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Verona, Italy's northern Veneto region with a population of 259 968 şehir.Verona Arena, the Roman Empire-era is an important work. Verona Verona is dedicated to art as well as the City Art Museum, Archaeological Museum and the Shrine Museum is worth seeing yerlerdir.William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" story about the home of the Verona and Juliet.

Rimini, Italy in the city, Emilia (province of Forli) Marecchia'nın where it empties into the sea, sea shore Adriya; 128 625 (2001) nüf.Roma-era monuments: the triumphal arch of Augustus, Tiberius Bridge. San Francesco church or Malatestiano Tempio, XIII. century. "gothic style from the building remain, XV. century. request in the middle of San Malatesta L. B. By Albert to its original form was revised as appropriate, Agostino di Duccio made by the San Malatesta "ancestors and sons' graves. Pierro Della Francesca's frescoes of the. Museum. Major resort center (twenty miles long, sandy beach).
HISTORY: Ancient Ariminum, İ. Ö. 268'de was occupied by the Romans. Where the Romans established a Latin colony. Via Flaminia and the Via Emilia's arrival constitutes the starting point of this colony, the Second Punic War and played an important role in society during the war. Than III. century. At the end of the Ariminium'u Byzantine bishopric, was in the hands of the Goths (538, then 553). Lombard and Frank sovereignty into a dukedom of the city center, has become 1157'de fermanlı commune. After the struggle between the Ghibellines and on Welf Malatestalar'ın RIMINI (1134-1528) was combined with the history. Rimini later, became the papal territories (1528-1797) and (1816-1860).

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Italy is the third largest city. Moreover, both the capital city of the Kingdom of Sicily in Southern Italy is yapmiştır.Şehir. Tourism is important. Especially the ancient city of Pompeii and Capri Island are the main tourist attraction.
The best thing to do when you go to Naples, one of the tools (preferably open-top!) And Salerno'ya rent to go up. 130 kilometers of narrow road full of magnificent scenery, historic sites and towns will see the work of the extras. Whether the foot of Vesuvius Pompeii circumambulate, often neglected by tourists after a visit that gives Herculaneum'a Sorrento hand. Traveling in this area a visual feast complete. If you have time, 30 minutes away by hydrofoil Sorrento'dan a switch to the island of Capri. Then come back again, Positano and Amalfi'de growth. Positano'daki L'Hotel Palazzo Murat, La Sirenuse and even if you look at Il San Pietro'de stay or to enjoy a drink in the hotel of your step. Deployed to the bottom of the cliff in the midst of heaven, to enter the cathedral, the old-time artists to appreciate their talents, while in the heat of summer will be greeted with a cool calm. More on the road, 16 km. Hercules fell in love with the place Amalfi'nin name comes from a water nymph. Amalfi died at a young age and her love of Hercules after a short period rather than the world's most beautiful promises to have buried. It was built in honor Amalfi'yi. Historians of the Anno Domini Amalfi'nin Says was founded in 447. This place is so wonderful, never mind to believe the historians, Immerse yourself in the magic of mythological stories. You can also go to the SITA bus to Amalfi Coast, or to get rid of unnecessary parking lot of money, you can learn from the details. You many have the time, near Naples, which is popular at the famous painter, Ischia and Procida Fahrünnisa Zeyd'in Islands go.
At the entrance to the Gulf of Naples. Not so famous that tourists are crawling the skies. Among those committed to the island for many famous film actors, singers, politicians there. The eyes of the jet. Naples and the island's reputation for accessible buses Sorrento'dan sea before Christ lies. Caesar Augustus, BC 29 years old when the much larger and richer Capri'ye in love with the island of Ischia and Naples offer, Capri'yi took place. Built for the emperor Tiberius, Villa Jovis, the Romans on the island is another example showing affection. Tiberius move here to live and lived here until his death 37. Capri from the center of a 45 minute walk to Naples Bay villa of Tiberius poor enemy to think of an Italian proverb helps you remember: "Napoli seen and killed." Today, the school used as the Chartreuse monastery, the Tiberius villarından on one of the 1371'de yapılmış.Adanın SOLARO Mountain highest point (589 meters) from center to exit with van Anacapri'ye can go. Van is a very fast drivers. You did not go to the top of a heart attack, chair lift ride up and leave the landscape perfectly. According to the center of the island are quieter Anacapri. Panoramic views of the author Axel Munte'nin Swiss villa where you can visit San Michele. Capri Palace Hotel with the design of Anacapri'deki are dazzling. If you are interested in decorating always look, stay here if you can afford. Made from a giant lemon liqueur Limoncello on the island is named, will be pleased to try.

