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Trade in Spain

Trade in Spain
40% of exports of agricultural products are formed. The main products sold:

Oranges, olives, olive oil, bananas, tomatoes, fish. The industrial products are exported cotton textiles, steel, mercury, machinery, chemical products, ships, cars, shoe. More than one fifth of the foreign purchases of oil will bring. Other imported goods, materials and equipment are essential for industry. In Spain, tourism has developed very large. Country, with the help of tourism partially closed the gap in trade balance. Trips across the border from France to Cebelitârık'a many tourist facilities along the banks of the Mediterranean Sea was established.

Spain's exports to the United States makes the largest portion. One of imports and exports with EU countries and some of them, among them Germany and the UK tour takes first place.

Transportation: In Spain, approximately 146 919 km road length. 13 533 km length of the railways, and electric trains that run-ROM is 5613 km. Country's air transport is the most important airline company "Iberia" by the time all over the world are provided with. 37 civilian and military airports in the country has seven.

Spain 7.699 million gross tons of merchant fleet has 1109 vessels. The country's most important ports of Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Cartegena, and Gijon'dur.
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Back from vacation and do not gain weight

Back from vacation and do not gain weight
Citrine weight over a given year, when you think about throwing in the comfort of a buffet do not get the pound.

Porter of ağırılığın laying stress Do not eat out of your holiday. Citrine weight is now given over a year when you think about throwing in the comfort of a buffet do not get the pound. Here are a few tips and tricks for you;

See the dishes before you plan to do what yiyeceğnizin

When you get your choice of dinner plates to lure you stick to your plan without permission.

What food choices in the rest of the day, do as you think.

If more than seven light lunch consisting of food to end the day with an evening meal.

A short walk after meals can enjoy swimming or sunbathing, you are rather than where tennis facilities, such as aerobics aktivilere can join.

You're too much for dinner the next day you should not skip breakfast. This will be very hungry at lunch time, you can eat more than you think to.

You will stall if the light is more your appetite-calorie salad or raw vegetables, such as d holiday foods to eat.

Small, but large portions are a combination of different flavors to create a dish.

Choose foods that affect people around you, make your own choice.

Stop by frequently to the salad bar. However, a single serving of fries or pasta salad can contain as much high-calorie. Salad dressing, fat cheese, fried bread, oilseeds, potato salad or pasta salad buffet assortment of high-fat high-calorie source of the form.

Eat your food slowly and calmly, to stop eating before you feel too saturated. Leave your plate at the moment you feel satisfied. A fruit plate instead of eating dessert after your order.

Order you want to try putting food in every meal, try a different one of the small amount. So that your meals will be healthier and more diverse.

Choose the Russians were the worst tourists

Choose the Russians were the worst tourists
Sunbed for years because of fighting with the Germans against the Russians, this time in the British holiday makers are the target board.

In the UK called The Real Holiday Reports web site, holiday Spain, Greece and Cyprus tours turları'ta thousand British citizens who had worked with a research. According to research by the British because of Russian crude behavior "worst holiday" was chosen.

"ROUGH're acting"
Real Holiday Reports site, according to a study that the Russians, who occupied the deck chairs, a buffet with the loot, the burping, swearing, and the worst dress sense that has been selected as tourists. Research conducted by Real Holiday manager Gary Hewitt, the survey results in Russia, reactions when you say "And in the forums and on the phone about the topic ugly words I heard. I think the Russian tour of the press, this issue more fitted, and this research does not like," he said.

"The KNOW THERE MOVE to ROOM Deckchair"
The head of the Russian complaints, come to be rude and smug. To start the race at night, the Russians said deck chairs while grabbing some of the deck chairs of Russian families to keep one room for the night, even claiming that they are carrying.

Expedia made a similar study last month by the British, who exhibited the worst behavior, and manners of the French, the miser had emerged as a result.

