the host port.
Saturday and Sunday could be the time demand on the second boat. Conversion time of the ferry from the island will be 18:30. 500'er passenger ferries to the island will take time, while ticket sales 22.00 the previous day up to do.


Grand Plaza Tourism Co. operated by Yassıcaada facilities, Pazart holiday blow to the days of the Metropolitan Council's Leader, Families Project, Sister Family Project, sister-brother-sister project in the students and vocational courses and continue their trainees and disabled citizens and their families at no charge will be accommodated.


Yassıcada'da vacationers each year as this year's safety is not forgotten. A doctor and a nurse from the hospital Eşrefpaşa consisting of a medical team, as well as lifeguards will be present on the island. Also to be used in unintended consequences of a speedboat at 4.5 meters will be allocated leisure.

Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir before the Grand Plaza Inc. the market operated by the cafe was converted to make more functional. Island visitors will bring their food in order not to load, store all kinds of food, beverages and fruit-vegetables, will be sold in the market prices. Also at the market of the island, especially for young visitors, corn, and grilled foods such as rotating also be maintained.

Of deck chairs on the beach, pear and cushion, shades, showers available on the island, kayaking, biking and sea water with a banana is fun, there are water sports facilities. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in 2009 Yassıcaada plants 89 to 40 thousand 267 people had visited once

British people determined to go holidays

The British determined to go on holiday this year
A study conducted in England, the impact of the global economic crisis can not exactly take over the sector is also determined to go on holiday was revealed.

According to research or to borrow money for holidays abroad to take loans from banks as well as those who think there are those who intend to waive their investment. Here are the details ...

World-renowned vacation recommendations site, "Lonely Planet" of research to go on holiday this year, the British showed how committed they are.

According to research, 35 per cent of British holiday pay with credit cards do you plan to vacation when i 24'lük percent cut in income generating investments such as shares of banks and the holiday will be waived. If those surveyed, 10 percent to borrow money to go on vacation or plan to take credits that were expressed.

The British surveyed did not have enough money for only 1 percent can not go on holiday said.

Berdimuhamedov holidays

Berdimuhamedov, founded by the Turkish companies
Berdimuhamedov, founded by Turkish company has opened resorts

Companies in the Caspian Sea to Turkey Turkmenistan turları'ın Avaz was built in the tourist area of children's recreation camps, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov was opened by. Made major investments in the lungs of 62 million euros for the Turkish construction company in Sehil capacity of 900 people "Arzuw", Belda company is worth $ 26 million, 400 person capacity, "Strength" children rest camp was built. In addition, approximately 140 kilometers from the city of Turkmenbashi on the Balkanabat city built by Turkish companies Cota capacity of 50 beds in maternity hospital was opened.

Berdimuhamedov made a speech at the opening ceremony, to the tourist areas of voice, the door is open for the children of the world, he said. Opening ceremony, deputy head of state, foreign mission chiefs, the children who participated in international festivals, local and foreign journalists attended the meeting.

June 1 International Children Protection Day therefore first Belda company built the Strength children's recreation camp inaugurated the Berdimuhamedov, Avaz the region implement the projects the Turkmen holiday istan'ın followed a peaceful, good neighbors assertion and the neutrality policy is the fruit he said.

The UNICEF representative, Abdul Alim Ashgabat opening ribbon cutting with Berdimuhamedov, then rest with the official delegation visited the camp. Chatter coming from abroad with children often Berdimuhamedov, the camp amphitheater had photographs taken with the world's children.

Watch children at play on the Berdimuhamedov, then the company has built Sehil Arzuw children rest camp was opened. Camps in indoor swimming pools, sports halls and dormitories browsing Berdimuhamedov, has expressed satisfaction.

Approximately 140 kilometers from the city of Turkmenbashi on the Balkanabat city built by a Turkish company, Cota 50-bed capacity, "Ene Mehr" in obstetrics and diseases hospital was opened with a ceremony. The opening of the Parliament of the hospital Maple Nurberdiyeva realized.

The hospital cost of $ 12.5 million in Germany, Siemens and Drager tour company is equipped with the latest technology.