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Sicily, the Mediterranean's biggest island is separated by the Strait of Messina and the Italian mainland. Peloritani, Nebrodi, Madonie, Iblei important mountains such as the islands are poor in sahiptir.Ovalar, Catania will make an exception. In view of the coast almost every place offers an enchanting beauty, charming small islands (Eolie or Lipari, Ustica, Egadi, Pantelleria and the Pelagie Islands) scattered here and there on the beach are of view. Sicily's Mount Etna volcano in the eastern part of the highest in Europe (3323 m) is known as an active volcano. Active volcano on Stromboli, and Volcano Islands and are separated by nine arasındadır.Bölge: Agrigento, Caltanissetta, Catania, Enna, Messina, Palermo, Ragusa, Syracuse and Trapani. Palermo is the city's central district. Latin language in the region of the Italian Mafia families in Sicily Sicilian konuşulur.İlk polish is established and put the name of MAFIA is a Sicilian. The most famous village where I Corleone'dir mafia.
Capable of being the largest island in the Mediterranean Sicily, Strait of Messina is separated from mainland Italy. Peloritani, Nebrodi, Madonie, Iblei has such an important mountain. The islands are poor in Catania plains make an exception. Kıyışeridi beautiful landscape offers an enchanting, almost everywhere, the cute little islands (Eolie or Lipari, Ustica, Egadi, Pantelleria and the Pelagie Islands) scattered here and there on the beach are of view. Sicily's Mount Etna volcano in the eastern part of the highest in Europe (3323 m) is known as an active volcano. Stromboli, and Volcano Islands also active volcanoes arasınadadır.Palermo region as the center is accepted, its environment is a center of the other cities of Messina, Catania, Agrigento, Siracusa, Trapani, Ragusa, Enna, Caltanissetta as sıralanabilir.Klasik Period Grecian colony, the Sicilian, Ada Magna Graecia almost everywhere in the ruins of monuments and more Agrigento, Gela, Tindari, Erice, Taormina, Syracuse campus as a precious stone in the yoğunlaşmıştır.İki Segeste and adopted by temples of Selinunte. Roman mosaics at Piazza Armerina'daki are considered among the ruins. Hellenic heritage is remarkable (Syracuse, Gela, Agrigento, Selinute and Eraclea). Important Roman ruins in Taormina, Siracusa, Tindari, Solunto, Eloro and Patti can be seen in the city. The next artistic development was influenced by the Arab-Byzantine churches and palaces built during the Norman period coincided leave. The Gothic style castle can be seen in Catania and Syracuse. Baroque-style architecture of the exceptional prosperity has lived in Palermo, Catania, Ragusa, Noto and Comiso cities still ayaktadır.Görülmeye noteworthy Etruscan collection, sculptures, Selinunte Temple Metoplarının exhibit Palermo Archaeological Museum, Regional Gallery of Sicily Island's most important artistic collection has. Catania City Museum, archeology, ancient and modern art, is home to historical artifacts. Regional Museum has a rich collection of archaeological and frescoes, and the Regional Gallery is located Siracusa'da. City of Agrigento's Regional Archaeological Museum sahiptir.Taormina, Agrigento, Temple of Mount Etna and the majestic monuments of the valley. Valley temples Agrigento deserves to be seen whether the grand around the same manner and Selinunte Doric Segeste complexes. Exhibited many Phoenician ruins near Marsala in a small island, Mozia; surprising beauty out with a large lagoon-the-region. View table out of the inner part of the island offering some very famous Corleone, the village of Prizzi and Partanna to provide an image with the barren and alone. Mount Etna volcano from the side relevant to the region while offering trekking opportunities, with the snowy beauty of the crater on the other hand solukkesen çıkarmakta.Bölgenin invitation to tour the famous traditional Almond Blossom Festival in Agrigento is fair. The first was established in the Sicily Mafia family in Sicily, which is put the name and MAFIA. Mafia's most famous where I villages Corleone'dir. Italian boot farthest from the thousands of years before the great earthquake, the result of the disconnected Sicily, one of two ways you can go: The first and simplest way to Rome or Milan transfer by plane, the island's north-west of the capital to Palermo to reach the second path, According to Greek mythology Odysse'de Ulysse by passed and both sides Charybde and Scylla named, sailors frightened two female giant stood, Italy's southern Calabria region in the most narrow place 3300-meter-wide Mesina throat ferry is to pass.