Amsterdam Shopping

Amsterdam Shopping
MARKETS SHOPPING CENTERS Magna Plaza Village Market Bookmarket Oibibio Marks & Spencer Department Store

Albert Cuyp Markt:
Albert Cuypstraat
Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am 16:00 to open up.
Transportation: Ferdinand went Bolstraat'a 16, No. 24 or 25, or go Woustraat'a Van Tram No. 4.
That stretches for miles and consists of 350 stores in the market you can find everything you can think of. (Food, clothing, flowers, plants, and textile products)

Village Market (Boerenmarkt)
Transportation: The No. 22 bus 18 or the outgoing Haarlemmer Huittuinen'e.
It is also called Bio Market. Healthy and natural products are sold pazar.This market, also known as the Bio Market, caters to tour Amsterdam's growing health foods and natural products with Infatuation
It takes place every Saturday from 8am to 2pm.
Bookmarket (Book Market)
Transportation: Spui'ye go 1, 2 or 5 tram Nr.
Opening hours: Friday, 10:00 16:00 until
Amsterdam's largest book market. Also sells second-hand book stores are 25-30.

Magna Plaza

Spuistraat 168, behind the Dam Square's Royal Palace.
Tel: 020/626-9199
Access: Go to the Dam Square with 1, 2, 5, 13, 14, 17 or 20 tram Nr.
Magna Plaza's former Central Post Office building located in the large and noisy bulunur.En stores almost everything in the shop floor Bodrum Tours Virgin Records Superstore.

Marks & Spencer

Kalverstraat 66-72
Tel: 020/620-0006
Transportation: Spui'ye outgoing 4, 9, 16, 24 or 25 tram Nr.
The popular British chain store branch in Amsterdam. Everything in the store you can find clothing, especially underwear for Marks & Spencer is advisable.
There are also a large food department. Food quality and reliability of the subject to wear.

Oibibio Department Store
Damrak 20-21
Tel: 020/553-9355
Mondays, from 12:00 to 18:30 a, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:00 am 18:30 a, Thursday and Friday from 10:00 21:00, Saturday 10:00 18:00 'or, and on Sunday from 12:00 to 18:00 or so is clear.
Access: Go to any suburban Centraal Station.
Bookstore, Café, Restaurant, Teahouse, a large New Age Oibibio klübün'den dance is a part of the complex.
Infant and children's clothing, cosmetics, clothes, home appliances, stationery, pharmacy, bathroom accessories and more things you can find here

Disneyland (Eurodisney Paris)

Disneyland (Eurodisney Paris)
Main Street U.S.A. : This is a very colorful form input Disneypark'ın American town

Here, rattling doors, wooden balconies are lined with cafes and souvenir shops side by side you will see.
Fantasyland: This section contains stories of heroes. Sleeping Beauty's castle with towers and huge spikes of the gates, at the same time, Fantasyland 'down doors. Sleeping Beauty here to see the children boarded the train with your little ones and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs "will be able to examine those tiny house. I wonder who will Bilgin, who is joyful? Big-eared rabbit in Alice, Peter Pan will be waiting for you. Fantasyland'da, pirate hook arm to the Queen from the Bad Heart, Tom and Jerry from the Tiger, the Seven Dwarfs fairy tale heroes all meet up Bobo'ya Bears and children find opportunities to play, to make these beautiful memories are always a lively plenty of photos and video footage will want to do. Therefore, much more than your side suggest that you take the battery or batteries. Balloonist, cotton candies and ice cream between how much your child will be happy to run the Imagine. Gauze wings with little girls a princess, a fairy will be the girl, boys with the pirate sword or ray of star fighters. Well, aside nearly a faerie with a space station to take Discoveryland'a What do you think?

Disneyland Paris
Last two days of your vacation, your children probably would love to be part of the Welcome to Disneyland.

Mickey Mouse creator Walt Disney from the world were all small and large gifts to their children as a wonderful fairy tale land of Disneyland, Paris, about 45 minutes away from the big city.
While these tales around the city, is the map of the city in your hands is a good idea, because it consists of five regions. ref. holiday