Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mysterious Cities: Tashkent

Mysterious Cities: Tashkent
I'm here on the Silk Road route, here is the smell ...

The old Silk Road route, which smells here by two wide streets, colorful public markets, crafts and souvenirs to be seen in Tashkent city.
On certain days of the local people are prepared to hand dry foods, breads, Melba toast, various spices, fruits and many more that have well established market.

The samples should be taken of the people of Uzbekistan misafi rperverliği. Houses open to everyone, friendly, loves to talk about historical wonders, misafi Thank you for meals to be served tea, biscuits, sugar and nuts are missing, people who do not ... Old houses, stone courtyards, small gardens, even in some courtyard in the middle of fountains with ponds containing wood carved doors, fine elişçiliği ornaments where, history gives life in this city vacation plans to your absolutely must include.

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