CATANIA: Etna volcano

PALERMO: San Cataldo Church - Palermo cathedral - Santa Maria dell'Ammiraglio (Byzantine mosaics decorated with religious structures) - Palazzo dei Normanni (historical fort) - Quattro Canti (the old city square) - Catacomb dei Cappuccini (cemetery) - La Vucciria (flea market ) - Vergogna della Fontana (fountain) - Capella Palatina (chapel) - San Giovanni degli Eremiti - Via Roma (shopping street) - Piazza Armerina

Taormina Teatro Greco (the ancient Greek theater) - Isola Bella (beach) - Mazzaro beach
SYRACUSA: Castello Eurialo (historical fort) - Zona Archeologica (ancient Roman ruins) - Il Duomo Church - Tempio di Apollo (Temple)

AGRIGENTO: Valle dei Templi (Valley of Temples) - Eraclea Minoa (archaeological remains)
Trapani: Tempio Greco (ancient Greek temple)

MESSINA: Fontana di Nettuno (fountain) - Orologio Astronomico (astronomical clock tower) and the island of Stromboli volcano - Caltagirone villages - Piazza Archimede - Palazzo Montalto

MUSEUMS: Villa Romana del Casale (mosaic museum / UNESCO list) - Museo delle Saline (salt museum) - Museo Archeologico Paolo Orsi (archaeological museum) - Museo Archeologico Regionale Eoliano (history museum) - Galleria Regionale della Sicilia (art museum) - Museo Archeologico Regionale (History Museum) - Museo Etnográfico Pitre (ethnographical museum) - Belliniano Museo - Museo del Papiro (Papyrus Museum) - Museo Mandralisca (art museum)
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Transportation from Turkey THY Alitalia'nın direct flights and flew to Rome with the airline or whether there can be reached by sea.

Flight Time: 3.5 hours

City transport: Train, bus, taxi, ferry

Best Seasons: April, May, June, September, October

Population: 5,017,212

Is a historic city in southern Italy, the autonomous region of Sicily and Palermo başşehidir. City, during its 2700 year rich history, culture, architecture, and is known for its gastronomy and significant role to play. Palermo is located in the northwestern part of the island of Sicily, and according to the Gulf of Palermo in the Tyrrhenian Sea was established by sağdadır.Şehir Phoenicia'lılar Panormus but has been named by the ancient Greeks (meaning 'all ports). Palermo became part of the Roman Republic and eventually became part of the Byzantine Empire for thousands of years. For a brief period of Arab rulers became the capital under management. Following the Norman invasion, Palermo from 1130 until 1816 as a new kingdom, which became the capital of the Kingdom of Sicily. What ultimately the Italian unification in 1860, united with the Kingdom of Naples olacaktı.Palermo, an island in the Mediterranean, which is the center of Sicily. Is located in southern Italy. Area of 4992 km ². The population is 1,235,923 people. Francesco Musotto'dur Prime Minister of the province.


Venice, northern Italy's eastern coast in the Adriatic Sea, Italy due to the island city. 4-kilometer-long land bridge connects with the road and rail. It is based on about 118 islands. Venice islands separating the 170 channel and connects the 400 bridge bulunur.Venedik throughout the history of Europe's most important business capitals of the olmuştur.Venedikliler, Turks and Arabs have learned the number system with a commercial arithmetic maximize put up, and therefore all the European merchants this arithmetic to learn in Venice opened many come to school education as almışlardır.Venedik population in those times 300.000 while today 72 000 up to fell and still azalmaktadır.Yaşlı population density is in Venice, is now the mainland with Mestre called the new city is moving. Venice residents more than 50% of their living from tourism sağlamaktadırlar.Bugüne far a record day 150 000 turisttir.Bu much tourist that, and everything carried by sea as a result of prices, Italy's general than the pahalıdırBütün transportation waterways and canals was built in Venice, Europe of motor vehicles is not allowed to be one big city.

