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Green Holiday

Green holidays
Environmentalists are increasing the number of hotels.

"I spent a long winter and I'm tired," he is waiting for those warm days finally came to a yellow. Gray, short days and dreary, long night of their time is up. Renewal, recovery and restore all the loads of happy times. Perhaps already created a road map for holidays and suitcases at the door of the waiting time for action. Route for city dwellers tired of countless holiday certainly is. However, in recent years we have tired of the holiday, what about the nature of the pollutant? Every day in the hotel hosts the requested change of linens and towels in waste water, chemicals pollute the seas today, I wonder what? Or out of the room when the day is left open to keep cool air to the environment did what? Get rid of vacation time to load if perhaps the time has come to change habits.

In 2008 the Ministry of Culture and Tourism launched the implementation of green stars no less polluted environment in Turkey as well, but still kind of everything came to our stand to take a vacation (to some extent) possible. Because the hotel industry without chimneys polluting the environment for at least the ones to choose to stay is not required to give up comfort. Moreover, an agreement of this nature and can be profitable for the hotel. However, the country is run holidays in Turkey from turning green and trying to adapt to the criteria of stars hotels and up the fingers of one hand the number of enterprises. Since the culture's holiday, and with the approval of the Ministry of Istanbul, an environmentalist who chose to stay at the hotel have a chance. BW The President Hotel in Beyazit, Turkey in the second, the first company in Istanbul green stars. Savings are recycled. Since 2009, 18 percent in electricity, 40 percent savings in water, the hotel also has a monthly average of 300 kilograms less detergent. Recycling of waste batteries earn 26 thousand square meters of land to prevent contamination of facilities, friendly culture also attracts holidaymakers. 9930 kilograms per year of paper recycling has been won and lost in a sense, the tree is 168, so 357 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere or prevented. Again in 1550 liters of waste oil is recycled each year is provided. This does not mean 1.5 billion cubic meters of drinking water contamination. Green hotels "nature-friendly" image out of savings as well as long-term economic advantage is in the race.

This resistance to change is not actually catching the first wave of environmentalists turları'teki Calista Luxury Resort Hotel in Belek. 10 major enterprises of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture to meet the full criteria, Turkey's first green star caught a holiday. Waste water are converted for irrigation use, illumination of LEDs made, two-stage flush sensors basic steps, but the facility plus the score of the most important feature, built during the lumber is not being, and natural building maximum protection says, the quality manager limousine Bayburt. Tekirova'daki Rixos Hotel Sungate the same reason, there is an air of friendly nature. The hotel is built on an area of 250 thousand m2 shown the most sensitive point, according to managers of the facility be established with the least damage to the environment. Currently implementing details like recycled detergent-sensor lighting and waste water even if no transformation of the pluses of the hotel.

Environmental awareness a part of Turkey's new top-level league and a player to be missing, even though faced with the more recent cases of acute hâllice. The sea is clean documenting blue flag two years ago, taken away from Fethiye tours Oludeniz the Lykia World Hotel in it's 110 years existence of Caretta Caretta turtles lay their eggs on the point, one that, for vacationers busy "all in" expectations despite environmental clean Trying to. Detergents, oil and chemical wastes such as oil pollution of the sea with businesses and local people do not come to work holidays, such as the process does not work. Group tours and the Dead Sea resort of Antalya in the water purification plant and converted to the green fields of water, leading to a surplus of irrigation. Moreover, the TEMA Foundation in collaboration with the sewing Lykia 10 thousand oak seedlings, green, more leisure throws a pass.

Turkey has introduced environmentally-friendly green hotels, but with the new route for those who turn away from such examples is one of the top-level U.S. California tour in the Miami Beach Resort. "Going Green" environmental project, all the hotel's supporters recycling, energy conservation, all paper used in rooms with a choice of recycled material for those who may go to distant lands a good choice. address as well as overseas and those who want to stay at green hotels opened their doors to different worlds.

Approximately one kilogram of human waste daily (five times the weight of people in this figure corresponds to the present). If not then you face will not be separated and purified by turquoise seas, green forests, including those you have to walk a giant system that's difficult to fight alone.

bodrum-turkey- holiday

Holidays in the bay in the basement!
Hawaiian vacation and must be in the basement and put away in a hotel of Club Blue Dreams. Place bag in blue sea and spectacular sunsets Blue Flag judges.

Hawaiian vacation and must be in the basement and put away in a hotel for Club Blue Dreams. Place bag in blue sea and spectacular sunsets Blue Flag judges.

5 stars for both families and business logic and serves a 5-star suites in the hotel, such as shaking.

Proximity to the basement with entertainment and mobility in, put the bag in the sea and 700 mt in the basement of the original architecture is too close to the beach with the rest and silence.

Located on 70 acres of land into a nature completely green and is composed of olive trees. According to the tastes of Turkish cuisine, international cuisine restaurants a'lacarte the holiday vacation with multiple sources of information to address fully meets all expectations.

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Room structure and the local historic architecture, inspired by Bodrum turları'un designed, interconnected neighborhoods with street view accommodation units, two-storey house consists of. Most of the rooms have sea views.

Sunset from your room or bar with a fantastic location also worth seeing. In plant 2 swimming pools (for adults), children's pool, Jacuzzi and heated indoor pools and park.

Cappadocia tours

Tourism in the Cappadocia region moves
Göreme Open Air Museum is based around tourism and won eight churches, chapels and monasteries has attracted great attention of visitors.

Cappadocia Goreme is one of the most important tourism centers in the town by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism open to domestic and foreign tourists have visited the Goreme Open Air Museum is to broaden the field.

Cappadocia region each year, 600 more than a thousand local and foreign tourists visited the Culture and Tourism by the Ministry is open to visitors kept the Göreme Open Air Museum near Rose Valley overlooking the slopes on the approximately 20-meter cliff located on the edge and 12 Dated to the mid-century Chapel of rock carvings, is gathering attention with different characteristics.

Nevşehir Museum Director Ertugrul Murat Gülyaz said the region only the Göreme Open Air Museum, located inside the St.Barbara church, the rooster, and a strange creature depicted is picture with the same group that includes the estimated Şapel'deki this view, popular local folk art in the language of evil fire that helps nearly Nazar as named to the protection against evil eye as has been done for the purpose.

Gülyaz, Sa holiday PEL located inside and in time destroy the two Christian big to belong to the estimated graves beside the evil spirits to protect against that in terms of these representations could be made, he added.

Nevşehir Museum Director Ertugrul Murat Gülyaz, in a very interesting topic, though much too superstitious belief and creed also concerned because in fact a scientific research may be the case, both the Christian Orthodox Church and also an art historical point of interest into a not being was also noted as a loss.

Only the Göreme Open Air Museum in the vicinity of tourism are gained eight churches, chapels and monasteries near the still tuff to the rocks oyulu some churches and chapels and human settlements where indicated by, and Rose Valley include some might in a way, again a museum expansion to be the region's cultural and natural wealth addition to increasing cultural knowledge will be of great importance in the evaluation said.