SEE MUST PLACES: Piazza San Marco (town square) - Rialto Bridge - Palazzo Ducale (Palace / Museum) - Basilica di San Marco (basilica) - Canale Grande (Grand Canal) - Teatro La Fenice (opera) - Ca 'Rezzonico - Ghetto Ebraico di Venezia (Jewish quarter) - Lido Island - Burano district - Scuola Grande di San Rocco (theater) - Murano Island (glass business center) - Merceria street (shopping street) - Piazza Santa Maria (city square) - Mondo Novo (mask shop ) - La Moresca (mask shop) - Marco Polo's House - Vecchia Murano Glass Factory - Torre dell'Orologio (clock tower) - Palazzo Pisani Moretta (palace)

MUSEUMS: Gallerie dell'Accademia (art museum) - Palazzo Ducale - Scuola of St.. Rocco (art gallery) - Palazzo Grassi (art museum) - Peggy Guggenheim Collection - Museo Storico Naval & Arsenale (naval museum) - Pesaro Galleria d'Arte Moderna (Modern Art Museum)

GENERAL INFORMATION: In the north of Italy along the Adriatic Sea, and rising above the swampy Lake Venice Venice Atoll, consisting of 20 regions of Italy is the capital of the Veneto Region. Venice Lagoon, south of the Piave River in the north between the Po and the remarkable historical monuments as well as hosting uzanır.Bünyesinde water canals and narrow streets of Venice, known for a famous European city. With nearly 150 channels interconnected cities caused an archipelago of 122 islands has been built on. 400 bridges in the city into a whole, the water channels, along with the narrow streets of the city constitute the basic transport network. 19. Founded in the 20th century railway The road was built centuries, the islands of community land in this city bonds. Gondola with (traghetti) city travel to, water buses (vaporetti) from the city center to city owned island to travel to and Brand Canal bridge in place of the ferry to cross over the city's visitors a great pleasure living will. San Polo, San Marco is located in Ponte di Rialto is the first bridge built on the Grand Canal. Rialto is the commercial center of Venice. Bridge over the vegetables and fruit market here is always directed toward a large crowd görülür.Cannaregio in 15th place century works of Gothic Ca 'd'Oro is a magnificent historical monuments. This unique art gallery of mostly 15 and 16 century is a rich collection of valuable pieces. Particularly visible from a balcony overlooking the Grand Canal to the spectacular city views büyüleyicidir.9. Century was founded in San Marco Palazzo Ducale (Doge's Palace) in Venice was the center of the Republic of management is a magnificent castle. Venetian Gothic artworks, this is not Duke olmuştur.Kentin location in south Pellestrina Island is like a little Venice. Quiet, calm, peaceful, and even here if you want a dream uğrayabilirisiniz.San Marco march took place in the St. Mark's Square (park) in Venice is one of the most exotic and most glorious places. People each year, the carnival-like ambience to experience this famous park attack ederler.Şehirdeki other works, Frari's Basilica, St. Mark's Basilica, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Correr Museum, Torcello great pleasure you can wander yerlerdir.1962 from since the Campiello Prize for Literature economy who want to build a bridge between the culture of the country from prestigious organizations biridir.Palazzo Mocenigo Library with its rich collections and the current study and the ideal is a library to do research. In building this culture of many books, magazines and other printed works to find mümkündür.1953 Goldon's House Theater, opened in Library (Casa Goldoni Library), one of the places is mainly in the field of theatrical art. With a collection of nearly 30 000 works here karşılaşırsınız.Kulüpler not possible to say the same thing for the night life in Venice is very high in the popularity of bars. Campo Santa Margherita and the Cannaregio, where bars yerlerdir.Venedik widely throughout history, every kind of seafood you can think of the food has been the homeland. The alternative will be amazed at the wealth of seafood. Because all the restaurants and restaurants in the city of seafood-based menu is not likely to find something else. But that is quite different and the best food in town kalitededir.Eğer If you prefer one of the classic restaurant, St. Meydan'nın mark the area or have come to the San Marco district. Dorsoduro, with a variety of restaurants are the best part of the city to the fore. Venice to Venice with private shopping centers, more goods, Italian fashion and the local al sanatlarıdır.Campo Santo Stefano'da Fiorella Gallery for those who want to dress up as the best place to be recommended. This place is not in the intensity of modern clothes in different designs sensational dresses Marzo bulabilirsiniz.Calle Larga XXXII, located near the streets, one of the best places where the famous Italian brands. Ruga and Calle Seconda dei Saoneri Ravano, they keep their shops and craft shops in the foreground çıkarlar.Pescaria (fish market) and the Rialto market, the city's main market will take place between.

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Transportation from Turkey: THY has direct flights. Bmi flights to Rome or Milan with Alitalia'nın also available.

Flight Time: 2.5 hours

City transport: Gondolas, boats, Vapuretto, water taxis

Best Seasons: April, May, June, September, October

Population: 271.251

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Turkish island
Located in southwestern Asia and is the third largest island of the Mediterranean.
65 km to the north. distance and Turkey, 112 km to the east and Syria, and Israel 267 km, Lebanon 162 km, 418 km south of Egypt, 965 km north west of the site almaktadır.Kıbrıs and Greece, the Mediterranean's third largest after Sicily and Sardinia is a candidate. The island of Cyprus, and 35.41 latitude and 30.33 longitude, between 32.23 and 34.55 are located.

POPULATION: The population of approximately, 78% Greeks, 22% Turks. Very small island with a population of British, Armenian and Maronite communities also exist. Nicosia is the largest city.


Citrus fruits, as well as Oleaceae, stunted trees and scrub vegetation of Cyprus oluşturur.Yaygın general forest type tree species pine, cypress, oak and eucalyptus trees are grown on the island later. Gramineae out in Cyprus in 150 different species, including the estimated 1900 varieties of flowering plants that grow naturally are. Up to 30 known species of orchids from around the world are living in Cyprus.

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North Africa after Nigeria 2 is a populous country. A large part of the population has settled along the Nile River.

DATE: Egypt is a country famous for its ancient civilization and the world's most interesting historical monuments are still here. Pyramids of Giza the Karnak Temple and Valley of the Kings most important historical anıtlardır.Sabahın first time to open up the shop in the shopping, family filled Kordonboyu coffeehouses of Cairo, Alexandria, big cities such as life in the 24 hours that is a sign. As a bazaar, Khan El Khalil in Cairo to be seen, we are in a prime location in the style of the Grand Bazaar. Succeed in tourism revenue into history as a venue to be advised to see the Egyptian Pharaohs at Cairo Cove. Devoted a special section on the edge of the Nile at the age of the pharaohs are portrayed by actors live life. Of the Egyptian port city of Port Said and Alexandria is. Trade capacity (cotton, foodstuffs, agricultural products), industrial function (petroleum refining, textiles, paper, plastic) and the port with the (transportation), first the impact of Alexandria, Egypt's second largest city, layout and way of life as Izmir is like. The city has a long kordonboyuna placement after spreading from the coast inland along the coast is developed. Is considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World Lighthouse of Alexandria today are only from a postcard. Chance to eat delicious fish you can find many contemporary Mediterranean seafood restaurants (Fish Market), especially for lunch time from 15 hours until the wee small hours of the night is filled. Unique to maize and asure kebabs with sweet custard mix "Umm'ali" you can taste oriental restaurants (Abu Shakra) provides high quality service. Kordonboyundaki by the governor of the city to renew the exterior of the buildings do have to end the visual pollution. Especially by taking measures to protect the historical structure of Egypt's history and the importance of tourism to the strength of relationships exemplary. Collapsed in the largest earthquake in history as the first Library of Alexandria Library, Mrs. Mubarak, under the protection of UNESCO with the support of the old site was completely rebuilt and opened. Important exhibitions of contemporary architecture and the drop in terms of travel is recommended. Visit other locations in King Farouk's Summer Palace, the Art Museum, the fortress, Pompey columns, Roman-Egyptian religious symbols bearing the Kom el Sukkfa known storey and cemeteries Kom el would be the Roman Baths yeralır.Herbiri distinct architectural character as the mosque next to the built church synagogues and religious texture image is interesting. Week holiday for Muslims and Christians and Jews on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Egyptian citizens are on holiday. Banks Friday / Saturday is off.

Spoken Language: Arabic

Capital: Cairo

Form of government: Republic

President: Muhammad Hosni Mubarak

Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif

Area: 1,001,450 km ² 30th the largest country

Population: 77,505,756 (2005)

The most crowded: 15 country

Independence: July 26, 1952 (from UK)

National income (GNP): 282 billion USD (2004)

Richest: 31 country

The per capita income: $ 4.072 USD (2004)

Most prosperous: 115 country

Currency: Egyptian pounds (£ E / LE / EGP)

Time zone. - Summer Time EET (UTC +2) EEST (UTC +3)

National Anthem: Bilady, Bilady, Bilady

Internet domain:. Eg

Telephone code: +20

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Italy's capital. Tyrrhenian Sea is located 24 km inland. In addition to being famous for its historical riches, the Catholic Church is the administrative and spiritual center. Area of 1508 km2, and as a municipality, the population of three million civarındadır.Surlarla surrounded the city center, in Rome's historical richness of large parts of host the other hand local area only a small portion containers and Rome is located on the two administrative units of the smallest of the oluşturur.Roma written in months are warm and dry. The average temperature is above 24 ° C. Rainfall in spring rather than fall. Evening tops in summer cool winds blow from the Tyrrhenian Sea. Cold winter winds from the north alır.Roma 'of large parts of the archaeological richness, was founded on the ancient city is located on seven hills. One of the legendary founding of Rome to the city's Polatium raised by a shepherd in the hills have been founded by Romulus and Remus and yolundadır.Roma at an industry level is not important. Electronic goods, chemicals, such as apparel and food processing industries are mainly light industrial. Vast areas of the city's population, construction, tourism and film industries work. One out of every three people in the motor vehicle traffic in the city where one of the most important issues oluşturur.Mussolini of initiated and developed in subsequent years, the metro transport network has become an important factor relief. Western Europe, one of Rome's most beautiful cities in the country's most noisy and although the city is the most fiscal issues. Head of the central administration of the housing problem is one of the biggest problems. Particularly in the south of the country flocking to the city in case of poor citizens to emigrate to the issue of further ağırlaştırmaktadır.Roma 'leading institutions of higher education in the University of Rome is founded 1303'te. Of the university, the University City campus, which is known, of Station Tesmini doğusundadır.Roma 's first permanent settlement established in the region BC History begins in 1000. Merger of the sixth century to the settlement in the region merged under a single political authority emerged a strong city. Anno Domini 2. century to the heyday of Rome while living in the population had increased dramatically. Adorned with splendid buildings in the city, this time while the other hand, unemployment and poverty has reached huge proportions. Rome's first monarch who are interested in the issues in a systematic way, with channels regulate the flow of the Tiber River and the Caesar was made Martius'u Campus. With the fire and the plague in later years spent 6 By the end of the century the population of Rome, 50,000, and the city fell under the control of the Catholic Church had come under. In the first half of the fourteenth century the papacy and the imperial struggle between pro-and came to the brink of destruction as a result of the city. Since the center of Avignon the papal 1309'dan 1377'de moved back to Rome, but the situation has changed, and 15 century in the early Roman thieves, punks and poverty stalk the city olmuştu.On seventh and eighteenth centuries, with Rome's noble families on one hand the church in a powerful position to get to try sarfederken Meanwhile, the new build palaces have. They were taken under the protection of artists. But despite all these efforts, 18 When it comes to a century, the Roman poor roads, inadequate sewerage and lighting biriydi.1798 of Europe's most backward city in the city was occupied by Napoleon's army, with the Papal States in 1809 was attributed to the French Empire. In 1861, after the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy outside Rome, the Papal States was linked to most of the kingdom. After the withdrawal of French troops from Rome in October 1870, Rome became the capital of United Italy. State recognition in 1929 when Italy signed treaties with the papacy, the pope of Italian sovereignty over the Vatican City, the ancient Roman walls onayladı.Birinci after World War II began to spread over a wide area. In parallel, the population has doubled in a short time. Rome during Mussolini's rule in the 1920s and 1930s, the magnificent buildings and was transformed into a modern city with wide streets. Mussolini's numerous archaeological remains dating from antiquity to support the middle and make out of the city of Rome today for a touristic feature wins.

ENTERTAINMENT: Five thousand lire to the Roman ruins of hair to those who sell T-shirts, playing guitar and singing robots mimic those on the "baby cell" move like a carousel that is up to the mime artist.

Taormina is an eagle's nest

Prof. economists. Dr. Oya Aytemiz Seymen cultural tourism-oriented, curious traveler. Published three books in the field of expertise, as well as memories of the trip a "journey of a book" s author. Last year with his wife and son to the island of Sicily in Italy gitt

Dr. Oya Aytemiz Seymen (44), Balikesir University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department faculty member. Has visited since 1991. Permission to spend 10 days abroad. Participate in the tour even has its own application program. Has visited 23 countries so far, have written their observations. Published in March, Beryl has made them a book. Now, Turkey is aiming to write the book tour.

Taormina is an eagle's nest

Italy and Malta have started to wonder after seeing Sicily. In October 2008, the whole family, went to the island tour. Most tours tours of Sicily in Catania and Palermo tourist tours to stay. Etna and Taormina are organizing a day trip. Seymen leave the group and his family were discovered in other regions: Sicily, tours around Malta and Tunisia are very different. Well-preserved historical texture. Etna, have influenced architecture. The island collapsed and collapsed, was rebuilt. Volcanic stones are used for the placement of foam dark gray color control. It is odd, it will remove settlements Etna'dan, it is extended. Ideal for those who want to see a different place. Very fertile soil. Citrus groves there. "
Seymen, previously seen a picture of neglect and does not like to go to the Taormina'ya: "Founded on the rocks overlooking the Bay. Intact tissue on it. A miniature city with tiny steps. Magnificent scenery. Center is open only to public transport. Cathedral, the ancient theater, plaza, Catania Gate is worth seeing. Many films shot here, including Ocean's 12. To walk, to coffee, small museums to visit, it was nice to taste the food. "
They went to Palermo, Monreale geçiklerinde "intermingled with Palermo, a charming town that resembles the Aegean town. Along the way, do you encounter at the entrance of a very beautiful landscape. The world-famous golden mosaics of the cathedral. In this way, it was one of major tourist attractions. Galleries of contemporary art products are displayed in Sicily. "

Corleone TOWN

Leave the group in the middle of the island's southwest coast Agrigento'yu had set out to explore. Carleone'den excited when he saw the way through, and they suffered. Father of the famous movie character, Don Corleone was a fictional hero. However, this city had removed two large mob boss. Off the beaten path, very winding. Tours do not stop. Worth going Seymen says: "Mountain roads, vineyards, gardens and beauty can not tell. Like home away from each other in the eastern Black Sea. Very secluded. Corleone, typically, a beautiful town in Sicily. The bar was closed and caused Borcelino Nasce. There was the father of movie poster inside. In fact the city is trying to get rid of the mafia. Laundering by the mafia to the streets, while two of the dead were called. "
Agrigento have been lost on the road. They had lost hope to find even the city. With a recipe for English-speaking young people have access to the city with a population of 60 thousand. Efforts won the award: "It's a historic city. Seven temples made with Eastern architecture. Is very similar to one in Athens and the Pantheon. Concordia on the hill, I saw the most spectacular was the Greek temple. Philosopher Empedocles was born there. The city was an important art center. Water channels, cisterns, aqueducts are broken. Ruin the whole region. Occupied throughout the history of the Greek, Romans, Arabs and Normans have left their traces. "
Agrigento, a port city, but there is a long distance between the locations of the sea. St. Leone went to the beach for miles and miles to reach. The order itself is a fish restaurant on the beach a pleasure to walk Seymen says: "Agrigento'yu to travel, even just to see the beach one day, you can get. Seafood, delicious wines. We drank wine with meals, we all love. No pre-dinner snack culture. No bread, olive oil, for example by. Not be placed next to garnish the fish. We appreciate the quality of all the different restaurants. Chi patati (potato pizza) was very nice. I recommend grilled sardines and swordfish. Cassata Cannolo and two traditional desserts. Olive oil is also similar to ours. "
Aytemiz, such as Spain and Italy's main road was built in Sicily reminds me of the siesta. Afternoon at 16.00 or on the street until you can not really see anyone be surprised.

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'Istanbul tours,' the Roman 'Barcelona tours' of corn,' Norway

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Hotels, hostels

indispensable bag
Sunglasses, phone, paper, pen, tape recorder, camera, medications

who is traveling with
His wife, son, sometimes with friends

What is
Small objects